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Monday, 10 October 2011

Magical Ritual Tools

Magical Ritual Tools Image
usually with witchcraft spells you need to learn complicated recipes and techniques for enacting a witchcraft spell or magic, but there are also just the simple easy but not necessary less potent way of just using your mind and a simple pointing tool or just your mind alone.

by using your mind when doing witchcraft spells you are using a kind of focus and thought, instead of ritual tools and potions and various magic ingredients for the witchcraft spell.

neither are mutually exclusive it is just a different way for you to do your witchcraft magic, either using the various witchcraft ritual tools and potions herbs and magical items or also just using your mind and minimal to zero magical ritual tools to do your witchcraft spells and magic.

just takes practice and learning to work out the ways you like to use magic or how magic works for you in witchcraft on a more personal level.

if you are specific spells like love spells and love magic then potions and some items may be needed, but not always necessary, if you was doing a love spell for yourself, a picture of the person could help for focus of magical power when doing a love spell for example, using the mind in witchcraft magic and spells can also be advantages as a option when you do not have any magical items or potions around either.

witches athame for spells and magic

Books in PDF format to read:

Richard Alan Miller - The Magical And Ritual Use Of Herbs
Kenneth Grant - Magical Revival
Pangaia - Handcrafted Ritual Tools

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