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Monday, 24 October 2011


Subject: Dusk and Devout Law (was Nightside, Lightside)
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 11:28:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: (nigris (333))

49990804 IVom

Reception Satan!

# I get wound up having the status of I grasp relatives say that Thelema, and the
# writings of Aleister Crowley are "dark", and "occult".

you're level about Crowley. he was subtle, a poseur, anywhere Satanism was kindhearted, and couldn't stomach the dark waves. Thelema is greatest cautiously extenuated in the dark waves of spirituality. in the role of this aspect is greatest steadily condemned and disliked, it typicaly takes a greater energy and skill of Mettle to deal and jubilantly
trickle delving stylish darker areas of oneself and spiritual
traditions. this varies, of course, based on one's warm
someone and conditioning, and involved with any station is unpretentious to sabotage an runner regardless of hir warm allusion.
the greatest powerful magicians have in stock eternally been BLACK magicians.

# Any, having the status of relatives think of the occult, and evil thump, they
# will think of Aleister Crowley.

yes, he was one of the Immense Martyrdom Craze, skill view
to himself absolute the support of Dark Wear through in the form
of anti-Christian names and themes (very those consequential
from the prevail book of the Christian scripture, the revelation
of John of Patmos -- reading it sheds significantly a bit of inversion- comprehensible-light on Crowley's writings

# But, I see Thelema as no matter which that is holy, and brilliant.

patronize relatives indicate their religion this way, yes.

# Not a lame gentle of "light" poverty delicate bunny slippers,
# but no matter which that is informative, and fullfulling.

yes, you face to be vernacular of 'light/dark' as a gentle of
essential valuative in which the crookedness is that which
obscures, ensnares, traps, and by and large harms relatives.
this is a modest regular.

# The simply thing dark about Thelema may be that it is
# the route less besotted, in regard to conversing with your
# HGA, and spirits, and demons and such.

that it may suffer "demons" at all says no matter which about
why it is careful crookedness by some holier-than-thou. you have in stock not mentioned community poverty Kenneth Have a conversation, Nema, Bertiaux, any flow of Satanists, and significantly a few others who have in stock a complete sweetheart for dark symbolism, links with
wrathful deities, demons, services and powers transcending
the simplistic 'god/deva-titan/asura/demon' dualism which
is chosen by fundamentalists of so patronize persuasions.

# I next get wound up having the status of christian parents illustration at a
# religion poverty Thelema and deed it a "phony" religion.

it IS a phony religion. it collapses stylish itself. it will
abide everyone from any other religion stylish its collapse. its
scripture is a mark out of ravings, its interpreter is not
at all laudable, and its adherents file to be misfits
and miscreants. what type of religion is THIS?

# As if it were evil, and objection.

it IS evil and objection to make a religion out of the Law.

# I wish relatives would see it as I see it.

ah the crucial look-in of all propagandists!

blessed beast!
"(333); I don't read everything here; cc me if you effective stand for a retort.