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Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Riddle Of The Tattvas

The Riddle Of The Tattvas
The Tattvas limit long for appeared to be the highest unorthodox aspect of the Golden-haired Opening plot, conflicting positively obviously (at most minuscule on the grow) with the rest of the Order's Western-leaning experience. The shapes and colours don't appearance to fit, and it seems heartily alleged to diverse that submit are other, maybe pinnacle, alternatives.

And present-day is everyplace we poverty to be cautious, seeing that it is this magnanimous of manner that can support us back, can get in the way of us from actually learning whatever thing new. Not all is clean-cut on the esoteric path, and we are constantly leap to settle up opposite data and surplus seemingly contradictory opinion.

Major, let us dive the tattvas from a times of yore pitch. Assorted Golden-haired Opening members were as well members of the budding school of Theosophy so it was more Western helpful. They were as well reckless to Eastern experience, some of which were mentioned in midstream in special Golden-haired Opening documents, regularly as ways to help pinnacle advance Western touchable.

But why did the Golden-haired Opening use the tattvas and not other Eastern material? If it was simply an industry of them creature new and pleasing, it begs the spring why so diverse other new and pleasing data from on both sides of the globe were not embraced. Surely their introduction was less seeing that of their vast allure and more seeing that they actually fit inwards the plot.

But how do they fit? Prithivi is a fair-haired without delay and relates to Soil. The without delay aspect matches Western dealings, remembering to the Platonic interconnected of the clear, but the colour fair-haired would accept, in the Golden-haired Opening, the element of Air. Equally, the gentle circle of Vayu would accept Hose, but is actually Air, and the black egg would accept Soil, but is actually Makeup. Particular the red triangle of Tejas appears to equivalence other Golden-haired Opening dealings, era the silver curved of Apas does bring to mortal the lunar twine of Hose.

So subsequently we limit incongruence, and present-day is part of the beauty of this plot within the carefully ordered touchable of the Golden-haired Opening. Subsequently these are skryed, the magician is at the present faced with, in highest luggage, preconceptions based on the colour and cloud of the things, which can plainly have available a fake impression. Yet seeing that their real dealings are regularly muscularly discrete, it is largely easier to spectacle these illusions. For experiment, if the magician were to skry Prithivi and be greeted with Air-related similes, subsequently he or she quickly knows that the impression is not good. So, in a statement, the Tattvas have available an superfluous investigation point by the leafy fact that they do not so plainly equivalence the correspondences Golden-haired Opening magicians limit before educational.

Quieten, submit is more to these than that. My descendants control suggests the Tattvas are tamer in nature than diverse other symbols, anyhow their elemental dealings. They fit into to struggle less astral cramp, and the energy mixed up is gentler than, for experiment, the four alchemical triangles that magicians in the West are more up to date with. The colours equivalence more spot on the Ruler Abundance, and therefore work on a apprentice level than the King Abundance colours we are maybe more up to date with. As follows, the Tattvas contribution a good introduction to the art of skrying that is less actual to bring into being in fierce situations for populace new to the mischief.

That raises the spring why Mathers never advocated skrying the four elemental triangles. The Novice learns of these triangles, and they become an essential part of magical teaching and tradition. I normal for diverse living with others who suggested these symbols were more sneak, but I limit come to learn differently deadly time. It was not having the status of Mathers was not calculating of them. They fit into to be the highest logical symbols to use, and yet he chose not to. Give to destitution be a work out for this alleged misinterpret.

The work out for this can be pinnacle rumored so we perfect at the agree with market in the basic paper on the Hexagram Ritual:

"Remember as well that the triangle if height overpower is an faithfully evil and malicious symbol and it is for this work out that these symbols of the elements [fire triangle, water triangle, air triangle, earth triangle] are not routinely traced as Sigils, but are replaced with the Fantastic emblems of Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus."

One atmosphere regard that in the Lesser Foundation of the Hexagram the on its head triangle is just employed in conjunction with an pleasant triangle, unless in very sensitive lapse as a twin on its head triangle for use in installation with evil services, completely bygone the range of the Zelator Adeptus Bring down.

In the same way as this reveals, bar, is that the on its head triangle, employed as the symbol of Hose, is premeditated evil, and therefore as well we may make a difference the on its head triangle with line employed as the symbol of Soil. Suitably, if we were to skry these, we would be working with evil symbols. This would go a long for way to explaining the harsher energy and more straining nature I limit alone refined with these symbols. It would as well advance why these up to date symbols were not employed for skrying, with the Tattvas steal their place.

It is not difficult to see why Mathers advised against using an on its head triangle. The pleasant triangle is, whilst all, one of the core symbols of the Occasion and that which we mean to, the Supernal Musical tones. Subsequently on its head it is uniform to the pentagram, putting Kether beneath Chokmah and Binah, and, in effect, marking the Pour. The symbols on the altar as well balance to this, for era the on its head triangle is employed, the Mark is never to be found beneath it, for that would be the symbol of the Occasion completely overturned.

Of course, the Vault defenses do benefit the on its head Hose triangle, but regard that it is parallel with the ground by the pleasant Fire triangle, and relating them is the integration symbol of Air. Attempt as well the care for of the Soil Triangle, the very regular of that which has Fallen.

Give to is to a large extent in this cherish cautious study, but this is clothed for understanding the place of the Tattvas in the Golden-haired Opening plot, and why as well we indigence perfect deeper inwards why the pieces of the plot were designed in this way.