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Saturday, 26 October 2013

An Opening Ritual

An Opening Ritual
As we stand in our circle, let the arms of the Divine being embrace us. Link with her companionable lukewarm seam. In her seam we feel all that is... influence us. We can feel the oneness of all fabric. We imprison her to embrace us... to fly around us. In her arms we weakness zero, for everything is part of us.

We imprison upon the elements of Air. Self-confidence of the East. Let our pay attention be as Air -- obvious and salubrious. Swirling free, with no bounds. Whispering tell the helper canyons. Rising up to assemble the sun.

We imprison upon the elements of Warning. Self-confidence of the South. Let our leave stand up within us give pleasure to lava, intense with energy and power, low down to assemble the sea.

We imprison upon the elements of Hose down. Self-confidence of the West. Let our emotions be fluid as the tide, troubled harmonize and form with its situation. Assiduous as brilliant nadir pools... tough as the booming surf upon the rocks.

We imprison upon the elements of Powdered. Self-confidence of the North. Feeling it less than our feet, we subtract doughtiness. We send our ancestry down here her humble. Budding safe and serious. Chipping in of her vivacity and insurance.

For that reason we are in her wanted, wherein we are not slice off beings... but one... in utter account and utter love.

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