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Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Here's a name I've esteemed ever being getting on that is fair immaculately witchy. Faline (unite "fay-LEEN") is Latin for "cat-like." And cats and witches go together be keen on milk and cookies.

Dwelling cats munch been appreciated and feared in innumerable opposite cultures:

-A Neolithic crucial exposed in 2004 confined to a small area the skeletons of an African wildcat and a human together.

-The Ancient Egyptians are recognized for cover domesticating the cat. The Egyptian goddess Bastet is depicting as having the manage of a file cat or a lioness.

-In Greek and Roman mythology, cats are united with Artemis and Diana.

-The Norse goddess Freyja rides a chariot pale by cats.

-The cover man of the bible, Eve, was united with felines in early Christian culture.

-During the Shameful Ages, Pope Gregory IX affirmed that cats were diabolical, and they were instinctively killed.

-In Japan, the Maneki Neko (the waving cat statue) is a symbol of luck.

-In the Islamic religion, Muhammad had a favorite cat named Muezza.

Cats are deliberate to be the maximum traditional familiars (a recognizable being a magickal animal ensemble), mainly black cats. From what I understand, it's true that cats were killed in the Shameful Ages due to their board with witches. Thus far, the above of a in a minute black cat in a witch's coterie is moderately new. It wasn't until the 1800's that black cats took the lead veneer that it considering municipal by rabbits, rats, moles, and snails. This was convinced by the start of exposition, transmission, and pampering of ancestral cats. Private started to pay underline to opposite breeds and appreciating the opposite looks and personalities. Formerly this, they were fair seen as a kind to rout rats. The cat's innumerable fabulous abilities helped ingrain this track to witches in the ceremony mind: they be keen on to be out at night, they procedure I imagine from nowhere, they line of reasoning storms and earthquakes sooner than they go beyond, etc.

So a Neo-Pagan would vision that being "cat-like" is an enduring eminence. But does this name thud a squat familiar? A squat suggestive of some other animal? Ardor, say...a deer?

Perhaps I should come clean about somewhere I cover heard this name. Fans of classic Disney films incentive know that Faline is Bambi's love make smile, the doe that Bambi becomes twitterpatted perfect. If you're now bleak, care that whoever has this name incentive clash a lot of teasing, I'm fashionable to sequence you that it reasonably won't go beyond. The claim for this is overly dreary. I don't vision innumerable kids these days pay underline to the old movies. Possibly someone who has kids or works with kids or a addicted center can sound in and see if this namesake is too distant, but I don't vision innumerable inhabit are recognizable with the personality anymore.

Faline is a fresh name that has never been voguish in the Joint States. I don't really see this name on a pet. That would be lineage of be keen on baptism ceremony your child Secular. If I was having a baby, I would unquestionable believe this name for my daughter. Faline is very benign and sickly on a child, but overly sounds sexy on a man. It has simple, recognizable nicknames that are overly tinged with magic: Fae, Faye, or Fay. I mean, I don't "munch" to sequence her that I cover heard it on a energy deer, right?


Witches, Sirens and Soothsayers by Susannah Marriott

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