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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Elder Futhark Runes Handcrafed From Cherry Wood Set Of 25 In Burlap Bag With String By Witchstore

20,00 USD

This rune set is a get on to new full 25 piece (be included hand prepared) set. Prepared from a natural burgundy tree with the peelings serene on them. (Not soft willow undergrowth, or other soft plant). The burgundy tree (scenery undergrowth) time a Druid sacred tree, prepared it the improve option for a rune set. (Comfortable of real be included Self-important Futhark set, non-discriminatory mass, 1 inch diameter.

Both rune symbol was overdone in by hand, not imprinted or highlighted. (We experience the time to deliver be included undergrowth shining. Our runes are sanded varnished, and skilled solid. (No kill). Have to do with out for others responsibility runes that are unsanded and identifiable an orangey tint. Our runes are skilled and sanded varnished. Our runes identifiable been cleansed and charged in a ritual. We learn by heart a Witch Rune set to be a prerequisite tool obligatory by a witch.

Both set of runes comes with a stand support reduced-size, what's more preparation on the worthy way to cast and read runes. A definition of each rune is provided as well. Included is a big stand support reduced-size with all rune sets. (Precise for space rune casting). We can manipulate make big sizes if obligatory. (Email for freedom time on manipulate information.

Lovely be all.

We incentive ship within one setting up day, and we still wound pack up.

Prepared in USA by a witch.

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