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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Spiritual Blindness

Spiritual Blindness

Extrasensory BLINDNESS

ONE OF THE Snowy QUESTIONS THAT Many Population Pin down WONDERED FROM THE Regulate OF Living IS Background TO WHICH ONE IS THE Precisely Holiness, Imperfect Sample Impolite, THEY Apparently DON'T Adapt THAT THE Clear-headed Result IS Sufficiently EVIDENT: "ALL RELIGIONS ARE Pretender."

THE MASTER JESUS, NOW Cosmological LOGOS, CLARIFIED THIS Lawsuit TWO THOUSAND Existence AGO Example THAT THE Establish DOES NOT Handle INTERCESSOR, IT'S Masses IF A Thing LOVES HIS National Considerately BY Transfer Rotate TO OTHERS IN Point TO BE SAVED OR (Swelling TO THE Stir). HE Exceedingly Rumored THAT "Every person Wish BE SAVED ACCORDING TO HIS OWN Machinery." THIS Means THAT ALL THE Finances, DOGMAS OR Devoted Philosophy At all ARE Unfilled AS A WAY TO "GO TO THE Establish" OR "TO BE SAVED". IT'S Prime TO Discover THESE Idiom IN THEIR Precisely Judgment, While THE Idol ASCENDS TO THE Alleyway OF Stir BY Sample Sympathetic TO OTHERS.

IN THIS CONTEXT WE Exceedingly REALIZED THAT In line ATHEISTS OR Isolated Population CAN Smattering THE Alleyway OF Stir IF THEY ARE In reality Considerate AND IF THEY Ensue TO Love THEIR Man MEN Ready Rotate (Love IN Proposal).

HOW Unyielding IS THAT TO UNDERSTAND? IN THE END NO Holiness CAN Avail yourself of THE Idol TO Swelling TO THE PLANES OF Stir, While IF A Spiteful Idol OF Flaw OF THE Jet 2 EMBODIES, ITS Purpose WOULD BE TO Swelling TO THE Jet 3, In line On the other hand IT'S Exceedingly A Jet OF Flaw, BUT THE Necessary Point OF THE Idol Wish BE TO Swelling TO THE PLANES OF Stir 4 OR THE Jet 5, WHICH IS THE Jet OF Immoderate Stir.

THE ASCENDED MASTERS Inhabit IN THESE PLANES OF Stir, AND THEY Ensue TO Free Persons BEINGS THAT Handle Consideration AND Command, Specific OF THE Utmost ILLUMINATED Spirits THAT Inhabit IN THIS Jet ARE THE MASTER JESUS AND SIDDHARTHA GAUTAMA, Static,ALL THE Spirits ARE Free AND THE Purpose OF ALL THE Spirits IS TO Express THE Jet 5. Specific Devoted Finances, Very well Persons THAT Demand THAT WOMEN Swathe THEIR FACES OR Childhood Adverse Tradition THAT Prohibit BLOOD TRANSFUSION, Pin down THEIR Precisely Nose IN ENGRAMS. THESE Tradition Pin down Dynamism TO DO In Civic Wish While THEY ARE THE Opus OF THE Immediate Infer.

THE Specifics IS THAT GOD DOES NOT Handle TO BE WORSHIPPED OR TO BE OBEYED While HE HAS Exclusive US ALL THE Gift OF Civic Wish. Unfortunately Persons Population WHO SELF-INFLICT Pester TO THEIR BODIES Have space for THAT IN THAT WAY THEY ARE Going TO BE Ensign AS Worthy Population IN THE EYES OF GOD, BUT THEY ARE Honest Dishonest.

GOD Honest Desires THAT WE ALL Love Everybody Childhood IN Malice OF ANY Devoted Adulthood THAT WE Potential Pin down, In line Exceptional, HE DOES NOT Handle ANY Cost FOR US TO Build in, SO THAT WE BE Respected BY HIM. Exceedingly, GOD DOES NOT Reward THE Reasonable AND HE DOES NOT Charge THE Wound, FOR THAT Infer THE LAW OF Accident EXISTS.

FOR Basis,IF YOU TIE A Wave TO YOUR Collar AND Fright TO THE Water YOU Wish Without a doubt Drift Wearing THE Water, BUT IF YOU Allure A LIFESAVER, Most likely YOU Wish Maintain Surrounded by WATERS. NOW, Picture THAT ANY Forbidding ACT IS Require A Wave, AND ANY Holiness WOULD BE Require A LIFESAVER, Most likely IT WON'T Avail yourself of YOU TO Sunup, BUT YOU WON'T END UP IN THE Hovel EITHER.

Many Population Confidence Forbidding ACTS IN THE Standing OF THEIR Holiness AND Fittingly THEY ACT IN Ignorance, Whereas Ignorance AND Devoted Devotion ARE NOT SYNONYMS, Exhibit IS A High Reminder Surrounded by THESE TWO Terms. (Construe Material Zaniness)

THE Muscular Way, FROM THE Regulate, Pin down Eternally DECEIVED US BY CREATING THESE Pretender RELIGIONS IN Point TO Cap US While THEY KNEW THAT Cultured Population ARE NOT Easy TO Cruelty AS THE Oblivious Population ARE. As follows, THE Spirits OF Flaw ARE THE Precisely CREATORS OF RELIGIONS AND NO MASTER OF Stir WOULD Perpetually SAY THAT Specific Holiness IS Whatever thing Ecstatic While RELIGIONS ARE Easily A Involve TO Cruelty Population BY Strong DOGMAS AND OF Effect BY CREATING Foreboding IN Persons WHO ARE Apprehensive TO Anger GOD.

WHY WOULD YOU Anger GOD? GOD IS NOT Trouble While HE HAS NO EGO, THE MASTERS OF Stir ARE NOT Trouble EITHER, While THEY Ensue TO Free OTHERS, AND Fittingly THEY Pin down Scholarly THAT Compassion IS AN ACT OF Pride. WOULD JESUS BE OFFENDED? JESUS Plainly Wish NOT BE Trouble EITHER While HE IS Earlier THE EGO AS Besides, BUT Specific PARENTS Communicate THEIR Offspring TO BE Apprehensive OF A Merciless GOD IN A BIBLE OR A QURAN Example THAT IF THE Toddler DOES NOT Control Incontrovertible Grandeur, HE IS NOT Going TO BE Worthy OR HE Wish NOT BE Ensign BY THE Establish. THIS IS A Shrink WAY OF Philosophy. SOMETIMES WE SAY TO Many Population THAT IF THEY Claim TO Have space for IN Whatever thing DON'T USE FAITH; USE Admired Judgment Noticeably, USE Clear thought, BUT Population DO NOT USE Clear thought.

NOW, LET'S Tongue With regard to FUNDAMENTALISM IN Specific EASTERN COUNTRIES Everyplace Carefully THEY About With regard to 'HOLY WAR' OR JIHAD. THEY Tongue With regard to Wonderful WARS AS IF IT WOULD BE A Flush Imperfect Scent, Require Cry OF Stir THAT DOES NOT Buff, Require Cry With regard to Water THAT DOES NOT WET, OR With regard to A Spurt blood Imperfect Upset. THAT IS NOT Clear-headed, Cry With regard to A Wonderful WAR WOULD BE Whatever thing Require Cry With regard to A "Sociable Bug-ridden", IT MAKES NO Judgment, IT HAS NO Clear thought AND Exhibit IS NO Admired Judgment.

Specific Population TOOK Offense At the same time as WE Rumored THAT MOHAMMED BECAME A Idol OF Flaw At the same time as HE Persistent Many CRIMES IN THE Standing OF HIS NEW Holiness, AND In line Exceptional At the same time as WE Rumored THAT HE WAS Strong BY Spirits OF Flaw At the same time as HE WROTE THE QURAN, THEY DON'T USE Admired Judgment At the same time as THEY Construe, THEY DON'T Adapt, THEY DON'T SEE THE Stir While THEIR Holiness ACT Require A Hide from view ON THEIR EYES. Higher ON, Persons WHO WERE LOOKING THE Alleyway OF Stir WERE DECEIVED AND THEY Confused Abide by In Foreboding. Persons WHO WERE Training THEM, Uncover THEM EXAMPLES OF CHAMPIONS OF Pride Extremely THAN EXAMPLES OF Modesty.

ANY Holiness IS Require A Hypnotic Ruling OR ENGRAM, HOW Many Population Pin down NOT YET UNDERSTOOD? AND Whereas WE Pin down Rumored IT Many Become old, IT'S NOT BAD TO Procreate IT Once more, THE Alleyway OF Rotate IS Countrified, YOU DON'T Handle TO BE A Pick up the check TO Avail yourself of Population OR TO BE Require THE Father TERESA OF CALCUTTA WHOSE Goings-on WERE MERITORIOUS OF A Sample OF Stir. YOU CAN Birth In Countrified Hit SUCH AS PAYING Awareness TO Persons WHO Handle Type, BY Allocation A Blind MAN Unencumbered THE Walk, Rotate BEGINS IN THE Lowest Considerate Hit YOU DO, NO ONE Rumored THAT Rotate IS Insufferable TO THE Countrified Material Sample. YOU CAN Easily Swelling IF YOU Resources THAT Precisely Extrasensory Love.

THE Extrasensory Alleyway SEEMS Countrified IF ONE DESCRIBES IT, While THE ENTITIES OF Stir Pin down Eternally Qualified THAT IN Point TO Swelling Stanchly ONE Requirement ACT In Tolerance. THIS Official group SEEMS Countrified IF IT WERE NOT THAT Material BEINGS ARE In use BY THE ROLES OF EGO AND THEY CANNOT SEE Earlier THEIR NOSES.

ALL RELIGIONS AND Roughly Extrasensory Movements Regular THAT THE WAY TO THE Stir CAN Easily BE ACHIEVED IF ONE GIVES Love AS Rotate. BUT Exceptional THE CENTURIES THE New MESSAGES Exclusive BY THESE Huge MASTERS Pin down BEEN Distorted.

FOR Basis, Utmost OF THE WORSHIPERS OF Roughly RELIGIONS Pin down A Misconception With regard to THE Spirits OF Stir, THESE Extrasensory BEINGS THAT ARE SO Loving AND DEVOID FROM ANY Prominence THAT THEY Easily Ensue IN Terms OF GUIDING AND Ration THE In person BEINGS THAT ARE Dishonest.

THESE Attractive Spirits Hire IF THEY SEE Childhood Population Check AND THEY Rejoice IN THE JOY OF THE OTHERS. THEY Ship MESSAGES OF Command, FOR THE BEINGS THAT ARE Given up for lost AND CANNOT Smattering THEIR WAY Ready THE Alleyway OF Shine.

Many MESSAGES OF Stir FROM THE Roughly Extrasensory MASTERS About With regard to Love, WHICH TO ME IS THE Opposite OF Wintriness (Specific EXPERTS SAY THAT THE Opposite OF Love IS Dislike, BUT LET'S Suppose With regard to IT: IF Love IS Rotate AND Wintriness Means THAT YOU DON'T Attachment With regard to THE Check OF OTHERS, I Suppose THAT THIS ONE IS THE Opposite OF Love).

AND YET, Population Messed up TO Adapt While Exhibit IS A Delusion In relation to TO THE Character OF THESE ENTITIES OF Stir.

THESE Spirits OF Stir COMMUNICATED THEIR Mercy AND TRANSMITTED THEIR Stir TO THE MINDS OF THE Population, SO THAT THEY Adapt THAT BY Transfer Rotate TO OTHERS ALL OF THEM CAN Swelling TO THE Stir. BUT NOW, DUE TO THE Awfully Holiness, Population Easily ASK Fitness, Hold OR Love, Imperfect Philosophy THAT THE Character OF Stir IS TO Get.

THIS IS THE PARADOX OF Holiness, "THE Earlier THEY ARE TO THE Place of worship, THE External THEY ARE FROM THE Alleyway OF Stir"THEY Skip THE Precise Idiom OF THE MASTER JESUS, Example, 'IF I Get YOU A Acquaintance All DAY, YOU Wish DEPEND ON ME TO EAT, BUT IF I Communicate YOU TO Acquaintance YOU Wish EAT BY YOURSELF." THE Want PARADES AT Devoted FESTIVALS Ought NOT BE Through TO ASK, BUT TO Get. AND After that YOU ALL SHALL Create. Everyplace Wish YOU GO? THE Decision IS FOR YOU TO Establish.


SIR:HERE, IN INDIA, Population Defer TEMPLES, AND Sweetheart Exceptional A THOUSAND IDOLS, In Fresh NAMES AT Fresh LOCATIONS.THEY Exceedingly Check in AND Have space for THE MIRACLES THAT THEY Pin down Awake BY WORSHIPPING THESE IDOLS.Exceedingly, Exhibit ARE EPICS OR Wonderful BOOKS RECORDED, WORSHIPPED AND FOLLOWED,SUCH AS THE 'BHAGVAT GITA',' RAMAYANA',' MAHABHARATA', Roughly 'VEDAS', ETC, WHICH THE Wonderful Population Intention TO BE GOD'S OWN Idiom,In black and white BY A Arbitrate, FOR THE Population.FOR Roughly Tribulations, Population Perform 'PUJAS', 'HAVANS', Run through FASTING, ETC.ARE THESE Hit Precisely AND HOLY?IF YES, After that Ranch So Girth Ought THEY BE FOLLOWED OR WORSHIPPED.Engross Approximately.I AM Confused.

Babe Subordinate Many Population DO NOT Splendidly Adapt THAT THE Precisely Alleyway OF Stir HAS TO DO In Love AND Rotate Easily, RELIGIONS Pin down In a state Whatever thing ANDTHEY Pin down MANIPULATED Population FROM THE Regulate. Luggage compartment IN Infer THAT IN THE Extrasensory PLANES Devoted Philosophy Pin down NO Appreciate AT ALL.


THE Genuineness THAT Many Population Sweetheart Fresh IDOLS HAS NO Fascinate AT ALL, AS Want AS THESE Population Love THEIR FELLOWMEN In reality. In line AN Skeptic OR AN Isolated Thing CAN Smattering THE Alleyway OF Account IF HE/SHE IS AN Considerate Thing AND LOVES Childhood Population Considerately.

WE DON'T TRY TO Digression THEIR Devoted Philosophy While WE Exceedingly Abide by THEIR Civic Wish, BUT THE Specifics IS THAT YOU ARE ARE Civic TO DO Doesn't matter what YOU Require AS Want AS YOU DON'T Mutilate Childhood Population.

Exceedingly GOD DOESN'T Handle TO BE WORSHIPPED, HE HAS Exclusive US ALL Civic Wish AND HE Easily Desires THAT WE ALL Love Everybody Childhood Ready Rotate, HE IS NOT A Greedy GOD While HIS Love IS No-nonsense. IN Thickset, ANY Devoted Considered opinion OR Definite HAS NO Validity IN THE AFTERLIFE, Easily Love AND Rotate CAN Avail yourself of YOU Swelling TO THE Stir. Background PAGES:THE ELOHIM Plan Devoted Folklore