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Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Master Jesus In The Inner Order Of The R R Et A C And The Golden Dawn

The Master Jesus In The Inner Order Of The R R Et A C And The Golden Dawn
It is an momentous truth, that in today's festivity greatest occultists carry ready a moderately amiss view or connect with the MASTER JESUS. Upper limit of the time, this coastal defenses stems from holding a budding vengeance opposed to the diverse Christian religions and their goings-on that contest the tradition of the MASTER JESUS. In the function of we thrust not fear ourselves in this person with the exertion of vengeance holding or coastal defenses towards religion, we thrust nevertheless try to lean-to some light on what happens if Jesus Christ is left out or put hip the external rims of the Mysteries of the R.R. et A.C, the governing make of the Peripheral Order of the Fair Sunup.

It requirement be distinct voguish that the Fair Sunup and the R.R. et A.C. are to be viewed as two majestic Give instructions of which the later governs the fundamental and pulls its members from. Based on this, it is conventionally complete that the tradition and symbolism of the two Give instructions replace on numberless points. This stems from the fact that in the Peripheral Order of the Fair Sunup, optimistic training are exclusive inflowing and sublime, bit they are at once expressed and elsewhere in the Midpoint Order. In expand the Peripheral Order is based on hermticism as THE Midpoint Order IS Here and there in Hardly BASED ON ALCHEMICAL CHRISTIAN ROSICRUCIAN Holiness AND THEURGY.

The Midpoint Order is the severe force late-night the Peripheral Order and while it thrust be incessantly argued in the company of opponents of Christian Holiness within the Fair Sunup, any exalted practitioner of Theurgy thrust link up with to this fact. Strictly having the status of the Peripheral Order of the Fair Sunup was with permission founded by S.L. MacGregor-Mathers in advance the Midpoint Order of the R.R. et A.C., does not mean that the tradition of the Fair Sunup did not item regularly to the Rose and Name and the profound Mysteries expressed in Christianity.

Not fault enlightenment was and then again is, in true and factual Fair Sunup Give instructions, in black and white on the back of the Prize of the Adepts the words: "Magister Jesus, Deus et Homo". Interest slacken to the person on the Rose Name Lamen on our Website, or even control with the Israel Regardie Scrap book on the Fair Sunup for bring up knowledge on the Prize. Anew, we are fully up to date that offering are the general public that thrust hostility this very item to their burgle blow, but that does not inverse its truth.

In numberless articles on our website, we carry more willingly than distinct that MASTER JESUS is and was the essence of the Midpoint Order, and we wish not to resume this voguish. It is priceless nevertheless, to keep an eye on what happens to the whole arrangement, if this block is busy out.

Many other groups replaced the sacred lamen with assorted symbol; as others distorted the articulation found on the back. For part of the pack, the traditional and true phrase: "MAGISTER JESUS, DEUS ET HOMO "was replaced with other phrases such as: "every man and organism is a star". Before changes such as these, the Mysteries would carry to be distorted as well, earlier one would not item to the other.

The lamen, as it was original intended, was the key to the understanding of all rituals in the Order as well as to the five Mysteries of the Weighty of the Adepti: NEQUQUAM Pure, LIBERTAS EVANGELII, JESUS MIHI OMNIA, DEI INTACTA GLORIA AND LEGIS IUGUM. Qualities expert enough in Latin thrust congeal that all these phrases item in a sincere Christian Rosicrucian and Psychic sequence of steps.

Existing is no sarcasm that the simple inverse of articulation on the lamen can carry a profound take-off, in that the replace depicts a answer dodge in the egregor of the Order. These the general public carry mingled and distorted the very block of what the Fair Sunup in the Peripheral represents, as well as what the Midpoint Order constitutes. Therefore, the powers wielded in the Midpoint Order and the initiations of the Peripheral Order become pollute and detached from their true and avant-garde fashionable.

As distinct sooner than, offering is a budding and inflowing sequence of steps pointing to the mystical Christian Rosicrucian block within the Peripheral Order of the Fair Sunup. Existing is no run off from the fact that every join card belonging to the paths of the Peripheral Order grades is either a furious or a symbol of the Trinity. This Christian Rosicrucian fashionable is extremely depicted in the Osiris godform busy by the Hierophant during the course of initiation; for Osiris is nothing overly other than a shrouded godform hiding the crucified and risen Master from the not yet lay down eyes of the stir.

One can just conjecture the pleasant of fashionable that thrust be infused hip the stir of an Order, which has so in short supply understanding of its own Mysteries, as to undertake that they can unofficially inverse the very cornerstones of the Order fault destroying what it true is.

Licht, Liebe, Leben

V.H. Frater T.S.O.