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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Crystals And Their Meaning In Magick

Crystals And Their Meaning In Magick


Determination and crystals are bonus important to spell casters. One stones and crystals all clutch their own energy and can be recycled to gleam your magick. Patent quartz, for test, intensifies energy, all brilliant and negative and can be recycled to power a spell. The leading stride out that you poverty stand considering being paid a new stone is to purify charge it. This is frequently done by using saltwater, seawater, or holy water. To charge the stone or crystal you poverty stand it and hold up in the light of a full Moon. The Moon request result the cleansing and charge the stone. If you cannot fail for the full Moon you can no more than tap on your crystal considering you are departed cleansing to begin the charge.

Below you request find a enormous list of by and large recycled crystals and stones and their magickal properties -

Agate- pluckiness, love, protection, boldness.

Alexandrite - joy, luck, love, spiritual replace.

Amazonite - Joy, self pronunciation, go-getter.

Amber -changes the negative energy here brilliant energy; protection

Lavender -happiness, love, peace, boldness, healing addictions, psychic energy.

Apache's split -protection, luck.

Aquamarine -courage, sanitization, peace, psychic knowledge, self pronunciation.

Azurite- psychic energy, thoughts, healing, appeal, and replace.

Beryl - energy, love, healing, psychic knowledge, protection.

Bloodstone - boldness, pluckiness, stops bleed profusely, take-over, wealth, self adequacy, diligence go-getter.

Calcite - centering, underpinning, money, helps with the fears, sanitization, peace.

Chrysoprase - prosperity, luck, delight, healing protection, friendship.

Citrine - Sexual energy, protects from nightmares, brightness, protection.

Patent Quartz - Strengthens all brilliant and negative energy.

Coral - Bodyguard from evil.

Four-sided figure - Eagerness, healing, protection, boldness.

Bottle green - Wealth, meditation, love, judge against, peace.

Crimson - Medication, protection, sanitization, kindness, energy.

Geodes - Childbirth, wealth, thoughts, astral travel, publication.

Immature - Medication, protection, wisdom, fancy life, boldness, prosperity.

Lapis lazuli - Joy, love, boldness, protection, beauty.

Lodestone- Second hand to purify and judge against crystals.

Malachite - Gold mine, power, energy, love, peace, protection.

Seed - meditation, thoughts, protection.

Moldavite - Traction.

Moonstone - Training, catnap, protection, youth, peace, magick.

Obsidian - Training, protection, removes spinelessness.

Onyx - Fervent judge against, direct, pluckiness, protection.

Opal - Honor, luck, wealth, judge against.

Rock - Actuality, peace.

Peridot - Bodyguard, catnap, health.

Rhodonite - Silence, acuteness, acclaim.

Rose quartz - Firm favorite, delight, healing.

Maroon - Common sense, wealth, wholesomeness, joy.

Indigo - Firm favorite, appreciation, peace, healing, power.

Smokey quartz - Medication, absorbs energy.

Tiger's eye - Common sense, wealth, protection, luck, integrity.

Topaz - Bodyguard, healing, weight loss, love, brightness.

Tourmaline - Like, love, diligence, peace, energy, boldness, protection.

Turquoise - Common sense, luck, wealth, healing, friendship, delight, judge against.

Zircon - Bodyguard, love, amiability, sexual energy, healing, judge against.