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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Biography Of St Kosmas Aitolos

Biography Of St Kosmas Aitolos
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Saint Kosmas the Aitolian, or Patrokosmas, as he is called, is a structure in what's more church and position history who in the 18th century cast his light upon the path which the Greeks would get a hold a sharply otherwise the contagion of the Strive for Conveyance. He was the son of sacred parents who brought him up in this manner, and he came from the cooperative spirit of Beyond Dendron in Aitolia.

His dexterity for learning took him to the school run by the Vatopedi Monastery on the Untouchable Cage up, anyplace he strenuous under teachers legendary for their learning. Seeing that the Athonite School fell trendy decay, the new Kostas (his name in the world) went to the Philotheou Monastery. Acquaint with he was tonsured a holy woman and susceptible the name of Kosmas and stoutly subjugated in bountiful hermit practices. At the be valid of the fathers of the Monastery, he was preordained a priest.

St. Kosmas had a terrible likelihood to be of service to his brothers in Christ who were misery so bountiful hardships. The addiction of bountiful go with the be with chagrin of life, obscurity, and the go down trendy barbarity in behaviour were the scourges of the mainstream of Christians. The reflections of St. Kosmas on this conditions led him to go out to the development and begin a series of preaching tours. As his view disposed, with the actual of the fathers of the Monastery, pronounce 1760 he departed for Constantinople, anyplace he received the blessing of the Patriarch Seraphim II.

St. Kosmas began his preaching from the confined Riches itself. He as well as went to Nafpaktos, Mesolonghi, and other areas, persistent to Constantinople in 1774. Among the actual of the new Patriarch Sophronius II, the Saint resumed his apostolic committee. He returned for a sharply what to Athos, but his love for the Church's multitude led his steps to Thessaloniki, Veria, and other parts of Macedonia. From existing, he moved on to Acarnania and Aitolia, as far as Arta and Preveza.

In the role of of the illustrious crowds which followed him, the Saint used to lecture on open plains, ever with the actual of the local bishop and aga (local Turkish administrator). His words were simple, but inclusive with the Untouchable Personality. It was his service wherever he was separation to lecture to recognize the development to shape a affected trek. He would as well as place a stool which he carried with him against the trek and lecture standing upon it. The trek would come to pass as a souvenir of his preaching. The Saint urged the Christians to build schools so that their children may perhaps learn about the Conviction and be well-grounded in Christian religious observance. He would speak to them about the services of the Clerical, tell to them the avail yourself of of guilt and admission, inkling them against sin and wiles them to lead lives of morality.

As with the Apostles, St. Kosmas' preaching was recurrently exact by illusion signs. The Saint was respected and even feared by bountiful Turks, and abhorrent by bountiful Jews. They proceed unsound accusations against him and slandered him to Kurt Pasha, to whom they obliging money if he would put St. Kosmas to death. Kurt Pasha conspired with the hodja of the cooperative spirit of Kolikontasi in Albania that a curve would be set for St. Kosmas. On the absolve that the Pasha wished to see him, they took the Saint to a friendless daub and hung him on Grand 24th, 1779. His murderers stripped the consecrated make of the Saint, associated a stone to it, and threw it trendy the river. The local Christians looked for his cadaver, but may perhaps not find it. In a illusion mode it rose to the aspect and was pulled out by Papa Markos, the priest of the All-Holy Theotokos of the Entrance Monastery, which is en route for Kolikontasi, and embryonic it at the back of the move back. Numerous other miracles followed the martyr's death of the Saint, and he was for a moment lay down in the rationalize of the development not single-handedly as a wounded person but as a true apostle. kosmas.html