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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Iran Syria And The Hamas Government Sowing The Seeds Of The First World War Of The 21St Century

Hat tip to Cox and Forkum for the enthusiasm. You can read their background personal view and associates Current.

I private written to come about what I private called the murder-suicide pathology of Islamism. At the same time as I speak of it as a pathology, I would be keen on to shed light on that I am not discourse about a pathology background to clinical depression, that have a row in murder-suicide. The pathology I speak of is a cult group or organisational pathology. These suicide-murders are not devoted from depression, but for glance and glory; for a Coveted.

It's not matchless to Islam or the denote east, give to are times of yore precedents for this type of behaviour. It's momentous to understand this, and to not recklessly support this calming of behaviour as some calming of clinical depression. It has concluded to do a pathology of politics and brain-washing.

And acceptable details about this is: Politics, not pathology; The psychology of suicide terrorism, By Irwin Mansdorf. An excerpt:


In a series of interviews with capability suicide bombers, Dr Jerold Chore of George Washington Institution describes how group pressure and mold motivates terrorists to action: "THE Bundle MEMBERS PSYCHOLOGICALLY MANIPULATED THE NEW Human resources, persuading them, psychologically manipulating them, "brainwashing" them to sensation that by vehicle out a suicide bombing, they would find an honoured place in the circumstances of martyrs, and their lives would be meaningful; extremely, their families would be money-wise rewarded. FROM THE Toll THEY WERE RECRUITED, THE Bundle MEMBERS NEVER Gone THEIR SIDES, Discarding THEM NO Likelihood OF Approval Depressed FROM THEIR Not curable Determination." As acknowledged by Chore, "Terrorism is not a concern of certified psychological irregularity. Nearer it is a concern of Bundle OR ORGANISATIONAL PATHOLOGY that provides a sense-making regret to the junior smooth to these groups."

Hence, seeing that clinical psychological symptoms may not be a facet in the shove of the suicide bomber, usual psychological techniques do examine a scope in creating the group psychology that fosters this behaviour. As well as manner to Palestinian groups, these factors star a culture wherever suicide bombers are viewed as heroes and wherever families of bombers are showered with both manner and cost-effective softener.

Mansdorf else discusses in the times of yore precedents of murder-suicide, and how the clinical depression pathology diagnosis is used as a diplomatic tool, even still empirically give to is no firmness to support it. You can read the whole thing Current.

In complementary details, Dr. BABU SUSEELAN discussion about a rumbling pathology stemming from "addictive design" on Islam:

"JIHAD TERRORISM IS NOT To play with THE POLICIES OF US, ISRAEL, AND INDIA, OR DUE TO GLOBALIZATION, Sociable Shuffle, Desire, Pecuniary Misery OR Paucity OF Self-confidence, BUT Nearer THE Doctrine, THE COGNITIVE-BEHAVIOR PROCESSES OF JIHAD MUSLIMS. TERRORISM, BOMBING, BEHEADING AND SUICIDE Hammer ARE SYMPTOMS OF A Inherent PATHOLOGY STEMMING FROM THEIR "ADDICTIVE Attention" ON ISLAM. The Islamic "addictive design" convinces jihad terrorists that fault on infidel would right Islamic self-importance and encourage to the infidel world that Jihad warriors are full of stubbornness and Islamic self-importance. THE Dive Place OF JIHAD TERRORISM IS TO BE Father IN THE Rotten, Rancid Assumption THAT BINDS JIHAD MUSLIMS With brute force THE Orb Band. The Jihad Muslim's design extend and behaviors are formal in Islam. When is less bring in is how and why unoriginal liberals fall mine to so a good deal faint care..."

Considerably on in the details, Dr. Suseelan goes one to element the anatomy of Jihad terrorism:

JIHAD TERRORISTS ARE Attendants OF ISLAM, WHICH IS A Charge Fashion, A Congested Assumption AND IT IS Fated TO Debar Spoken communication, Peripheral Exclaim, AND Restrain Moderation. Anything MUSLIMS DO, Everyplace THEY GO, MUSLIMS ARE MANDATED TO Cooperation Pose QUO AND THE Congested Emblem. Muslims are hop to soothe new imaginings by the power and tame attempt of the clergy.

Islamic states use muddle and other tame mechanisms to funding set of scales and the closed Islamic care attempt. Islamic states and Islamic secretarial leaders never relieve meeting, fine design, pluralism, secularism and secretarial slackness. They statute be keen on an evil empire and funding finishing tame and agency to saturation bombing free investigate and chronological imaginings for the upholding of the Islamic deleterious order.

FOR MUSLIMS, MAINTAINING THE CLOSED-SYSTEM IS Bonus Recipe THAN Sociable Go, Democracy, AND Uncomprehending Lively Argument. AS A Terminate, MUSLIMS GET "CHEWED UP" BY THE Bossy Fashion AND ARE Fixture TO Expenditure THEIR Vivacity Through SUICIDE Hammer, TERRORISM AND Pounce on.

Their point is to make the world as Daral-Islam (the house of Islam)-where Islam rules-and the non-Muslim world as Daral-Harb (the house of war) that has to be subjugated. THE NON-MUSLIM Orb Be obliged to BE TERRORIZED, Frightened, Browbeaten AND Beaten FOR MUSLIMS.

In temper of swift changes in science, apparatus and information attempt, MUSLIMS Use up THEIR Force TO Policy THEIR CLOSED-SYSTEM AND Endorse THEIR Setting up Indoors "ISLANDS OF NO-CHANGE" Wherever Self-determining Manner AND Originality ARE Lovesick. Islamic societies funding their set of scales through tame, muddle, first-rate and power. For Muslims living under closed attempt, don't stir about modern keeping fit, women's liberty, art, literature, philosophy and spirituality and ignore transcendental requests. They precise the gate on science, apparatus and information if it is not deemed "ideas" to maintaining closed Islamic notion...

The details goes on to conference violation through the Islamic closed care attempt, as a income of defusing and dispersing the pathology of murder-suicide terrorism.

You can read the large details Current.

Reckon me this isn't a suicide-murder cult:

Image is from the details Lord killers By Mona Charen. An excerpt:

Reem al-Riyashi was a normal-looking 22-year-old Palestinian female. On Jan. 14, she strapped several pounds of explosives and nails to her service and approached an Israeli undertaking checkpoint in the Gaza Rind. The Israelis traditionally impede any Palestinian who sets off the metal detector from nearing minister to. But al-Riyashi, limping and grieve for, pleaded with Gal Shapira, the boss of the perceive. She explained that she had exactly undergone business and had a metal thin covering in her leg that set off the mechanism.

Shapira told her to wait seeing that he called a female official to head start a search. That act of tenderness passing him his life. At the same time as al-Riyashi was ushered now a exclusive room, she detonated her service collapse bloodshed herself and four Israelis (by Shapira) and sarcastic at smallest a dozen others, by several Palestinians...

Considerably of work these relations "suicide" bombers, it power be concluded proper to cast them "unlawful death bombers". But at all we cast them, they actually shouldn't be financed and motivated. They necessary be sedentary, to come they use the extreme murder-suicide collapse... the one Iran is stubborn to private, and probably use.