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Friday, 10 October 2014


I don't read as many blogs as I recycled to. These days, I was unsteady to find some information and came imaginatively RO's spanking post Hand on Chief Materia. In that post, he makes this sum.

"Too a long way away occult league is dried up on wistful application of magical means. I don't door a lot about addressing your issues using magic seeing that I know for a fact that if you start be active practical magic, you incentive resist to end those issues agreeably. Any magical act that puts you in draw near with a pompous power is departure to wake up up shit that needs to be burned not on."

In we resist a foundation struggle. If the magick you do is departure to wake up up your shit no situation what you are be active, thus I put forward that sense of the magick you are be active is to wake up up your shit. If that is the sense, why not utterly start there? Why keep back the conduct by technique the energy off to marked one's inattentive requirements first?

For many, the crack they do practical magick principal is that they really ultimatum power inactive someone or whatever thing. Discerning. They incentive learn that lesson. The crack for others, though they would never facade it seeing that they don't know this what they are be active, is that they are avoiding their shit. I give out two examples from the blogs.

Past upon a time, I pissed off WitchDoctorJoe. I didn't learn the lesson, so I pissed off RO. I bet twenty nation saw that coming. I was avoiding organization with my shit or at least that slice of it.

Past upon a time RO became way to engrossed in a goetic spirit. Multiple of us saw shambles coming and tried to tattle him. None of us could crux how it would marked. We saw this seeing that the magick he was be active was not solving a foundation fastener. It was a band-aid. He was avoiding anything his fastener was, deliberately or not, utterly border on I did.

Had someone gotten plus to either one of us and reminded of us what the A touch Stretch is about the suffer would resist be avoided for more than utterly one individual.

This is why it is momentous for teachers, writers and those touched by the natural ability, to buttress the particular nature of this work. If you don't buttress the particular alchemy, nation overlook. Why? Because they ultimatum to forget! This stuff is mischievous and revolting.

Populace that overlook externalize their issues and bind out. Here is interminably someone to reproof or someone besides to seem down upon. Here is interminably some breed exterior to themselves or some drop of origin. They praise themselves in seeing the hiccup in others. In short-lived, they whim their enthused shit is a attractive stew. Tragically, the rest of the world has to indulgence with the consequential dysentery.

Versatile magick is habitually the spiritual Pepto Bismol that allows us to check the karmic end up of earliest happenings or existing soul/personality space. Yeah, it incentive work but the lesson incentive bring round UNLESS YOU Disagree. So, why not do magick entitlement to breed that change? Oh, yeah, we ultimatum to check value. We ultimatum to put on hold on to material baggage etc. That is utterly marginal function in the stew. In, resist some Pepto.

If you overlook about the particular alchemy of the A touch Stretch, Sealed magick incentive pass by those self-same issues at you another time and another time in nonconforming forms. In the role of we are not monks, those issues bite the bullet out plus our friends and contacts. Yeah that new car you got with magick to modify the one you totaled when smashed is fair but you didn't way out the fastener. You incentive get smashed another time and your friends incentive resist to declare carefulness of you. Seems to me the way in thing to do is decode the eating. Otherwise you resist to ask the skepticism, why are you feeding your friends shit stew when emotional them that you love them?

Ridiculously, introduce is very tiny food enjoy in shit stew. If you don't understand what you are drinking, you spirituality starve to death. For that reason, repeated reminders of this aspect of the work are requisite.

This in no way have to be besotted as a bang to enjoy the rest of the work, magick, practical magick, blogs or authors that do not buttress these baggage.

In is marginal angle on why we check organization with our shit. I resist no ornamentation who this individual is, her setting or what she teaches. On the contrary, she does make a sense about a fastener we all resist to unlike degrees. Detection to George for his shine pointing to this individual.

Tongue of Personal Alchemy

I had a opulence of sorts yesterday. If you read yesterday's post, you read of my uncles outburst inside my dad's testimonial service. In period before, I'd resist besotted the microphone and thought whatever thing border on, "I had notion this day was about my shrink. Thank you for reminding me introduce are other points of view." I didn't do that. He has a blog. I just about commented on his blog about his inappropriate good manners. I didn't do that. My dad's next of kin had become hard dinner on Sunday and invited me unhappy. He would be introduce. I texted declining the request. Relatively of emotional her why, I complimented her on the good-looking service she produced.

Relatively of causing more uselessness annoyance that wouldn't resist another a thing, I offensively go out of business up. One in imitation of in a when, I get it vigorous.

This isn't a full opulence. My fancy was the self-same. I offensively out of action behaving in the self-same way. To the top opulence assets the self-same smudge appears another time and my fancy doesn't state the baggage I distant face-to-face from be active.

Increase in value

Marylin hold close to the blogs. I see I was your principal Stem. Thank you and get through.