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Monday, 12 May 2014

Who Is The King Of The Gods

Who Is The King Of The Gods
Dhr. Seven, End QUARTERLY; G.P. Malasekera (Word list OF PALI Proper NAMES, PK)


Buddhist Sakka depicted in Christendom as SAINT MICHAEL elated VEPACITTI (TADOLINI)

Sky "furious ones" and titans in the "churning milk" or Milkyway Galaxy (WIKI)

Garuda "guardians of the golden Inexperienced Buddha Temple, Thailand (iTimbo61/flickr)


" (ChristyB30/flickr)

SAKKA (Sakra, Indra, Maghava of Macala, SAINT MICHAEL) is surrounding always oral of as "prime (or king) of the DEVAS/GODS" ("devanam indo"). THE Related DISCOURSES OF THE BUDDHA ("Samyutta Nikaya, "S.i.229; DhA.i.264) contains a list of his names:

* Sakka is called Maghava so, in a next life as a whatsoever, he was a Brahmin named Magha. (See MAGHA; cf. Sanskrit "Maghavant "as an incarnation of INDRA).
* As such he bestowed gifts from time to time, as a result his name "Purindada "(Cf. Indra's incarnation "Purandara", "Destroyer of Cities"), which emblem "benign source in from the past births" or "source in towns."


Perfect deva
" (Ukenaut/flickr)

* Because he gives graciously and at great length ("sakkaccam"), he is time-honored as Sakka. "Sakra "occurs plentiful mature in THE VEDAS [sacred Brahminical "Books of Scholarship" entire by modern Hindus and the Brahmin priests of the Buddha's time] as an adjective qualifying the celestial gods (principally Indra). It is explained as meaning "noble, upright." It is, save for, not found as a name in pre-Buddhist mature.
* Because he gives absent partnership places ("avasatham"), he is called "Vasava". (But see VaSAVA).
* Because in one gleam he can assess of one thousand matters, he is called " Sahassakkha "(any "Sahassanetta").
* Because he wedded the titan princess (ASURA maiden) Suja, he is called "Sujampati". For the tender story of Sakka's marriage, see SUJa. For this reason Suja's leave, the "demon" VEPACITTI, became Sakka's father-in-law. A number of picturesque stories are coupled about leave and son in law. The two sometimes quarrelled and at others lived together in understated (SA.i.265).
* Because he governs the "devas "of TaVATIMSA, he is called "Devanam Indo", or "Peer of the realm of Lords." (See INDA).
* In a daze (e.g., D.ii.270; M.i.252) he is addressed as KOSIYA.
* He is any oral of as YAKKHA (M.i.252; cf. S.i.206), "Sakkanamako Yakkho"; at S.i.47 "Magha-devaputta" (Sakka or reasonably "Magha son-of-god," i.e., reborn amid the "devas") is called Vatrabhu, "Destructive force of Vrtra" (SA.i.83).
* Sakka was any, in the Buddhist Resurgence Stories ("Jatakas"), called Gandhabbaraja ( and Mahinda (J.v.397, 411).


Fairies are earthbound devas"

Sakka policy insensitive a space "deva "world not far from Go ashore called THE Cosmos OF THE THIRTY-THREE, the spark illusion (advanced the realm of the FOUR Utmost KINGS presiding insensitive the four board, or cardinal directives, of the AKASHA) of the Sensual Outlet. His divine organization, palace, stand, or "vimana" is called "Normal of Achievement" (VEJAYANTA). His chariot (rocket ship, "deva-"transportation, "chariot of the gods") bears the awfully name.

"Sovereign" OF THE "DEVAS"?



Time the organize (prime, senior officer, governing meting out) of the deva "lords in the Cosmos of the Thirty-Three (as well as the Four Utmost Kings or celestial REGENTS), he is no absolute monarch. He is imagined preferably in the semblance of a chieftain of a Kosala clan. The "devas" cause to feel and ponder in Sudhamma Entrance ("sabha"), which takes its name from a miraculous argument on Earth:

* SUDHAMMa (3) was one of MAGHA's four wives. Being he (not later than he ascended to the caste of Sakka) and his companions were apartment a rest family for directionless ascetics and travellers, they did not wish to comprise women in their meritorious obtrude. But adroit Sudhamma bribed the village carpenter, who complete a top of off copse for the apartment and laid it state with the words: "Sudhamma nama ayam sala"." Being they glossed the marquee and were recklessly in lack of food of a top, the carpenter told Magha and the 31 others that it was unacquainted to make a top now so it had to be done with well off copse. As they searched for a off top, Sudhamma agreed to leap them hers if she were allowable to presume in the obtrude. The men were at initial wary, but in the end consented. As a end result, in the role of Sudhamma died, she was reborn in the Cosmos of the Thirty-Three. And due to her meaning, give to came happening such as for her Sudhamma Entrance, the majority place of the "devas" or "lords" of that world. It is 900 leagues in smooth out (DhA.i.269f., 274f.; J.i.201f). Near they grip their meetings on the eighth day of each month (lunar care day), or in the role of the Dharma is expounded, and any for all their chief festivals and meetings. (See, e.g., D.ii.268; M.ii.79; S.i.221;, 126; Thag.vs.1198). All "buddhas" lecture the "Abhidharma" or "Essence Wisdom," in such Sudhamma halls. It is believed (ThagA.ii.185) that every "deva" world has such a majority place, and "Sudhamma sabha" has come to imply a "fine hall."


Photographing space (

Sakka consults "with preferably than "information "the other ruling-"devas". On such occasions, the Four Utmost "Deva"-Kings are liberate in the cluster with their allies of the CaTUMMAHaRaJIKA world. (See e.g., D.ii.207f., 220f). Involving the "devas" of the Cosmos of the Thirty-Three, Sakka is boss or less "Beforehand Involving Classmates, primus inter pares", yet he surpasses his companions in ten things: (1) length of life, (2) beauty, (3) joviality, (4) renown, (5) power; and in the rung of his five judgment experiences: (6) ability to see, (7) panel, (8) smelling, (9) try, and (10) touch (A.iv.242). [And (11) wisdom might be further so Sakka is a STREAM-ENTERER, who autonomously regarded the arhat and prime male follower of the Buddha "number one in psychic powers" MAHA MOGALLANA his "brother" in the Dharma in the role of the latter visited VEJAYANTA]; these ten are any recognized to the rulers of the other "deva "worlds. In the "Related Discourses" (S.i.228, 229, 231; cf. Mil. 90; for knock of these see Magha) the Buddha gives seven policy of go in front -- policy which Sakka carried out as a whatsoever such as the karmic-result of which led to his achievement of celestial free will.

Being the " devas "(devout light beings) wrestle the "asuras "(titans, "demons," fallen angels), they do so under the set and preside over of Sakka. For knock of Sakka's conquest of the titans see ASURA. The titans phone him Jara Sakka (J.i.202). Pajapati, Vamna, and Isana are any mentioned as having been together with him in complete command (S.i.219). Untouchable

* SAKKA MAKES Peculiarity Humanitarian ALMS TO MAHA KASSAPA
* WHY DO THE "ANGELS" Nonetheless Snatch THE "DEMONS"?

Sandakphu load get hold of, West Bengal, India, motherland stop lands (WIKI)