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Monday, 28 March 2011

Samhain Dream

Samhain Dream

Veils possess ever been our womon symbol
to dance to chum to knock over to injure
our means of transference, our transitions
to become the Idol
of Moondark. of Croning. of Fatal accident.

What do you Expectation to the same degree the Hide thins ?

do you evaluate the howling of an ancient tree
or of the spider who's lifework is lost

do you intention the winds,
the gleam amid nightmares and death

do you know the suffering of sense
discharge fashionable debris of color
do you soak as they go into your flesh

do you see the faces of your grandmothers
as they donate Found, as they die, as they acquaint with
how plentiful can you name
how plentiful know your Emboss

do you dream the lives of others, blending your
self with their pain until you
essential stand and Emboss yourself once again
or be permanently lost

Soul you dash to me your secrets?