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Monday, 7 October 2013

About Andrew Hennessey Suggestion

About Andrew Hennessey Suggestion
Most likely you revive that in some opportunities I wrote that the conclusion at force of belief (and/or disturb) is a powerful puppet of Freedom. The especially is true about the conclusion at force of Role or Identity. Nonentity can duty Cognitive Dissonance if we can do this.

In Hypnosis, the meet of Cognitive Dissonance is the Double Final. Two invalidate and contradictory magnetic suggestions are projected in the Raison d'?tre of the hypnotized. In the look at with reservations rapt, the Hypnotist acquires some domination of the "prisoner".

The Exos are not mad at all, but they conduct agendas. They try to domination the true believers. Fantasize and Nervousness, by the way, are decent methods of domination.

If I understand well, Andrew suggests that with the help of a powerful traditional priestly Status, it is budding to get out of the EXOmatrix.I secure he is right : Catholicism is powerful adequate. Test the Marian Craze in this Era.

That is why Bassiago and Webre, the lawyers who "sees things" in Mars, also attack the Marian Apparitions (Fatima,) and list that the Virgin Mary was rectify an Queer.The whole EXO resolute, is the allowance of Queer Superiors that can domination "extremely" the luck of the Whatsoever Spark.

In all due sadness, not solitary Catholicism but other Heavy-duty Traditions as Buddhism can help to triumph over the Exo resolute of Queer Demand.I am unquestionable nonetheless that sectarian, not speaking denominations as Protestantism or New Age and Spiritualistic systems force not help. These are not strong adequate as Procedure.

The conclusion at Spur of belief and Self/Identity is decent but requires a very quick and complex work, and I know that very few can do this, and as well display are dangers in the Affair.

I cannot teach this practice and no other teachers are in the environs of at this time and place.


James Black