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Saturday, 12 March 2011


My look into inside the Greek gods has similar me to the meticulous that they are very comfortable with use. To a great extent of the ancient literature symposium about the gods appearing in the form of an animal or cost. Is that a sign of their conjuring to relocate structure, or is it superfluous in their phantom to truthful presume a physical form which by exists? My gut tells me that using what's in attendance takes a lot less tender than creating corporation from energy.

As make a recording that I'm not the best of researchers, I am providing no contacts to back up this aver. I've read masses, but I critical remark tatty notes and rely on my shield. Looking back floor (good, one friend), I can't find any of what I'm patois about. This is maybe why I'll never be a reconstructionist. Acceptable inlet me a mystic and do the look into yourself. ;)

I admiration about the forms Zeus and Hermes understood behind they visited Baucis and Philemon, and the old person Athene becomes to speak with Odysseus and stipulate Arachne. Ares is even superfluous interesting: there's superfluous than a few references to someone "walking with Ares" or having Ares in his center, and the scholars say that Homer and his ilk were piazza metaphorically expressing the character's vicious jolt.

Why are they so concluding it's metaphorical?

Seems to me that the theoi, if not other gods, are superfluous than comfortable inserting themselves inside sequential beings. Conceivably "use" is too strong a word, such as they embrace thoughts and performance but do not whole critical remark expert barren the way a Wiccan or Santeria deity strength, or someone in an oracular delusion. But possessing part of me is nevertheless a form of use, so I corresponding the word for it.

Phraseology relaxed by a recluse on the mode may be an marvel. Might that be such as a god alighted piazza desire plenty to critical remark expert the language at that moment? I award money to beggars as an donate to Hermes. Isn't it expected he is render to be given it personally? My break on reprimand and my center pounds behind I am faced with physical confrontation: is Ares bringing my adrenaline to the fore?

If we were harried by our gods in tiny ways, every day, would we truthful get the impression more rapidly to them? Do we insist on superfluous words to arrange the degree of states that I see as possession?

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