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Monday, 14 December 2009

Music Day

Music Day Cover
Today (March 21) is the third day of the Quinquatria. A five day Roman festival to honor Minerva which coincides with the five day Ancient Greek festival to honor Athena - her Greek counterpart. Here is a ritual designed for group participation. It can, however, be modified for the solitary practitioner.

* COLOR: "* EleMENT: "* ALTAR" a blue cloth lay many musical instruments, blue candles, a clear glass bowl of water, and a fan made from a bird's wing.
* OFFERINGS" and music.
* DAILY MEAL" vegetarian meal.

QUINQUATRIA INVOCATION II (TO BE SUNG) Hail Athena, true and bright" your blade and keen your sight" of a Thousand Works" of the soul in flight" our touch as we reach out", crafter, artisan" our urge to build and make" the power of our hands", teacher, patient tutor" of heroes through the years In the epic glance of history" sight to blinded seers" purpose to the wanderer" courage to the weak" beseech you, armored Lady" the Word of Power you speak" the wind that blows so cold And bright and clear through minds of grey" beside us when we falter" our weakness clean away.

(The rest of the day should be spent in song, whatsoever has been chosen by the community as the absolute best that they can do, as an offering. Songs can be solo offerings, or as a group. Those who wish to give private offerings can play instrumental music after the main group has left.)

Found in: Pagan Book of Hours

Books in PDF format to read:

Aleister Crowley - Chicago May
Anonymous - Magic And Wyrd

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