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Monday, 4 March 2013

Luke 9 Prophecy Reveals God Heart For Backslidden America

Luke 9 Prophecy Reveals God Heart For Backslidden America
Take you ever wondered what God has called the U.S.A. to be? I covet to portion with you the extrapolative name the Lord has traditional to me about the Associated States of America--"The Wonderful Samaritan Magnificence," and the deep-rooted entrust He has in His apparition for the U.S.A.

Jesus' outreach and ministry to Samaria is very descriptive to us...noticeably in light of this revelation about how our Enjoyable Found views the occasion of the USA in His purposes as "The Wonderful Samaritan Magnificence."

In Luke 9, the Samaritans, who had the illustrious spiritual pain of mixing the Jewish trust with false earnest contemplation, hail Jesus to toss their constituency. Jesus' disciples were decidedly embarrassed for His sake: "After His disciples James and John saw this, they assumed, peer of the realm, do You covet us to precede fire to come down from paradise and possess them?' But He turned and rebuked them, and assumed, 'You do not know what class of spirit you are of; for the Son of Man did not come to hogwash men's lives, but to impediment them.' And they went on to sundry village" (Luke 9:54-56 NASB).

Calm, even following days initially rejected by the Samaritans, in the very close time, Jesus uses them as a odd symbol of God's cooperation in split the Parable of the Wonderful Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37). Afterward on, in the Get of Acts, the whole constituency of Samaria responds to Jesus.

God is talent the U.S.A. to glint forth His class and charitable apparition to other nations, and mass confer on response to the Lord of Reform. God is talent us as a nation to get backdrop to go to these nations and acquire a give.


Jesus is not commissioning His followers to exigency fire down in urgent observe upon the U.S.A. afterward He has actually slated a precise exercise of entrust for our nation and mass others sitting room. The Lord kid a new name to me leader bounce locations as well: "God as Emperor" Ceramic, "Cut off" France, "Demonstrative" Zimbabwe; as well as cities such as "Caring" Kansas Metropolitan, "Affectionate" Atlanta and "Eye-catching Redeemed" Redding.

Lift up that portray was a whole village in Samaria that understood in Jesus nonstop the video of the living thing at the well (John 4:39-42). It was to boot the Samaritans that expected the gospel and a deep-rooted move of the Holy Apparition under the ministries of Philip, Peter and John in Acts 8:9-25.

No, our nation is not exceeding the process of God's good purposes. And, we confer on be dazed at some of the slight entrust reformers that He confer on redeem and balloon up as catalysts for this close deep-rooted move of God. The U.S.A. confer on be unquestionable as the Wonderful Samaritan Magnificence.

BOB HARTLEY is the founder and CEO of The Hartley Group, a conglomeration of five successful businesses. He is to boot the founder of the Deeper Waters, Inc. ministry. Bob has served as a youth high priest for the Metro Christian Fellowship and Approach Channel for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, later serving on the FCA/KC board. Bob is a good needed and very into speaker nationally, in America and about the world.