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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Magick Chart

Magick Chart

Dig, Saturn,
Moon, Venus
Mercury, Jupiter
Mars, Sun

Zodiacal signs

Moon phase

Use of day
Twelve noon

Weather conditions

Mountains, caves, fields, chasms, groves, forests, area, kitchens
Lot, rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, waterfalls, beaches, springs and wells, bedroom (for rest)
Scoured hills, plains, rough beaches, high mass peaks, high towers, tree tops, bluffs, sky, airplanes, schools, libraries, offices
Deserts, volcanoes, ovens, fireplaces, bedroom (for sex), hot springs

Types of magic
Fertility magic, tree magic, herb lore, rune magic, specialization magic, feng shuei, image magic.
Babe, mirror magic, purification, healing, foresight, dream magic, spiritualism, creating and working with charged water.
Considered opinion lost or stolen data, magic of the four winds, visualizations, foresight, charm, numerology, shamanic journeys.
Tantra, healing, candle magic, fire scrying, colour magic.

Procedure forms
Burying, planting, making images in the earth or sand, walking during miles of landscape like visualizing the query, model runes.
Bathing, tea ceremonies, washing, dilution
Tossing data inside the air, suspending tools in high places, liven up, meditation, lyrics, chanting, idiom, numerology.
Bright images or herbs.

Cold ">Cold ">Hot ">Hot ">Basic spirit
Lush, wet, gardening, stabilizing, source
Subtle, cleansing, healing, rhythmic, go out of business
Poised, moving, satisfying, critical, suspending
Purifying, destroying, controlling, sexual, dynamic

The skeleton, rise, spirit, bear, concrete come again, money, fertility, birth, death, abstemiousness, muffle, rocks, standing stones, crystals, jewels, metals, wealth, extensiveness, wisdom.
Emotions, love, gnash, nurture, ardor, psychic room, healing, gloom, life-giving and life-destroying, the subaquatic, the tides, the unresponsive empathy, the womb.
The empathy, all mental, innate and psychic work, knowledge, outline learning, act, renaissance, early development, invention, belief, curl, cue, expression, enclose.
Zilch, spirit, heat, burn, blood, sap, life, choice, healing and destroying, purification, bonfires, fire fires, candle inferno, the sun, eruptions, explosions, sexual energy, leg, quick hostile energy, cheek, power, innovation, hope.

Feature of the life torment
Old age
Surrounded by death and birth (introduction)
Sexual occurrence

Air of mystery tools
Pentacle, cords, wide-ranging, watch over, horn
Cup, cauldron, mirror
Rod, smother, rod or staff
Athame, sword, candle

Option tools and armaments
Mask, horn, trowel, restricted, awl, bludgeon, war blow
Container, trident, net
Fan, diminish, ticker tape, injury, bow
Assent, axe

Shingle and Charms
Rock Salty, coal, rural, peridot, other green stones, onyx, bloodstone, tourmalanted quartz. "Moribund, murky."
AQUAMARINE, beryl, amethyst, azurite, depleted lace agate, rock, coral, lapis lazuli, moonstone, sodalite. "Blameless, merciless."
TOPAZ, chalcedony, fair fluorite, crystals, alexandrite, unhappy, fair or depleted stones, rainbow stones. "Over and done with, bring in."
Hellhole OPAL, volcanic rock, deep red, carnelian, rhodochrosite, agates. "Sparkling, bright."

Control, level
Gray, copper
Mercury, tin
Gold ingots, brass

The oak
The willow
The aspen
The budding almond

Flourishing, bronzed, ocher, black, white
Quiet, brownish grey, green, turquoise, sea green, pink depleted, grey, purplish-blue, black
Tawny, white, claret, blue-white, depleted, silver, grey, pastels
RED, gold, claret, ocher, white, scarlet, fuscia, claret

Celtic colour

Natural world
Alfalfa, apples, barley, comfrey, lump, cotton, ivy, lichen, moss, off your rocker, oats, patchouli, red poppy, rice, rye, parsimony hiker, vertivert, wheat
Aloe, cucumber, dulse, ferns, gardenia, lettuce, lily, lotus, melon, mosses, rushes, seaweed, waterlillies, willow, all water plant life
Almond, broom, clover, eyebright, frankincense, japanese maple, lilac, mistletoe, myrrh, ocher flower head, pansy, brood, primrose, vervain, light purple, yarrow
Allspice, sage, bay laurel, blood probe, carnation, coriander, dragon's blood, garlic, reddish-brown, hibiscus, marigold, mustard, grate, onion, ocher, dust, red peppers, red poppies, sassafras, tobacco

Have a supply of, bison, ox, snakes (earth-dwelling), stag, mouse, dog, ant, manage, wolf
Dragon, dolphin, companion, sea serpents, sea mammals, water-dwelling snakes, sea birds, frog, turtle, otter, trait, sashay, crab
Plants, eagle, gryphon, owl, hawk, dove
Lion, Fire-breathing dragons, snakes, lizards, bee, centaur, fox, ram

Ceres, Demeter, Gaia, Mah, Persephone, Nephthys, Bhawana (Prithivi), Rhea, Rheannon.
Aphrodite, Isis, Mariamne, Mari, Tiamat
Aditi, Aradia, Arianhrod, Cardea, Nuit, Urania.
Brigit, Hestia, Pele, Vesta.

Adonis, Athos, Arawn, Cernunnos, Dionysus, Marduk, Pan, Tammuz.
Dylan, Ea, Llyr, Manannan, Oceanus, Osiris, Neptune, Posiedon
Enlil, Kephera, Mercury, Shu, Thoth, Vayu, Zeus.
Atar, Agni, Frey, Gibil, Hephaestus, Horus, Logi, Vulcan.

Chief creatures
Gnomes, ruled by Ruler Ghob
Undines, ruled by Queen Necksa
Sylphs, ruled by Ruler Paralda
Salamanders, ruled by Ruler Djin


Elementals paying attention by
Salts and powders
Water, washes, solutions
Oils and incenses
Candles, lamps, incense, fire

"The reasoning of"
Lap up
Check over

Of energy flows
Zilch inherent
Conduction of energy
Convection of energy
Illumination of energy

Pronounce of back number

Evocative creatures
Bull, sphynx
Scorpion, curl
Eagle, mortal

Secret code
Barrier, dent, gem, ground, rock, wealth, spindle, cut down
Trough, all bodies of water, surf, fog, rain, well, shell, shape, ship's drive, telecaster, cup, coloring
Sky, curl, cloud, incense, bird, mob, wineglass
Sun, stars, volcano, lightening, burn, fire-pot, double-headed axe

Active temperaments
Term, loyalty, feeling, stability, clearance, stubbornness, sobriety, lack of involvement, severity, resistance, care, punctuality, glory, authority, care.
Go for, decorum, wholesomeness, moderation, meekness, calm, fervour, amiability, calmness, empathy, confiding, meditation, reprieve, friendship.
Strictness, originality, aspiration, energy, autonomy, expertise, lack of gloom, generosity, joy, confidence, communicativeness, service for great.
Work, hurry, strength, clearance, gnash, fertility, energy, openness.

Serious temperaments
Clich, cruelty, dullness, misanthropy, delay, volatility, laconism
Apathy, unit, save, unhappiness, laziness
Mock, gossiping, caution, lack of loyalty, duplicity, garrulity, fickleness, avarice, defensiveness, lack of attention.
Acquisitiveness, jealousy, leg, grumpiness, dissipation, destructiveness, pigheadedness, avidity, vengefulness, cheek, intrigue, ill will, possessiveness, self-centeredness. Correspondances.htm