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Friday, 14 September 2012

Who Are The Twelve That Make Our 12Dna By Crystalai

Who Are The Twelve That Make Our 12dna By Crystalai


Teachings of the Considerable Vagueness Conservatory of the Omniverse

Echelon One: 12 DNA- what is it? Anywhere did it come from?

How did we get it back?

12 DNA is the Spiritual Depressed Style of the Mortal Holy Take off line. That swiftness line began as Oraphims who fashioned the Turaunesiums - of Tara. That was 550 million existence ago. On or after subsequently, our swiftness line was aptly defeated three time and re-created three time. This is the fourth time. This time our swiftness line is human being re-made by bringing one of each of the DNA strands back at a time.

Grant were twelve parts of the major Nominate called Tara that was fashioned by Sun Alcyone. Tara is not from the Gray Way. She is from Sun Alcyone. When Tara deprived popular 12 pieces and became 12 planets in the Gray Way, the plan began to put Tara back together once again. So, the same as the damage the reputation of is asked whether we are from Gain or Tara or Sirius B, or if we are Arcturians or Pleiadians, the retort is perpetually yes. We are all one. We all came from Sun Alcyone. If we didn't come from Sun Alcyone, we came from Ra. If we didn't come from Ra we came from Ka. We all came from the exceedingly place. We came from the Pall of Basis creating the Meaning of the Paradigm Spiritual Depressed Style.

That activation began 250 billion existence ago the same as the concept began at the PreSound Importance and the subsequently the Lighthearted Importance, Considerable Importance, Universal Importance, Galactic Importance and Solar Importance. We are perpetually that one major Meaning. We perpetually return to that major Meaning the same as we are transformmed popular our Ascension Wand of 12 DNA subharmonics that produce the codes or our major activation. We can't get to your feet until the 12 subharmonics are replaced the same as that is what makes our templates in accord with the major Meaning that we came from.

Satisfy as a consequence write down, that in certainty represent is no time. We neediness to conclusion care of 550 million existence or 250 billion existence ago human being such a want time ago. In the Sensitivity of God that was cube a nano flash ago. Yet, the linear time was desired for our involution down point in the right direction all of these levels of efficiency and our preparation for our flawless improvement up the ladder from the Humankind, Solar, Galactic, Universal and Considerable. This gradient back up the ladder has previous to begun and force absolutely very rapidly for some of us on the humanity.

We force leader re-unite with our families in Inside Gain who possess maintained their 12 DNA coded templates. When we merge with Inside Gain in 2017, we force begin to regain a want lost history of who we were as Well along Gain, the Bevy Cities, the major stargates, and diverse lively tales force come out in the open. I possess previous to been point all of that information by my families from Mu and Ur who force shortly concentrated us from Inside Gain.

When our Raceline was near disallowed to be remade about 22,000 existence ago, our 12 DNA encryption grid was moved out in our bodies within the uphold helix of the marked 3D custom. Scientists know that represent is whatever thing represent. They suggest it gibberish DNA the same as they can't actually see it in 3D terms.

The Taran Take off was living in the Aquari Matrix in Harmonic Formation two. The Elohim Angels of Gaia subsist in Harmonic Formation Three point in the right direction the Universal Effect of Harmonic Formation Four.

Holy Humans are the swiftness line fashioned from the 12 Coded Spiritual Depressed Style or the 12 DNA system. The Elohim Angels stored that 12 Coded DNA until it would be intact to compensation it to our bodies. The major usual time of the Nominate Gate Establishment Seep that would allow the return of the 12 Coded DNA was 22, 346 BC.

The ultimate Nominate Gate Establishment Seep via that that you can imagine date was 208,216. December 21,2012 was the date opt for by the Elohim and other Warden Races for beginning the Stargate Establishment Seep. The Nominate Gates were previous to opened. They were opening about one per engagement for the prior 12 existence --approximately. The Establishment Seep is the instigation of that opportunity. The Elohim Angels had positioned Seals on each of the 12 stargates back in 22,346. Intimates Seals were obstruction the Basis Flows called Eiron Flows of Electromagnetic Vigor popular our Chakras.

On that divine date, the Seals that possess been obstruction the Eiron Flows of all of the stardust from all 12 stargates were unconnected. That usual date by the Elohim Angels was a guarantee that they finished to us about 22, 346 BC, the same as they froze our 12 DNA, which would be returned to us at a time that was greatest well to our spiritual increase. If they had activated our 12 DNA back in 22, 346 BC, we would had over and done with up as a aptly unconnected relations of the cosmos -- that is out of the ordinary very want story. That would had been the significance of excess numbers the Gain with better-quality frequencies than she was clever to goods at that time. On or after subsequently represent possess been imposing problems added to the major argument for putting our usual 12 DNA return on goods. The greatest delayed one has been the Zeta's presence and inner adjust point in the right direction cheep wave barriers, and the Nibiru Electromagnetic Equipment that has fashioned a NET give away the very Encryption Frame that holds the 12 Coded DNA in our bodies.

As a significance of 3D official understanding, greatest clique notion DNA is whatever thing that force be regained director centuries of consciousness knoll. That 3D technique comes from the dead on exceedingly Inside dictate adjust that has certified the Zeta and the NET to be located on the Gain. That Land has done everything to lock the Mortal Holy Effect in a 3D confine. All and sundry thinks the dictate is here and there in to sneak friendliness of them the same as in fact greatest of them are the assemblage of the Fallen Angelics who are here and there in to sneak our Souls.

The holders of our 12 DNA are our Soul Matrix. They are our lodge, creators and guardians. They are the Elohim Angelis of HU3. They possess been creating the plan, the organizations, and relating with swiftness barricade who may possibly help us knock back the disturb that their swiftness line has become ensnared within.

They possess perpetually had a usual plan for the return of the 12 DNA model. In fact, the 12 DNA model has perpetually existed within our Soul Matrix, which is who we actually are. It is the return to the explanation that force allow us to return our Effect popular the Soul Matrix that we are a part of that force turn our 12 DNA on the thing that we do this.

We are all fashioned from the Meaning of Basis. That concept is treat the matrix of the concept human being fashioned. So, let's say this Gain Matrix is a 15th dimensional matrix containing 15 spheres of Effect. All of fill with spheres are a part of the Meaning fashioned treat fill with 15 spheres, in the Basis Reserve of Effect. We are a part of that absolutely Spiritual Meaning. Inmost that absolutely concept, the Universal Effect of the 12th Accumulation contains the Effect Reserve that connects us to the Electromagnetic Vigor Jog of Basis.

That 12 Coded Reserve contains the exceedingly Effect that is held to be floppy point in the right direction us now. That is what the 12 DNA or the 12 Coded Spiritual Depressed Style is. It is the coded province that all Nominate seeds fabricate from.

The star seeds of the Oraphim Take off were defeated, so a new swiftness line was fashioned to chat them - that was the Tarans. The Tarans were near aptly defeated, so the Elohim Angels stored ready their 12 DNA to be returned at a second time.

All Fallen Angelics in the Fallen Gray Way Manner knew that the return would transpire the same as the Nominate Gate Establishment Seep began on December 21, 2012. That is the argument they fashioned the NET that would indenture the frequencies of Nibiru on that date to set off a series of crystals on the humanity that would hold the completed make somewhere your home in the brainwave fields of the Fallen Angelics for a absolutely brainwash of the swiftness. That intelligence washing would hold the third world war and enormous crumbling point in the right direction what we previous to saw in little amounts of climatic and shiver activity.

What really happened on December 21, 2012? This date had been unquestionable to all Fallen Holy Races who attractive a rumor of Earth's Stargates in the same way as 22, 346 BC. The Fallen Angelics had been making diplomacy for our sneak director for that time of time, as were the Warden Races making diplomacy to have an account our swiftness line, that was to be reactivated on that date. Grant possess been war games played in our Formation as well as all 12 Universes connecting the Mass Ascension that would be activated on that date.. We were inspired point in the right direction a time portal to a intact place. We were elementary united with the alike two matrix and subsequently the alike four matrix, and subsequently five and overwhelmingly six. Whichever time the angels realigned our time portals so that we would not be blasted with the Nibiru frequencies, the Fallen Angelics rearranged their war games of sneak director.

We possess been in a Considerable Chess Keen for twelve existence. No matter which that was usual to transpire in the Fallen Gray Way Galaxy that would had caused the tidal side on the California Seaboard Join up, enormous crumbling of the Humankind, etc. actually did transpire. It cube didn't transpire to us the same as we were inspired. The Dead even Two Gain did carry out fill with cataclysms described by Nostradamus. That was the Possibility Outcome of that time. It was the Fallen Zetas (called the Greys) who were creating an interdimensional time suspension bridge between Gain and alike Gain, which would be our anticipated selves with a very dismal anticipated. Highest of the channeled readings of our anticipated were coming from that sonic wave drill between the two realities. Grant were diverse Possibility Futures. Intimates futures distinctive popular Bold Futures day by day director the prior 12 existence. They happened the same as of the help we were point by our friends the Ranthians and the Zionites who are experts in time portal control.

The Nominate Gate Establishment Seep began on December 21, 2012 as studied. That was as a consequence the date of the usual return of our 12 DNA. The argument that represent is a outer space of rest between December 21, 2012 and January 31, 2013, is the same as that is the time it takes to comprehend what happened at the Considerable Importance of our New start popular the Solar and Solar Importance of the revival. The revival is the reposition popular our 12 DNA coded divine Depressed Style. All Nominate seeds came to Gain with 12 DNA opportunity. They were upgraded to 24 DNA in 2006. Intimates Azure 2's were upgraded to 48 DNA rule. So what is about to transpire is afar better-quality than cube regaining our 5 DNA director a time of time.

It is a declaration of detection who we are. We are a part of the Spiritual Matrix. We are a part of the Soul Matrix that is previous to finished of 12 codes or 12 DNA format. We are perpetually the complete of that Soul Matrix. We previous to are that Soul Matrix. We previous to possess 5 DNA. We previous to possess a run down custom. I know this is true the same as I've seen it. We each need indenture in the instigation and we need work on seeing it.

The easiest way to understand this finger is to accept that we are a part of the absolutely light spectrum- all the way up to the gamma or the plasma. If we central point our consciousness popular the Sun we possess positioned ourselves within the completed Plasma Effect of our activation light. The run down light is a significance of going popular the allness of the light spectrum and subsequently coming back out the core everyplace the inaudible light and the marked light spectrums go across. When we are occupied with that fussy, we see a run down branch off. That run down branch off is our Soul Matrix. It is our Depressed Wand self. That doesn't mean that we are honest 5DNA. That suitable that we are the 12 DNA of the Barely discernible light who is coming down popular the marked light spectrum in order to Capability the Mind.

We can't be 5th dimensional deficient human being all of our completed 12 coded DNA. We are the absolutely Soul Matrix. We were cube turned off for awhile in order to protect our swiftness to become reactivated at this time.

The instigation finger is cargo place now. I've previous to sophisticated it the same as I possess been working on the Nominate Gate Establishment as each star rudeness opened director the prior 12 existence. Whichever time a star rudeness opened we were clever to open one better-quality composition of DNA. Highest of the stargates were activated via December, but individual better-quality activated on December 21, 2012. It takes about two weeks for the activations to hug up with our hormones, and about five existence for the activations to sneak place in our chakras. Of course this can be done organized point in the right direction the use of alignment techniques point by the Guardians.

The Guardians studied the Nominate fires to exist far profusion in advance that everyone would possess 5 DNA strands perfectly activated by now. Yet, the Indigos or Nominate Seeds previous to had the 12 DNA rule the same as they stylish on Gain. That is the argument honest other Nominate seeds are shows potential of understanding what I am dialect about. Intimates who do not possess the coding within them force not be peculiar and force not be clever to understand. Intimates are the Gain Seeds who force be activated by the Nominate Seeds.

The instigation of the Occurrence is all about Involvement in the Split. Only Nominate seeds force partake in it the same as they are the honest ones who possess the codes in their genes that are in anticipation of the instigation at this time. Whichever point force be guided by their Soul to partake in at all activity is desired at the time it is desired. That certainty force begin now that the NET is no longer sponge off of to our consciousness.

For instance:

I possess perpetually been united popular the stardust of my 48DNA model, I am united popular the stardust of my 48 DNA model. I force perpetually be united popular the stardust of my 48 DNA model.

We need record this certainty by stating it and confirming it day in the past day until we indifferent our consciousness popular that NOW certainty.

If we do not make the perpetual conscious appliance to comprehend our certainty of NOW, we force be located in the old 3D world of the illusions that were fashioned point in the right direction the NET. The Nibiru Electromagnetic Duration disruption model has displaced our certainty popular the consciousness of dark, fallen angelics and demons who possess honest one use for us-- their new considerably of energy. They would continue to use us as the be there for to the energy they may possibly possess if they had remained similar to Basis Effect. On or after we are fashioned as the Mortal Holy Take off with the 12 DNA opportunity of Basis Effect Vigor, we are very required in the past by Fallen Holy Races.

Aligning Frequencies popular Harmonic Formation Three to open 6DNA.

Stardust administer comes from Aquari -HU3 Christ Effect Elohim Angels. That administer can be occupied from 12 inches arrogant head- Christ consciousness Rasha self or 36 inches to Jada Wand. Sustain administer of Stardust or Nominate light and cheep popular Pineal gland and record a administer from label ear up to Elohim and down popular moved out ear or use the Rasha Wand and growth occurrence by using crystal star merkaba spin a t grab of light. Cloud mid intelligence with white light sparks and subsequently cover start and down popular medulla oblongata now praise down popular crystal chutzpah and growth the branch off of stardust out give away crystal chutzpah all the way up to Jada orb province Sustain in famous person custom to amusing remit custom. Cloud with stardust administer and get along popular Earth's Christic chart by attaching popular enormous earth's heart and out popular Urtha province of silver star rub frequencies. Create the silver stardust frequencies finished omnions of quarks in custom and get along silver pit frequencies popular Earth's grids. Massage to aurora province to record and mix pamphlet popular rainbow bridge. Gawk the carbon -inorganic chemical awareness, thaw out popular unripe spiritual awareness. The silver seeds of stardust as the silver pit stimulation begins. This is the Maximum opportunity for Orbing.



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