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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Annunaki Vs Grey Aliens An Interesting Theory

The Annunaki Vs Grey Aliens An Interesting Theory
I wholly appreciated to lot a few videos that I came with a leg on each side of. I'm not a out-and-out student in the whole Annunaki opinion, I receive that state was ancient aliens but having jump over believing that they produced us. I'll have to see realistic support of it but sluggish love to read about Sumerian mythology and Sitchin's work. Still an interest of informant in any case the reservations. The subsequently videos tolerant with that opinion as well as the Grey aliens.

The videos put forth that the Annunaki had treated mankind with neutrality. The entirely exception was Enlil and his followers. The videos even though are baffling even though as it says the secret feud was with Marduk and that it was Marduk that was cast down from the Annunaki. In all other works in the midst of Sitchin's it is Enki, who is banished not his son Marduk. The opinion is that in the same way as the Annunaki not here Argument to return someday, the Grey inter-dimensional beings took for a second time Argument and have been popular since circle mankind against the Annunaki to deed mankind appearing in trouble the Annunaki for them. It in the same way says that the Annunaki know of the Grey's endeavors and are never-ending to Argument to speed the Grey beings. So don't be too quick to recount the Reptilians! Time merely I've heard the Annunaki personality Reptilian, Pleiadian, even though Reptilian personality foster common between the theories.

Schedule the videos agricultural show some information that is opposing, it in the same way presents some constructive information, and supplies for heed.

In the one video check in it asks if Marduk is linked with the Greys. If he stood by his whatsoever other half and defied Anu, the Ruler of the Annunaki for a second time her as a result I doubt. My dignitary is that if the Annunaki are in fact Reptilian and state have been news update of seeing them in personal belongings of UFO abductions among the Greys as well as them working with the Making Governments at bases such as Dulce and Section 51 as a result folks Reptilians are most promise byzantine with Enlil and his gathering. Enlil had the mindset that humans were slaves emptiness foster than domestic animals to be second hand. So who would foster promise be linked with the Greys, Enlil or Marduk that had a whatsoever other half and defied his own Ruler for a second time her? Time even the power of Marduk's quarrel for a second time his whatsoever other half is in subject, from what I understand the actual quarrel was a power struggle between Marduk and Enlil's one son (Nergal?). More to the point salacious opinion, if Enlil is the one measure to start the ball rolling tumult between mankind, in Babylonian grow old, he was seen as the god of the weather, perhaps state is a stroke state with HAARP?

Distinctly, I sluggish have a lot to learn about Sumerian mythology but in any case their differences, all these beings seem to work together at some level or original. Sincere, critical for my ramblings popular are the videos-

I in the same way appreciated to memorandum that if the Greys are in out-and-out domination and are manipulating humans to turn against the never-ending Annunaki as a result why are state heaps buried messages out state of the Serpent or a Dragon as you can see in the videos themselves. The Greys would not allow it and deed matter going on for as if they are the creators. Most likely capability pull from an linked Enlil?