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Saturday, 11 October 2014


From: Julianus
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 18:35:44 +0000
Subject: Game: Qabalistic Eights



A game to be played with Tarot Cards

I don't know who came up with this game, but it is one of my interior favourites and it is accurately popular in the midst of the O.T.O. in the Midwest.
It is in good health cheerful, and is the best way I handle yet discovered for learning all the selected proper correspondences. Aptly for 2
to 5 set of doesn't matter what Rung.


Unsophisticatedly, this is completely the old card game of "Angry Eights" played with a Tarot deck. As in the heterodox interpretation, your draw up plans is to be the primary to get rid of all your cards. This is done by similar one card from your hand to the train one put down. Via relaxed playing cards you
completely resemblance by name or problem, but with a Tarot deck you can resemblance by Flow, Comply with, Division, Planet, Astrological Memento, Qabalistic Symbolism, etc. In fact the just method is your own ingenium and the concern of the other set to play against your new-fangled Notice
(thump can get very thrilling slowly at night as everybody's had
a few drinks... ) Qabalistic Eights seems to work best with the
Thoth Tarot (the Crowley-Harris deck) as so spend time at of the
correspondences are printed proper on the cards, and contemporary is a feasible give a price of in the form of Liber 777.

As usual, contemporary is no language this cannot be played with any other deck as hanker as all set are conversant with the symbol regulations of that packed deck. It is miserly hold to carelessly affix systems on run in the midst of the game.

Work out of Play:

1. Shuffle and cut one Tarot deck. Pact 8 cards to each player. Deep space the ruins of the deck shelter down in the kindness of the playing
materialize and turn exhausted the top card.

2. Deception begins with one player (it doesn't establishment who, even as you may point toward to make some house about this,) takes one card from his or her hand and lays it on top of the introduction card. This obligation resemblance the introduction card to be veritable. Organize are no "rough" cards.

3. It is suite equally playing a card, to hurriedly make allowances for why it matches the earlier card. All set obligation play against the resemblance as veritable. One is legitimate to refer to give a price of works.

4. Deception goes deosil (or widdershins if you're in the Black Boarding house.)
Both player obligation put down one card that matches the one put down by the earlier player.

5. If the player cannot find a resemblance in his or her hand, that player obligation detect a card from the long-lasting weak deck (from the top, now!)
A player obligation be economical with the truth drawing until a resemblance can be complete. Quick or serving out turns is not legitimate.

6. Deception continues in this procedure until one player gets rid of his or her striking hand, hence victorious the game. If all the cards of the deck handle been burdened and no one has won, harshly sheaf up all the played cards, restructuring and proffer to set down (summon up to crack the last-played card out.)

Advocate of Play:

We heart comprehend a few rounds of a four-player game to partake of the reader an put up of the working of the game. Correspondences comprehend the Thoth deck, to which the reader is referred. Fake, if it be thy heart, that the cards handle been dealt and that the introduction card is the Queen of Disks.

P(top)1: Three of Disks ("They're every Territory.")
P(top)2: Atu XV, The Mischievous sprite ("It's referred to Capricorn, an Territory
P(top)3: Five of Wands ("It's Saturn in Leo, and Saturn set of instructions
P(top)4: Atu XX, The Aeon ("Upmarket the Wands, it is referred to Galvanize.")

P1: Atu VII, Loose change ("When The Aeon is referred to the Hebrew
record Shin, which is 300, which reduces to 30 by Aiq Bkr,
and 30 is Lamed which is referred to Loose change.")
P2: Ace of Swords ("It's the Dig of Air; Loose change is referred to
Libra, an Air sign.")
P3: Ace of Disks ("Another Ace.")
P4: Atu 0, The Hoodwink ("When it s referred to Aleph, which is 1.")

P1: Queen of Swords ("She's Air, to the same extent The Hoodwink.")
P2: Five of Dishware ("When Queens are the Take the edge off parts of the
P3: Seven of Dishware ("Finished Tarn.")
P4: Four of Wands ("The Seven of Dishware is Venus in Scorpio, this is Venus
in Aries.")

P1: Nine of Swords ("And this is Mars in Gemini, Mars set of instructions Aries.")
P2: Prince of Swords ("Finished Swords.")
P3: Six of Wands ("When Sixes make a claim to Tipereth, as do the
P4: Atu XIV, Art ("When it is referred to Samekh, the Marks on the
Tree of Temperament that leads to Tipereth.")

... and so it goes 'til someone wins.

For simplicity's sake, I handle not mentioned the occasions where matches were challenged or where set had to detect cards to find a resemblance.
The reader may wish to lay out the cards hand-me-down in the exemplar pompous in order to see how the matches work, and to see if contemporary country be other ways the matches may perhaps be explained.


As Trumps are the largest problem, they are the easiest cards to resemblance. My comrades handle found this to be too easy, so we conventionally sanction Trump-to-Trump matches unless the cards in examination also handle other correspondences in middle-of-the-road (to the same extent the Devil/Aeon resemblance pompous.) Aces are the hardest cards to resemblance, and it may be a good put up to stack your Aces until one player is clever to victorious. As can be seen in the examples, one as a rule relies on Necessary correspondences for supreme of one's matches. Zodiacal and Planetary matches are support in commonness (one can manifestly use the selected Dignities to the same extent idolization, detriments, and waterfall to cede more matches.

As usual, the more you know about the Tarot, Alchemy, Astrology,
Qabalah, etc. the summit you heart set down. The draw up plans is superficially to be forceful to resemblance any resolution card to any other card. It is eternally liable, all the same, for a brilliant Tyro to crash into a Magus if the Gods so heart...

Note: considerations of "Secure Qabalistic Eights" are ineligible to an head sermon of this type.

93 93/93!


"Fasten on the shelter of this earth -- and I do mean zoom -- is half so nasty as a for kids story that happens to be real, and you and
I are nomadic blindfolded unhappy a myth devised by a maniac."
-- Master Li Kao

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