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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Candle How To Make Illuminated Fireflies From Plastic Easter Eggs

Candle How To Make Illuminated Fireflies From Plastic Easter Eggs Image
At Easter time you'll probably be given a few plastic Easter eggs and even if not, you'll be able to grab hold of many for next to almost nothing in the sales. Give them a new lease of life as pretty fireflies, which you can bring out to decorate the outdoor eating space all through the summer nights and Easter.


* Assemble the supplies needed. These are listed below.

* Place the tea light candle or LED toy inside each of the eggs you're turning into a firefly. Make sure it fits with ease as you need to egg to fit back together properly.

* Make the antennae. Cut two pipe cleaners to a suitable length and curl up one end of each.

* Push a thumb tack through the egg in two spots where each antenna will go.

* Slip the non-curled ends of the firefly through these little holes. Bend back once inside, to prevent the pipe cleaner from slipping back out.

* Draw or paint on the firefly's eyes or use googly eyes which you can buy at craft stores.

* Using a marker Add a smile if wished (it brightens up the firefly's expression). The eyes can be made to really stand out by using white sticky labels and using these as the canvas backing; simply draw an outer ring and an inner pupil for each eye and stick in place.

* Make the legs. Fireflies have six legs, so cut size pieces of even size and bend to leg shape. Make sure it is a strong leg stance, as it needs to hold up the bug--use plenty of pipe cleaner. As with the antennae, stick the thumb tack in to insert in evenly spaced leg positions and bend back on the inside of the egg to prevent the legs from falling back out.

* Add wings. Make a little pair of wings out of the shiny paper or duct tape. Attach with glue, or if using duct tape, stick straight on. However, be careful not to prevent the egg from being open and closed because you need to be able to access the artificial candle. Only attach the wings "after" the join of the second piece which forms the back of the firefly.

* Create more fireflies and you're all done!

* Turn the lights out, Leave the tea light candle turned off when not in use. To use, unscrew the firefly, flip the switch to on, and place the firefly back together again.

* Arrange where they can be admired most, such as on the dining table or buffet counter, or on a shelf where people congregate. They look very effective when placed against the dark background of night, in an evenly spaced row.


* You might also consider hanging the fireflies. To do this, push the thumb tack through a top central portion of the firefly. Thread through invisible fishing thread or sewing thread and tie a knot to prevent it from threading back out. If it threatens to slip out, duct tape it in place under the eggshell. Then make a loop at the other end for hanging and hang wherever you like. Several of these hanging up can look superb.

* Have spare artificial tea light candles available in case any firefly winks out during the occasion.


* Obviously, "never" use a real tea light candle. It would melt right through the plastic, leave behind a toxic odor and potentially cause a fire.

* Take care when inserting holes into the plastic. Work on a solid, flat workspace under excellent light and take your time. If your hands tend to be shaky, get someone else to help.

* You may find it hard to push the tack through--if so, try a very small nail or ask someone with more strength to assist in this part.

* These are not suitable as toys for children under the age of 3, due to their small parts.


* Plastic eggs, as many as you'd like. They need to be large enough to fit a battery run tea light candle or any light up toy with LEDs

* Battery run artificial tea candle, as many as you're making fireflies

* Markers or paint suitable for plastic (or use a white label to draw on and then stick in place)

* Pipe cleaners (chenille sticks)

* Glossy or metallic material to make wings from; duct tape also works well

* Thumb tack

* Glue suitable for plastic, usually craft glue is sufficient


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