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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Festival Of Pax

Festival Of Pax Cover
* THEME: "* SYMBOLS" items, Corn, Cornucopia, Olive branch

ABOUT PAX: Pax is the Roman goddess of peace; she urges us to keep harmony among one another as a sacred commodity throughout the year. On coins, Pax appears youthful and often bears an olive branch to extend the hand of truce or a cornucopia, indicating that there is an abundance of peace for those who truly seek it.

TO DO TODAY: Remember Pax by wearing or carrying something white today and offering to make amends with someone with whom you've had an argument.

Alternatively, make a funnel from a piece of white paper (like a cornucopia). Leave this somewhere predominant. Each time you have an angry or discordant thought, toss a coin into the funnel. At the end of the day donate these coins (plus a few dollars) to a charity that promotes peace.

Roman custom dictated that the images of all leaders were to be placed at Pax's feet on this day, as if to invoke her amicable energy in their interactions. This isn't a bad idea for modern leaders either! Take any pictures you have of world leaders (check newspapers and magazines). If you can't find pictures, write their names on white paper instead. Put these in a pile before a white candle. As you light the candle, say:


Let peace fill their hearts.

Let all hatred depart.

Peace be between me and thee,

and all those I meet.

Source: 365 Goddess

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Jean Seznec - Survival Of The Pagan Gods
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