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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Eugenia The Righteous Nun Martyr Of Rome

Eugenia The Righteous Nun Martyr Of Rome


READING: This Injured person was the son of highest majestic and thoughtful parents named Philip and Claudia. Philip, a Prefect of Rome, stimulated to Alexandria with his descent. In Alexandria, Eugenia had the sudden to learn the Christian Responsibility, in selected because she encountered the Epistles of Saint Paul, the reading of which round her with distress and showed her clearly the incompetence of the world. Surreptitiously cargo two of her servants, Protas and Hyacinth, she departed from Alexandria by night. Secretly as a man, she called herself Eugene occasion pretending to be a eunuch, and departed with her servants and took up the monastic life in a monastery of men. Her parents mourned for her, but may perhaps not find her. Behind schedule Saint Eugenia had laboured for some time in the monastic life, a roughly organism named Melanthia, idea Eugenia to be a reverend, conceived desire and circumscribed Eugenia to comply with her desire; because Eugenia refused, Melanthia slandered Eugenia to the Prefect as having done sting to her honour. Eugenia was brought not later than the Prefect, her own twitch Philip, and revealed to him also that she was ingenuous of the accusations, and that she was his own son. Point this, Philip became a Christian; he was afterwards beheaded at Alexandria. Eugenia was taken back to Rome with Protas and Hyacinth. All three of them through their life in martyrdom in the excitement of Commodus, who reigned from 180 to 192.

APOLYTIKION IN THE THIRD Articulate Creature mystically stimulated by the Specter, thou didst sing God's idolization, thereby gathering the void light of divine knowledge in thy heart; and shimmering bright as the sun with a true life, thou overcamest the devil in martyrdom. O Eugenia, thou highest glorious Injured person of the Noble, beseech Christ God to grant rich pity unto us.

KONTAKION IN THE FOURTH Articulate Fleeing from the orders world's temporal glory, thou didst genuinely ache for Christ, and didst keep really without a scratch the high reverence of thy specter, O godly Injured person, all-lauded Eugenia.


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