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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

What Are Powerful Occultists Hiding And Why

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The question WHAT ARE POWERFUL OCCULTISTS HIDING AND WHY? was a question I got asked recently by Andrew. S. on a previous post (Blog Reader). The answer is a lengthy one yet, I find can be best summed up into three main answers - "Public ridicule, Law and Conditioning."


First of let's look at what an Occultist is, a Occultist is one that understands the energy around us, meditates often, sees the spiritual side to life and lastly knows how to control the elements to some degree professionally. Each Occultist has there own strengths and weaknesses, some may be better at healing, others may be better at Manifestation, others at communicating with spirits and so on. Interestingly enough some people wield Occult type forces and do not even know it. These include some powerful leaders, wealth creation experts, charismatic speakers, great lawyers and some doctors as some of the examples. Wherever the hidden energy is manipulated often and well this is an Occultist.

Those that are in the know of there Occultist talents often hide these teachings as passing on the teachings can take a long time to learn. And for learning, it is something that the individual needs drive in, it is not for everyone, the learning individual must devote and have commitment to learning the full arts. In a way it is like devoting yourself to something you cannot touch or see or even explain with science, we all know it is there but the teachings are so internal.


1. ) PUBLIC RIDICULE - This is the main reason the Occult world is hidden by those that practice, it has often been seen as a joke and can have some backlash during your life. Even though most know deep down there is something hidden and very profound about life, fear keeps this ridicule fueled. Many worry negative forces may be played with, which is a common misunderstanding for those that do not understand the Occult.

In any field of low understanding or lower minority understanding, ridicule will be present. In many ways any religion is no different, praying is much the same as meditating, holy water much the same as healing springs. The only difference between Occultists and religion is Occultists are looking beyond the religion. In a way you could say religion is a tool for some people to understand to the Occult, or one road to connect to the energy.

( A Catholic Priest in another name could be referred to as an Occultist, if they wield the hidden energy properly)


Let me clear some common questions. Are religious catholic priests Occultists then, the answer is yes because they try to manipulate hidden energies that connect all life. Is praying an Occult Practice, yes it is, as it is trying to connect to that energy also. Same goes for Buddhism or Hinduism. It is the same in all religion, any connections that are to hidden forces is the practice of controlling the energy in some way and so is Occult practice.

2. ) LAW - This is another big element, being locked up or hanged sort of had a major effect on anyone's life. Throughout history many have been accused of witchery, sorcery and Occult practice and during those times many were harshly punished, some even killed. Because of the elements of these laws Occult practice and even some religions went underground to hide those who participated in these practices. It became hidden and conditioning eventually rubbed off. Most of these Laws were enforced and encouraged by the Catholic church during these times (in history), which is quite ironic as the Catholic church has many Occult practices and still does today.

Many laws and even wars were fought over the misunderstanding of religion, even today it appears it is still the same.

3. ) CONDITIONING - Lastly this sums it up, conditioning is a powerful thing, conditioning has kept Occult practices hidden. It keeps the learning's safe for those practicing, those from public ridicule, the Law and many more. Even though today many are more open to these understandings, ridicule is still present. Thankfully now, Laws in many countries around the world do not prosecute people for learning Occult teachings or anything unrelated to religion. This has eased the tension and allows a deeper understanding for everyone to access more information about the inner world and Occult understandings. It has even opened up new doors in science such as quantum physics which would not of been excepted in previous times.


Overall it is a bit of everything as described above that makes the Occult learning's hidden. In another sense the Occultist is just another word, it could be replaced with Spiritual leader or Religious leader or Buddhist or even a devote old school Christian (old school emphasised) and many more.. It is mainly about what society excepts as normal as to why the Occult is kept hidden or secret. Simply change your reference as example to Spiritual Leader or Buddhist and society will be more open. It is amazing how a name or reference can make a big difference. symbols.. In this post...
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