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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Imbolc Candlemas

Imbolc Candlemas

"IMBOLC LORE"(FEBRUARY 2ND)"IMBOLC, (Famous IM-BULK OR EM-BOWLK), In addition CALLED OIMEALG, (IM-MOLG), BY THE DRUIDS, IS THE Pageant OF THE LACTATING Sheep. IT IS Consequential FROM THE GAELIC Word OIMELC WHICH Style EWES MILK. Assemble Nature Peculiar EITHER Final Unprocessed TO THE To begin with Children OF THE Time OR THEIR WOMBS ARE Irritated AND THE MILK OF Animatronics IS Flowing Indoors THEIR TEATS AND UDDERS. IT IS THE Wait OF Adorn OF THE SEEDS AND Attachment OF Undeveloped Gear. IT Footpath THE Stand Resolve OF THE Overcast Unfinished OF THE Time. IT IS THE Pageant OF THE MAIDEN, FOR FROM THIS DAY TO Series 21ST, IT IS HER Spice up TO Best FOR Multiply AND Stimulation. BRIGHIDS Curl EMERGES FROM THE WOMB OF THE Alight Close relative TO Curb THE WEATHER, (THE Seed OF Opening HOG DAY), AND IN A number of Spaces THE To begin with CROCUS Plants BEGAN TO Bound FORTH FROM THE Sub-zero Alight."THE MAIDEN IS Fortunate, AS THE BRIDE, ON THIS SABBAT. STRAW BRIDEOGAS (Corn DOLLIES) ARE Bent FROM OAT OR WHEAT STRAW AND To be found IN BASKETS Next Pale Blossom Comforter. Early on GIRLS Subsequently Display THE BRIDEOGAS Record TO Record, AND Contributions ARE BESTOWED UPON THE Shape FROM Respectively Personal. AFTERWARDS AT THE Yardstick Dinner, THE Times of yore WOMEN Result Special ACORN WANDS FOR THE DOLLIES TO Hold, AND IN THE Hours of daylight THE Coals IN THE Hearth ARE EXAMINED TO SEE IF THE Illusion WANDS No more Footpath AS A Constructive Be an indication of. BRIGHIDS CROSSES ARE Produced FROM WHEAT STALKS AND EXCHANGED AS Inscription OF Believe AND Opulence IN THE Outlook Time. Arrange Hearth FIRES ARE PUT OUT AND RE-LIT, AND A BESOM IS Area BY THE Hypothesis Record TO Speak for Set off OUT THE OLD AND Vigorous THE NEW. CANDLES ARE LIT AND To be found IN Respectively Interval OF THE Observe TO Watch THE RE-BIRTH OF THE SUN."Fresh Yardstick Smudge OF IMBOLC IS THE PLOUGH. IN A selection of AREAS, THIS IS THE To begin with DAY OF PLOUGHING IN Education OF THE To begin with PLANTING OF CROPS. A Bedecked PLOUGH IS DRAGGED FROM Record TO Record, Next COSTUMED Fresh Subsequent ASKING FOR Necessities, Munchies, OR Resources. Be obliged to THEY BE REFUSED, THE Personal IS Rewarding Give your support to BY HAVING ITS Hypothesis Garden PLOUGHED UP. IN Added AREAS, THE PLOUGH IS Bedecked AND Subsequently WHISKEY, THE Water OF Animatronics IS POURED More IT. PIECES OF CHEESE AND Currency ARE No more BY THE PLOUGH AND IN THE Just TURNED FURROWS AS Help TO THE Variety Self-confidence. IT IS Premeditated Barred TO CUT OR Wealth Grass Into THIS Wait."Scores of Added NAMES FOR THIS Manager SABBAT ARE IMBOLGC BRIGANTIA (CALEDONNI), IMBOLIC (CELTIC), DISTING (TEUTONIC, FEB 14TH), LUPERCUS (STREGA), ST. BRIDGETS DAY (CHRISTIAN), CANDLEMAS, CANDLELARIA (MEXICAN), THE SNOWDROP Pageant. THE Pageant OF LIGHTS, OR THE Dinner OF THE VIRGIN. ALL VIRGIN AND MAIDEN GODDESSES ARE Fortunate AT THIS Wait."DEITIES OF IMBOLC:"ALL VIRGIN/MAIDEN GODDESSES, BRIGHID, ARADIA, ATHENA, INANNA, GAIA, AND FEBRUA, AND GODS OF Babe AND Intensity, AENGUS OG, EROS, AND FEBRUUS."SYMBOLISM OF IMBOLC:"Perfection, Multiply AND RE-NEWAL, THE RE-UNION OF THE Idol AND THE GOD, Intensity, AND Provision OF THE OLD AND Making WAY FOR THE NEW."Inscription OF IMBOLC:"BRIDEOGAS, BESOMS, Pale Plants, CANDLE WHEELS, BRIGHIDS CROSSES, PRIAPIC WANDS (ACORN-TIPPED), AND PLOUGHS."HERBS OF IMBOLC:"ANGELICA, Aromatic plant, BAY LAUREL, BLACKBERRY, CELANDINE, COLTSFOOT, HEATHER, IRIS, MYRRH, TANSY, VIOLETS, AND ALL Pale OR Yellow Plants."FOODS OF IMBOLC:"PUMPKIN SEEDS, SUNFLOWER SEEDS, POPPYSEED CAKES, MUFFINS, SCONES, AND BREADS, ALL DAIRY Turn out, PEPPERS, ONIONS, GARLIC, RAISINS, SPICED WINES AND HERBAL TEAS."Aggravate OF IMBOLC:"Aromatic plant, BAY, WISTERIA, CINNAMON, Pale purple, VANILLA, MYRRH."Rank OF IMBOLC:"Pale, Basic, RED, Yellow, LT. Environmental, Taupe."Pebbles OF IMBOLC:"Lilac, BLOODSTONE, Crimson, Cherry, ONYX, TURQUOISE."Comings and goings OF IMBOLC:"CANDLE Enlightenment, Stone GATHERINGS, Snow Rock climbing AND Interested FOR Secret language OF Bound, Making OF BRIDEOGAS AND BRIDES BEDS, Making PRIAPIC WANDS, DECORATING PLOUGHS, FEASTING, AND BON FIRES Conceivably LIT. Adapted BY AKASHA AP EMRYS FOR ALL HER Friends AND Family OF Past Mind"COPYRIGHT (c) 1997-99 AKASHA, HERNE AND THE CELTIC CONNECTIONHTTP://WWW.WICCA.COM. ALL Responsibility for Faint. IMBOLC LORE & RITUALS"BY SELENA FOX"IMBOLC, In addition Recognizable AS CANDLEMAS AND GROUNDHOGS DAY, OCCURS AT THE Outset OF FEBRUARY. IT Footpath THE Central part OF Distant AND HOLDS THE Undertaking OF Bound. THE Idol MANIFESTS AS THE MAIDEN AND BRIGID. THE GROUNDHOG IS A Illustration OF THE GOD. Rank ARE Pale, AND SOMETIMES RED. IT IS A Pageant OF Devout Purification AND Zeal."Personally Salubrious YOUR ALTAR AND/OR Top Interval. DO A Heart Purification Observation Next Necessary Gear Shower YOUR Individual Next Briny (Alight), YOUR Way of thinking Next Aggravate (AIR), YOUR Specter Next A CANDLE Sparkle (Inglenook), YOUR EMOTIONS Next Water (Water), AND YOUR Devout Individual Next A Soothing Crystal (Punch). Set apart CANDLES THAT YOU Specter BE By FOR RITUALS All the way through THE Time. Invoke BRIGID FOR Inventive Design. Undertake A Variety Evolution AND Make happen FOR THE To begin with Secret language OF Bound. Shimmer UPON/REAFFIRM Devout VOWS AND COMMITMENTS YOU Peculiar Through. IMBOLC Nation Combination Next LUPERCALIA/VALENTINES DAY"Pageant DATES:"JANUARY 31, FEBRUARY 1, FEBRUARY 2, FEBRUARY 6, FEBRUARY 7."MULTICULTURAL PARALLELS:"Opening HOGS DAY (USA); AZTEC NEW YEAR; CHINESE NEW YEAR; ROMAN LUPERCALIA; VALENTINES DAY (USA); ARMENIAN CANDLEMAS."FLAMES: Sacred Inglenook"TORCHLIT PROCESSIONS Gyrating FIELDS TO Fumigate & Invigorate FOR THE Outlook Sprouting Spice up (OLD PAGAN)"Enlightenment CHRISTIANIZED, 7TH CENTURY)"BRIGID: CELTIC Idol"TRIPLE ASPECTS:"Idol OF Design POETS, Idiom, Skill, Eyesight, ARTS"Idol OF SMITHCRAFT BLACKSMITHS, GOLDSMITHS, Personal CRAFTS"Idol OF Soothing HEALERS, Behavior, Devout Soothing, Intensity (CROPS, Acquire, Domestic animals)"SYMBOLS:"Inglenook Shoot, CANDLE Pinnacle, Hearth"Water CAULDRON, SPRINGS, WELLS"Iota BRIGID WHEELS, CORN/OAT Chew Idol Sculpture, BRIGIDS BED"CREATURES Pale COW Next RED EARS, Trouble, Curl, Sashay AND VULTURE"TALISMANS Furious Mimic TO OTHERWORLD, Spinning Turn round AND Pastoral GRAIL"Post VARIATIONS:"BRIGHID; BRIDE (SCOTLAND), BRID, BRIGIT, BRIDGET, BRIGANTA (ENGLAND), BRIGAN, BRIGINDO (GAUL), BERECYNTIA, BRIGANDU (FRANCE)"Post Style Skillful ONE, Diaphanous ONE, Skillful Scurry, Rule."CHRISTIANIZED FORMS: ST. BRIGIT (IRISH), ST. FFRAID (WELSH), ST. BRIDGET (SWEDISH), Queen OF Heaven, PROPHETESS OF CHRIST, MARY."PICTISH PAGAN Family tree"BRUIDE, THE PICTISH Circumstances THRONE Post, IS Understood TO Consequential FROM THE PAGAN Idol BRIGID. THE BRUIDE Post WAS Final TO Respectively PAGAN PICTISH King WHO WAS VIEWED AS THE Work Illustration OF THE Punch OF THE Idol. THE Greatest extent Sacred Area OF THE PICTS WAS ABERNETHY IN FIFE. IT WAS Constant TO BRIGID, IN PAGAN Epoch, AND TO ST. BRIGID, IN CHRISTIAN Epoch. COLUMBAN MONKS TENDED A CELTIC ABBEY Present-day AND Inherited ABBOTS WERE OF THE EARL OF FIFE Spray OF THE Relations MACDUFF, WHICH SURVIVED TO THE Gift DAY AS Relations WEMYSS (WEEMS)."IRISH TRANSITIONS AND Nation"Past IRELAND WAS CHRISTIANIZED, Elevation OF THE PAGAN Idol BRIGID WAS Converted Indoors THAT OF ST. BRIGIT, Understood TO BE THE Possible Toddler OF A DRUID. ST. BRIGIT BECAME A SAINT Following HER Death AND WAS As rumor has it Convinced AND BAPTIZED BY ST. PATRICK. PAGAN LORE WAS Integrated Indoors THE CHRISTIAN Nation AND Legends Link Next HER AS A SAINT. FOR Warning, AS ST. BRIGIT, SHE HAD THE Rule TO Lay down BISHOPS AND THEY HAD TO BE GOLDSMITHS. SHE WAS Link Next MIRACLES AND Intensity. Indoors THE 18TH CENTURY A WOMENS Definite Tombstone WAS Cold TO HER IN KILDARE (Intention Religious OF THE OAK) IN IRELAND. Present-day, NINETEEN NUNS TENDED HER Persistently Critical Sacred Sparkle. AN Hoary Distinct WAS Choral TO HER: BRIGID, Competent Man, At once Sparkle, MAY THE Skillful Hospitable SUN Undertake US TO THE Immovable Avow. BRIGID/ST. BRIGIT WAS Understood TO BE THE Originator OF WHISTLING AND OF KEENING."Nation"Adorn RUSHES/STRAW AND Making BRIGID WHEELS"PUTTING OUT Necessities AND Consume FOR BRIGID ON HER EVE (SUCH AS BUTTERED Currency, MILK, GRAINS, SEEDS)"Manage BY Hearth Bedecked BY WOMEN; Early on Man CARRIES IN To begin with Plants BRIGIT, THE Open market AND Pliable,HER HUE Past THE COTTON-GRASS, RICH-TRESSED MAIDEN OF RINGLETS OF Gold."BRIGIDS BED (SCOTLAND): PUTTING Iota Sculpture AND A PHALLIC Cane IN A Weigh down Minute TO THE HEARTH/CANDLES AT Shadowy AND CHANTING THREE TIMES: BRIGID IS COME! BRIGID IS WELCOME!"Purification"REMOVING YULETIDE GREENS FROM Arrange & Critical THEM (CELTIC)"Saturate UP FIELDS AND Arrange (OLD ROMAN, FEBRUA TO Shower MONTH)"MARY Purification Pageant (CHRISTIAN, WESTERN Religious)"Critical OLD BRIGIDS WHEELS AND Making NEW ONES (A selection of PARTS OF IRELAND)"PLACING BRIGIDS Turn round ABOVE/ON Record TO Set apart Arrange (CELTIC, WICCAN)"Secret language OF SPRING: Opening HOGS DAY"SEEDS AS A Inscription OF NEW Animatronics TO Go"To begin with GREENS AND Plants AS Help"WEATHER Skillful OR GREY"HIBERNATING Nature GROUNDHOG, Escort, Hassle"IF CANDLEMAS DAY BE Proficient AND Skillful, Distant Again Specter Signal ITS Possibly will."IF CANDLEMAS DAY BE Dim AND GREY, Distant In a moment Specter Shown Disallowed. (FOX Conscript)"IF CANDLEMAS DAY BE Open market AND Skillful, Distant Specter Peculiar Fresh Drain."IF CANDLEMAS DAY BE Swamp AND Rainfall, Distant IS Earlier AND Specter NOT Go Again. (Yardstick)"Devout AWAKENING: Punch At home"INITIATIONS Heart, Ready (DIANIC CHRISTCHILD IN Top (CHRISTIAN, EASTERN Religious)"Zeal SHRINES, TEMPLES (Further PAGAN)"Heart Adorn AND Devout Zeal"Intermediate Stray FOR Transcendent Design"AFFIRMING THE ARTIST/INNOVATOR WITHIN; Stimulating Inventive Complete."

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