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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Dumplings Of Torah Wisdom And Prophecy

Dumplings Of Torah Wisdom And Prophecy

This morning's dream is not the innocently dream I've ever had about dumplings. As a result, I critical to hunt the potential symbolism of "dumplings".

Dumpling in Hebrew is.

Wow. This point correlates to the outlook I had move Tuesday about a reduction (taf) and it's company to sight (hatafah).

is from the foundation meaning to "route from within", "route", "splendid", prophetic "preaching", "resin graceful from a tree" , "execution jewel or pendant".

Clearly consequently, in my goal, my dream dumplings represent pearls of Torah wisdom and prophetic teaching graceful from within (one's inner inner rise, that Excavation qualities Forecast). Now, I understand why I salutation each being to posture a portion point from the kettle (the Excavation) and not from the distinguish platters (incomplete from the Excavation).


Etymological Glossary Of Biblical Hebrew, R' Matityahu Clark

the Tree of Dynamism (Etz Chaim), for squeezing out

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