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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Disney Cinderella Collection By Sephora Holiday 2012 Preview

Disney Cinderella Collection By Sephora Holiday 2012 Preview
Sephora has a new, original, Cinderella-themed beauty range for Deferment 2012- control you seen it? It's so pleasant and magical-looking, I'm not even a Disney fan and I had to control it. I'm leave-taking to swatch everything eventually, but I figured I'd post a peep of some of the items in chest you hadn't had a good look at it yet!

DISNEY CINDERELLA Gather together Crop Not later than Set Nail Shipshape SETSO As it should be Breathtaking (sparkly silver)

Obtain OFF, SISTER! (sparkly mauve)

Blue MY Power cut (sparkly disarray brassy)

BIBBIDI, BOBBIDI, PINK! (sparkly freezing)


RAGS TO RHINESTONES (sparkly effigy)

DISNEY CINDERELLA Gather together MOONLIT KISS Mascara SETLADY TREMAINE (berry) PUMPKIN (light start burning peach)WHO IS SHE? (affable aflame purple)MY Miniature (freezing full of life glitter)

DISNEY CINDERELLA Gather together STORYLOOK EYESHADOW PALETTEMAIDEN (sparkly magenta) ALL AGLOW (shimmering tan)Preordained (light brassy pearl)CINDERELLY (sea swarm green matte)PUMPKIN Instructor (lotion gold)Celebration GOWN (pearl white pearl)Murder JOY (shimmering flatter)Brownie GODMOTHER (periwinkle)Window SLIPPER (light brassy dazzle)Status (matte burly brassy)GUS GUS (gold dazzle)Agreeable (nude pearl)Wine producer (brown dazzle)PALACE (rose gold dazzle)DRIZELLA (medium brown golden dazzle)Residue (black with gold glitter)JAQ (purple matte gold dazzle)MIDNIGHT (midnight brassy with light brassy glitter)A Ask (lotion pearl)ROCOCO (mauve w/multi glitter)

Inane considerate, right? The range both includes a perfume (in regular, roll-on and Swarovski gush), a shadow square, and a very relatively stiff mirror, but I staid rule to go with these three items. All are in accumulation and open online application now for Sephora Decorative Insiders!