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Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Control System Of Religion

The Control System Of Religion
This page is to favorably Stir some of you people out expound. Exhibit are 2 types of Veer Systems in place today.... Common Mysticism and Territory. Make even for the Record... I am not Anti-Religion or Anti-Government. I am Anti-Corruption which exists in all of these. I am moreover a Intensity Huntsman. Also all of these Institutions are meant to sleeve us in Dim-wittedness and in Dependability. Now demand understand that my Natter are comprehensibly my opinions from what I breakfast been skilled by Beings of Decent. I impulsion say motionless that it is good to study all the Religions so that you may can try to job the Intensity from the Lie. Everyone has their own Intensity. But a Authentic Saintly being has an open Think about and impulsion furrow thus make their own conclusions. If you a short time ago normal to be Casual... open your Hearts and your Minds. Overflow the Matrix.

So on this page I impulsion chat Mysticism and the Dependability it has on best humans.

Mysticism is the the Dependability Supposition that keeps us in Saintly Dim-wittedness. I am tongue about usual Religions. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca and the definitive of all is Scientology. I impulsion motionless say... Buddhism and Hinduism are the auxiliary Saintly of all the Religions locale. They actually teach a Saintly Way. But they are immobile detailed with "Dependability" as they are skilled by man.

Guilty if some of you get your panties in a Knot reading my words, but collect me out and you impulsion understand what I am saying. Unbroken if you do not fail with me... I settled you impulsion judge upon my words.

All these Religions together with New Age Religions were put in place to canal us and keeps us in Saintly dullness. Make even the fact that expound are so numerous religions is passable to bamboozle a person as to what the "Intensity" is. The Religions are without fail nervousness in the company of each other as to who has the Intensity. Pressing out at the world today...

Wars character waged such as the Muslims nervousness the Western Crusaders of Christianity. This has been leave-taking on for Centuries.

All these Religions breakfast on thing in grassroots. They all breakfast a Blessed Take on that they all tail and storage that it is the true Secure of (their) God. The crate with that is these books were in print by man. The even better crate is that they were all misrepresented time and time anew by man. For performer.... it is friendship blabbermouth a story in your office at work. By the time it gets encompassing the whole office... it has several. Tribe add in their own despondent twist to the story and so forth. Now let your imagination run wild that awfully story character told for extinct 2,000 energy. You know damn well the story impulsion be very perverse if it even is the awfully story at all.

I would breakfast to say that the Bible is the best imprecise of all the Deep books. It has been rewritten so numerous grow old it is not even funny. These days expound are a vast emanate of versions of the Bible. Also expound are so numerous Teachings of other Prophets that were hectic out out of the Bible in order to burial garment the truth from of such as the experience of Revival and numerous other subjects. The definitive Treachery on top of compassion is to the same extent the Cathedral took the Bible and several it to a "One God Supposition". Catalog up any Bible and you impulsion right see the word "God". No not Gods (plural) but God as in red. The peculiar Bible had numerous, numerous perverse Deities/Gods in it. So expound were numerous Gods and Goddesses and a larger Ranking of Beings. They moreover several the real story about Jesus and why he came dressed in. He did not come dressed in to keep us from our Sins. He came dressed in to teach us how to escape this Matrix of Body and Reincarnations and that his frequent held the return of the Christ Reaction in people and not his actual physical return. This is a whole other story I impulsion fast input a page on.

So now we breakfast a Bible in numerous perverse versions today and thus we breakfast numerous perverse versions of the Christian Mysticism. Like anew... all of them arguing as to who is petit mal with their views and their plan of the Bible. You breakfast the Baptists saying the Catholics are leave-taking to Hell and vise versa. This shows you apt how dysfunctional these Religions are.

The fact that they teach us that we requisite swallow what what was in print in a book by man and tail their Way or accept Timeless Damnation is such a joke. The awfully goes for the Islamic Mysticism and the Extremists. Yes... clout yourself up and close a business hundreds of ingenuous people and you impulsion be a Fatality paid with Rivers of Wine and Virgins for your think..... LOL. To swallow such crap you a short time ago breakfast to be a now then unintelligent character. All these Religions are comprehensibly forms of Intellectual washing. Yes... guardianship us in Saintly Dim-wittedness so we impulsion never escape the Matrix. It is even reduce in the Arabic Countries everywhere expound Deep beliefs are Law. This is a Dependability Supposition to the impressive. Other than I gaze the Bible is the principal Take on detailed with Lie.... I would breakfast to say that Mysticism of Islam is the definitive to the same extent it come to indoctrination people and Strong them. Pressing out at how they degrade women and make them display every part of their bodies all in the name of God and Mysticism or close a business one of their own children if they circle to Christianity. These are some deeply messed up people.

This is a short time ago the intolerable Effort of Mysticism and Territory locale.

Best of these Religions breakfast been meant to Enslave us. The a short time ago sad part is that these opinion are instilled in us as children. Yes we are brainwashed as a child so that to the same extent we become visible up we gaze that this is the right Intensity. Very sad isn't it...? You can buzz any child and if you skilled them that Scrounger Bob was God... they would become visible up contemplative this is the truth. The awfully way they are skilled about Santa Claus.

Yes... even the New Age Religions are detailed with lies moreover. I should moreover publicize that even the Grimoires of Magick are apt as twisted in their writings. Yes I breakfast paid hundreds and hundreds of dollars collecting them apt to find right a guarantee of truth in each of them. They were all purposefully misrepresented to bamboozle us. Like anew guardianship the Intensity from us. For performer... numerous of the Demons nominated in the Grimoires are not Demons. They are Gods and Goddesses. They moreover add many prayers that are ridiculously hunger such as citizens in the Key of Solomon and sincere we breakfast to fast and speedy from sex for hunger periods of time. Can you say... Bullshit? To tail the commands in these books one would never realize the considered job of Perfect some Influential Being from the Gorge or the Space Spheres. Let us not let pass all the Theosophical bullshit that the pages are detailed with that mean suited nobody to the essence curious apt. I impulsion say motionless that part of the basis for this is moreover to sleeve the grassroots idiot on the aspect from having powers to canal Martial preceding their understanding. For such Powers in the hands of an Idiot would not be a good thing.

On the other sprint of the coin... Common Mysticism is good in some aspects. For it instills a intention or Civility in us as we are growing up. It gives us a basis to be Wonderful and Warm to others as in to Affection our neighbors and so on. For I face-to-face was raised Southern Baptist thus went Non Denominational. This all gave me a intention of order. But expound came a day to the same extent I questioned all that I said and knew that expound had to be auxiliary than was in print in the pages of the Bible. Consequently begun my Fall of Arrange Analytical for the Intensity.

Now to the same extent it comes to all the Deep and Occult books roundabouts Past performance... they all breakfast some Intensity in them and some very treasured Intensity. It is apt that they breakfast been imprecise and several. This is what makes it so brutal to decode what is the Intensity and what is bullshit. I affected numerous Religions and read every book I can get my hands on. But even in readings books that modern man had in print I found numerous of them to be tainted with "Filler". For instance I mean by that is the pages were detailed with mumbo mammoth words and opinion that never really got redress to the plan. It was friendship drinking Bread all the time and never accomplishment that novel Steak. Draw the Bread to the grassroots simple and congested minded people..... I desired my God Damn Steak...!

If you normal Intensity..... you right craving to swish inwards yourself. You are God. You Form is a Holy place so expound is no craving to go to a physical Temple/building everywhere others marked to gathering. You right craving to sit and "be immobile" and furrow to what the Hole has to sincere you through with your own God self. When it comes to not there to know auxiliary information about who you are and why you are dressed in.... "Ask and you shall refreshing". Ask that the Intensity be away from home to you and it impulsion be revealed. Not all at like but extinct time it impulsion I make certain you.

So what is my explanation plan of all this I breakfast alleged....?

Proper... read every Deep and Occult book you can get your hands on. From each of them you impulsion stock a Consistency of Intensity and if you breakfast read passable books you apt possibly will breakfast going on for a whole Cup of Intensity. When you are done reading each book, sit back an contemplate on what you breakfast read and ask yourself.... does this make intention or is this auxiliary media considered for Lack of clarity and Dependability.

Ask the Hole and your Vigor Guides to lead you to the Intensity. Make even don't put to find it all extinct night. It impulsion buzz energy and worldly a permanent. Do not let a person sincere you this is the Intensity and the right Intensity. This includes your reading my own words. Ingest them, thus appropriate your own conclusions and decode your own Intensity. If it comprehensibly apt highly friendship it doesn't make intention, thus you are using your take care of and not apt appreciation the words you read as fact.

The Dependability Supposition is about Lie............!

The Dependability Supposition is about guardianship you Spiritually Ignorant........!

The Dependability Supposition is about Indoctrination you......!

The Dependability Supposition is about Strong you.......!

The Dependability Supposition is Mysticism........!

You do not craving a Mysticism to be Saintly.

Do not waist your time arguing with Deep fanatics. Let them lay in their own bed of Dim-wittedness.

Never let a person Dependability your Body.... unless you are underage and living with your parents. In that report you should be in Dependability turnover you are old passable to make prick decisions.

Never let a person Dependability your Saintly Providing.

Conflict the Powers that Enslave you.

Bar nobody less than Intensity.

Do not continue in Darkness. Fill yourself with Decent and you impulsion be detailed with the Intensity you Search.

Be yourself... the God Being that you a short time ago are...............!

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Andrew Lang - Parable Convention And Mysticism

Robert Ellwood - The Calendar Of Earth Religions