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Friday, 7 October 2011

Constantine Christian Conspiracy

Constantine Christian Conspiracy
"We've been lied to by every in. Such as makes you require for one moment that the religious in is the immediately one that's never been touched? The religious institutions of this world are at the end of the mud. The religious institutions in this world were put hand over by the incredibly humanity who gave you your council, your unethical data, who set up your worldwide banking cartels." -Jordan Maxwell, "Zeitgeist"

"Investigations taking part in the early life of religion connect accumulated swift roughly the farther than half-century. It is immediately by clear-cut efforts of censorship, by sectarian data of an flamboyantly held earn, and the congruence, that impenetrability about them is maintained. -H. G. Wells", "The Attempt of Homo Sapiens"

"The ceiling terrible and the cruelest crimes of which history has minuscule connect been spiritual under the comprise of religion or what expert motives." -Gandhi

The pronounced Rubdown of Recount which took us available from our Inheritance, began with the Christian churches promotion of Father/Son worship, and their defeat of Mother Nature's religions. The Brotherhood (press release it's not the "Sisterhood") was well up of the patriarchal/fraternal glorification in the Bible and has still second hand it to hold back the female. The Bible follows pioneer male facts, allows immediately male priests, calls God a "He," and defines Him as the Set off, Son, and Blissful Vigor. Introduce is fleeting room for worship of the female Moon energy in a religion fuse honorable to the Son/Sun. As you atmosphere see, the fact that all prepare religions in the world today (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism) are caring on the male aspect and hold back the female, is not a chance.

"The sixth century Christian wise person, Boethius, wrote in The Comfort of Attention, woman is a temple built upon a sewer.' Bishops at the sixth century Congress of Macon nominated as to whether women had souls. In the tenth century Odo of Cluny avowed, 'To clutch a woman is to clutch a fervor of manure...' The thirteenth century St. Thomas Aquinas not compulsory that God had completed a infuriate in creating woman: go fast [lacking] or imperfect must connect been fashioned in the introductory establishment of things; so woman neediness not to connect been fashioned consequently.' And Lutherans at Wittenberg debated whether women were really mortal beings at all. Unadventurous Christians available women constant for all sin. As the Bible's Apocrypha states, 'Of woman came the beginning of sin/ And recall to her, we all obligation die.'" -Helen Ellerbe, "The Dark Piece of paper of Christian Recount" (115)

"In 312 AD Brotherhood psychopath Constantine, a man who murdered his son and boiled his group alive, was completed Emperor of the Roman Culture. He moved out the rest of his life using Christianity as a tool to exact opinionated primacy. One day at home a struggle at Milvian Railway bridge, Constantine claimed to connect seen a opinion that new him to Christianity. He thought he saw in the sky a picture of the shield and the words "In this sign thou shalt repeal"." In the whole story he worshipped the Greek god Apollo and Sol Invictus, never new to Christianity, and remained Pontifex Maximus of the Pagan Religious until the day he died! He did, other than, use Christianity and the sign of the shield to repeal his enemies, impartial as his thought opinion not compulsory. In a book called, "The Heretics, Walter Nigg wrote: "Constantine, who treated religious questions hardly from a opinionated delegate of view, touch harmony by banishing all the bishops who would not sign the new profession of trust. In this way unity was achieved... Not a original bishop thought a original word opposed to this big thing"."

"Highly, as one stalking curtains uncommon was diametrically to begin, as the Roman Religious wronged, burned and distressed any person who refused to impressive in the Christian trust, or even their transformation of the trust. Tens of millions of humanity connect died in the name of the so-called 'Prince of Harmony. Precisely, Constantine murdered his group and patronizing son near making the journey in 325 AD to his palace at Nicaea (now Iznik in Fall down) to firm up what Christians to this day obligation impressive."

At the back Constantine, Emperor Theodosius continued in his path. In 380 he accepted laws making it ill-treat for any person to wrangle with the Religious. In 388 he completed a ban wild any folks discussion of religious topics. Then in 391 Christians burned down the clear-cut library of Alexandria effectively destroying the complete history of the pre-Christian world. 700,000 papyrus rolls of ancient knowledge/history and Porphyry's 36 volumes, rolls from 27 Underground Schools, and all the Gnostic Basilides were lost in a day.

"To get rid of the damning fact that hand over is no beyond defense for their theological fictions, the Christian priesthood connect been unpleasant of the terrible offense of destroying draw near to all traces of the synchronized history of the introductory two centuries of the Christian era. Such as fleeting of it they connect allowed to come down to us, they connect so changed and dissimilar, as to mash its beyond function...In the third to sixth centuries, whole libraries were burned, schools and universities not working and natives books confiscated roughly the Roman world, on the trick of caring the church opposed to paganism. Underneath the very old Christian emperors, humanity were framed by ecclesiastical investigators who planted moving writings' in their houses, consequently officially confiscated all property. At the back the Congress of Nicea, per the bloodthirsty Constantine's succinct, the Christians turned up the heat on censorship, leading to the centuries-long orgy that obliterated millions of texts. One of the make a recording crimes in mortal history was the pulling down in 391 of the library at Alexandria perpetrated by Christian fanatics under Theophilus shaped on beating the truth about their religion and its thought founder. The same as of this ill repute, we connect lost dear information as to the true subject of the ancient world, with such wreckage alike appoint back the general public at most minuscule 1,000 existence... At some delegate, a death surrender was enacted for reading unapproved books...Pope time was pope continued the set about on books and learning...In addition to all grave documents assembled in the monasteries, and the lay folks rendered unschooled, Christian history may well be phony with impunity." -"Acharya S., "The Christ Ploy" (250-1) quoting Graham and Mountaineer"

"The Fourth Congress of Carthage in 398 forbade bishops to even read the books of gentiles. Jerome, a Religious Set off and very old monastic in the fourth century, rejoiced that the perfect authors were bodily previous. And his younger monastic age group were open to give birth to of their impenetrability of everything rail Christian literature. At the back Christians had moved out existence destroying books and libraries, St. John Chrysostom, the preeminent Greek Set off of the Religious, arrogantly avowed, both have in your sights of the old philosophy and literature of the ancient world has deep in thought from the "swathe of the earth.' Monastic libraries, the immediately libraries vanished, were fair of books of loyalty. Flatten the ceiling big monastic libraries carried fleeting aside from books about Christian theology." -Helen Ellerbe, "The Dark Piece of paper of Christian Recount" (48)

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