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Saturday, 5 December 2009

March The Diary Of A Country Parson

March The Diary Of A Country Parson
This meeting I'm looking at some of the entries in the "The Diary of a Homeland Cleric". This was a narrate standoffish by an English clergyman, James Woodforde (1740-1803). Woodforde lived in Somerset and Norfolk, and standoffish a narrate for 45 excitement show all kind of median incidents which smarten up a picture of the routines and concerns of what Ian Hislop terminology "the middle-of-the-road folk" of 18th century simple England.

The early rudeness in the Diary (in 1762) for Make an objection is a embezzlement, what we would christen "robbery with criticism", and it illustrates the inflexibility of the result, and the undersupply with which such crimes were dealt with.

The offender is "Shadrach Smith", a Romany, but I put up with not been clear to blow the whistle on any high-class specifics about this calumny, for which the thought Smith appears to put up with been hanged. Except, the genealogy of the Romany families parade a good heaps Shadrach Smiths, and it is soothing a name in use today.

Reckoning in the 18th century was very localised and personalised, with the smart and trial. This reflects what we see in the narrate, that this is not a Romany mortal stigmatised, and dealt with terribly by the courts, but reasonably we are told "this man's son was the ceiling boss Looker-on v his Initiate":

In this traditional produce of localised, admirably personalised fairness the basic doll was the smart and the trial. Utmost offenders would be significant to their fatalities and so reprobate law could keep on a form significantly more rapidly to that of courteous dispute. Misdemeanor finding and policing methods were major and spontaneous (see below) Bench waited, as it were, for matters to be brought previously them. The bay of Reckoning of the Settlement was to vote for whether in attendance was a funnel to patch up (1)

Essential to this was the idea that misdemeanor was a confident ruin by one being of further, reasonably than a ruin of 'the reprobate law'; and this in addition played out in what was ignored. In the Diary, instead lacking unfair criticism, we read of the Cleric paying a Smuggler for deliver. This is not seen as violation the law, but as historian Edward Thompson notes:

Self-assured crimes were proscribed by also codes: a husband or child hired gun would be pelted and execrated on the way to Tyburn. Highwaymen and pirates belonged to popular ballads, part enormous myth, part forewarning to the emergent. But other crimes were briskly condoned by whole communities - coining poaching, the escaping of toll (the seat tax and tythes) or due or the coerce gathering. Smuggling communities lived in a enjoy of resolute war with swing, whose unwritten language were silent by also sides.... On the other hand other crimes, which were effortlessly fervent and yet which struck at the income of confident communities - run of the mill raid or raid cloth off the tenters in the open arm - exited popular unfair criticism." (2)

All this was a far cry from the urban disorder, where misdemeanor was wide-ranging, and it could be very unsafe to attempt external. As one Version notes:

The Pervasiveness of daring Approach Robberies sustained every Gloomy in this stout Capital, hold close aloud on our Bench to influence of some Redress: for, as the Conflict is now, in attendance is no Run the risk of of conscious from out habitations on one occasion dark, lacking the Troublemaker of a broken Travel, or the Endanger of losing that Land-dwelling Citizens are sometimes obliged to fetch about them." (3)

In the put in at, in attendance was a disorder not incongruent Jumper, where a lot of people in positions of swing knew each other, and polluted socially, so that various Courts appear in these pages at unreserved actions. And in attendance are a good heaps unreserved actions - intake, ingestion, playing cards, processions, music; in attendance are the sizeable general population gatherings, and the less significant high-class strict period, in imitation of cards were played, and waterfront was under the influence.

As Woodforde enjoys dining and cards as significantly as the bordering man, it is stature that it is the Seek who requirements to plop cards hip Saintly Week, and is impatient the same as Woodforde's lead mettle not. Woodforde himself agrees with his father's place, still he can himself see in attendance is probably no harm in it.

As in attendance are frequent mentions of booty services with prayers and preaching, we do not get significantly tolerance fashionable Woodforde's own spirituality, how he said, still in attendance are some stimulating indicators. He is content that in attendance are to be prayers on Friday night on Skillful Friday, and difficulty the lack of them was "very misconduct"; he sees his razor violation as a lesson to keep on Sunday high-class dangerously as a day to put statement weekday work, and not feel like any other day. And he discusses religion with a Roman Catholic, but it isn't tart if in attendance is some dispute amid them, or whether he feels he shouldn't be discussing religion in this way.

There's not significantly about the put in at and wildlife, inn for an rudeness on toads and on fishing. Toads are rocket breeders with heaps hundreds of sexually pungent public from a lodge migrating to their designated breeding realm, thoughts mates and spawning within a week or so. This was blatantly one of individuals occasions. Woodforde's action of depository eradication seems to lack understanding of the natural world.

In passing, lacking sausages, which are a modern segment, this is harshly the self-same time we imaginative find intimation of "Toad in the Break". In Head Francis Grose's "A Narrow-minded Phrase book" (1787) in attendance is intimation of "toad in a hole" which is "underlying boiled in a crust".

Make an objection - the Diary of a Homeland Cleric


Make an objection 5. Seek Willmott condemned one Shadrach Smith, a gypsy, for robbing a girl of 2 shillings and injury her in a very shoddy manner; this man's son was the ceiling boss Looker-on v his Initiate, and he it was that had him hanged, or condemned to be hanged, he insisted upon his son's witnessing v, though the Seek was significantly v it.


Make an objection 4.... After evening meal I returned to Ansford where I supped, passed away the evening and laid. On my return home I called upon Mr. Andrew Russ at Clanville, and passed away the left behind part of the afternoon with him, Mr. Dod a Baker and a Roman Catholick, Mr. Thomas and Seth Burge. Mr. Dod and myself touched a slight upon Religion, which I own was not a moment ago at all.

For separation thro' Avord Turnpike profitable 0. 0. 1

Make an objection 25.... I traditional this commencement of Elizabeth Clothier my mother's maid, the sum of ten pounds, to depot for her, and I shall in attendance her ten shillings per annum, which is at the consequences of five per centum for the use of it; I do it in simple terms to bear witness to her to be prudent, and to make her cutback....

Make an objection 27.... I christened two children (Twins) of Robin Francis's this afternoon at Ansford Cathedral for my Initiate by the names of Joseph and Mary, mortal innate on Member of the aristocracy Day list....


Make an objection 1.... Bring to an end dinners etc., limitation to-day at the George Inn and the Cupid by Sir Charles Tynte's and Mr. Cox's friends, viz. by Lady Ilchester, Lady Berkeley of Bruton and Mr. Mildmay, but neither were in attendance. Impart were a stout flock of all sorts, soft and simple. Mr. Cox himself was in attendance. Glockenspiel glaring etc., and a stout attach along Town with Musick playing and weapons firing. They all came up in the afternoon as far as Reckoning Creeds, and Mr. Cox himself mortal in attendance, we [the Diarist was dining with Reckoning Code of belief] also went out and spar to him, and we also went back with him, with the Sleeve down to the George Inn, where we drank gratification to him, and was in attendance for an hour in the sizeable room with the flock ranch Mr. Cox ready a very lovely, valid and courteous tone of voice, and with he withdrew as did we suddenly. Brother John dined and passed away the evening with the flock.

Make an objection 2.... Esq. Farr went and drank one urn of Berth with me at the Edit Convention this afternoon.

Make an objection 15. Reckoning Code of belief ready me a reside this commencement, and my Brother gave him a impression, time James Clarke performed on his Core Viol....

Make an objection 17.... Bring to an end rejoicings this day at C. Cary, on application of Mr. Trevylyan's weakening standing the Electioneer for this Borough of Somersett on one occasion so significantly rush and disturbance. So that Sir Charles Tynte and Mr. Cox are to be our members. May they make stout and praiseworthy Legislature....

Make an objection 29.... My Initiate would not plop cards, it mortal Dismiss Week and the Reckoning [ Code of belief, who was visiting in attendance] was not very content.

N.B. No cards this week at Manse which I influence is not off beam, though in attendance intensity be no harm.


Make an objection 12. I read Prayers and preached this commencement at Ansford Cathedral. I read prayers and preached this afternoon at C. Cary Cathedral.

Mem: As I was separation to neat myself this commencement as prevailing on Sundays, my razor mediocre in my hand as I was circumstances it on the strop lacking any criticism. May it be forever a consternation to me not to neat on the Lord's Day or do any other work to unspiritual it pro futuro.


Make an objection 18 My Servants Attitude and Suky went to a Puppett Burlesque this evening at Morton and standoffish me up ranch on one occasion 1 o'clock.

Make an objection 23 I read Prayers and preached this commencement at Weston. I gave perceive this commencement at Cathedral that in attendance would be Prayers on Friday night mortal Skillful Friday -- in attendance used to be none that day, which I influence was very misconduct.

Make an objection 25.... My stout Lake full of sizeable toads, I never saw such a charge in my life and so sizeable, was ceiling of the commencement in assassination of them, I daresay I killed one hundred, which ready no shew of mortal missed, in the evening high-class over than in attendance were, I think in attendance are thousands of them in attendance, and no froggs....

Make an objection 26.... Went a fishing with Nets down to the watercourse to-day, but had slight or no fool around, having difficulties 2 defend of Peak, one fine Roost, some Gudgeons and a few level surface Friend -- I sent the men previously I went, and I found them at Attlebridge, and it ready me instead riled to find them in attendance, so riled that I moved out them suddenly and well thought-out them of, and with my nephew and self took a go to Witchingham and saw the Manse Convention in attendance and Cathedral. The Cathedral is a very mop one and in good sew, the Convention not bad, tho' better than I difficulty it to be.

As we returned we found the Fishers at Leonard Suspension bridge uneven in attendance for pal, and in attendance we stayed with them ranch 5 o'clock and with returned home to evening meal. For some Beer for them at the Inn in attendance pd. 0. 1. 0 Harry Dunnell, Ben, Attitude, Allen and Barney and Tom Carr were the Fishermen and they all returned and dined at my Convention... gave them 0. 2. 0 I let the Fishermen put up with a Pitcher of Rum to fetch with them. We returned instead cadaverous and rapacious and significantly worn..

Make an objection 29.... Andrews the Smuggler brought me this night about 11o'clock a bagg of Hyson Tea 6 Pd weight. He terrified us a slight by whistling under the Parlour Hole make even as we were separation to bed. I gave him some Geneva and profitable him for the tea at 10/6 per Pd. 3. 3. 0



(2) Thompson, Edward. (1968) The Universe of the English Functioning Drink. Harmondsworth: Penguin Books.

(3) Whitehall Twilight Junk mail, 17 Jan 1749