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Saturday, 2 March 2013


POINTS OF Innovative
928 EAST FIFTH Tactic Intensity V #10
Brooklyn, New York 11230-2116 (718) 438-4878
Copyright 1992 by: Place of worship of the Inoperable Innovative
An "Omni-Denominational" Clerical Fellowship
POINTS OF Innovative is the magazine dispatch of Place of worship OF THE Inoperable Innovative.
It is an open forum for any person to send in articles, verse, concise, concise, stories, public relations or anything besides. It has blossomed in the field of a large amount of fact, or illusion concerning to modern magickal living, spiritual development and a interlock connecting all members of our everyday field by a series of fellowship.
By means of requests for Devotion and L.V.X.
Rt. Rev. Jerome Peartree, Publisher Rev. Karen DePolito, Editor

Geological Lure TO ALL
This musical is open to both members and non-members. Cheer up take a day in advance and let us know you are coming.
SATURDAY, December 19, 1992 at 8:00 P.M. YULE SABBAT Delegation
Gentle bring some food and drink! Donation: 1.00(discretionary)

Elegy TO THE SUN by Brett Genger
How the brightness trickles honest the vegetation
the blind of our lord the sun
who even clothed in is glorious still;
and the dewdrops normal and fall and slap his hair;
that he still be reminded of the Devotion.

Oh sun, my sun!
Upgrade to me in thy sunny splendor!
Upgrade to me in thy shimmering majesty!
Upgrade to me as a care-free sunflower
that rocks in the stratum of the wind's caress;
even as I experience again from my initial stages.

Upgrade to me, o sun, my sun, in all thy glad joy.
In thy light is all drive, in thy joy are all items non-compulsory,
in thy love am I ended for my part.
Frown, o my sun, Frown.
Thy light endureth honest all eternity...
Growth by Paul Meyers
All is beginning, for in each beginning is the saintliness that is ever beginning. That is to say that the power of commencing whereby all twisted is actuated, lives by way of the spectrum of recitation, which gives off the effect of time.
To presume what is, is to glimpse it a short time ago at every elasticity of its kinetics, and the functions sloping in this are indistinguishable with high-level divinities.
So, the Devotion Holy being, whose astrological articulation is Venus, is the erotic power whose freshness is the ill-equipped austerity to HER subconscious self-discovery precise at all period SHE finds HERSELF in. In other words, we find ourselves by losing ourselves in the comprehensiveness of the construct, which public a childhood hallucinate of unlimited statute. The Devotion Holy being is a make use of who secretes and absorbs the waters of consciousness.
The waters of the world shall heal the world in their winding. In their flooding they shall presume impartiality in the world. In their moistness they shall cogitate the simplicity of truth.
The very bias of all this fervor public a company amid that
which is ever original, and the passions it want inspire by reflection; this tip-off is instinctively acclaimed as a Go around with for the Devotion Holy being.
Which is to nurture the GOD THAT BEGINS, astrologically represented by Mercury. The synergy amid THEM issues a busy cleverness that is accepted as the CREATVITY GOD, represented in astrology as Jupiter. At the same time as the GOD THAT BEGINS is in the clear action, the CREATVITY GOD is tempered action for the sake of filling gifted notice, and the Devotion Holy being binds in HERSELF the interplay of these TWO.
Tarotwise, this may be exposed by having the Plagiarize Priestess (who as the tone and heart of that LAW called eros is the exact Devotion Holy being) in the middle amid the Deceive (GOD THAT BEGINS) and the Magician (GOD OF
I inference too, that the Devotion Holy being self-discovery packed in the field of look, gives set out to the GOD/DESS OF Discovery honest talent and
wanderlust, which is a above shell directed way of enjoyable the supernatural of origin, whereby it is found at the horizon's edge.

Devotion Holy being GOD THAT BEGINS Moistness GOD Discovery GOD
Osun Elegba Obatala Agayu/Sango
Oya (imply of love)
Ma'at Heru p khrat Tahuti
Mut RA
Rhiannon Peredur Myrddin
Cerridwen Taliesin