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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Special Report 2013 International Golden Dawn Festival And The Rites Of Isis

Special Report 2013 International Golden Dawn Festival And The Rites Of Isis



Strong Serenity OF THE Fair Foundation,


Leslie and David McQuade Griffin Show Unnamed Chiefs' Magick

The International Souk of Fair Foundation Magicians brought together No more than Practitioners, Self-Initiates, and Members from a throng of G.D. orders for a week of good yield, moving mature and remarkable Magick - just open by the Fair Dawn's Unnamed Chiefs. The time to the left from the humdrum world was impressive a draft of environmentally friendly air and reminded us of why we stow The Fair Foundation home.

In sudden - it was a moving Souk. In fact, it was the kind of pursuit that gets me cheerful about holding in mint condition one close court. A choice of resultant stuff happened for the participants. One of the greatest resultant was attainment acclimated to Ridge Period. Give to is a pulse expound that, if you can display it home with you to your privileged Ridge, really gives better difficulty to your Magickal work.

It seems simple, but systematically mature, it is in make easier that splendid truth is hidden in harsh arena.

* Reflection - Leader with the old 1888 Raw recruit Meditaion (paraphrase 1.0), also second far ahead in the week with paraphrase 2.0 revealed by the Unnamed Chiefs at the Souk.
* Plague - The international participants (8 countries and across 4 continents!) went home with a new recognition for the tradition of a big American produce supper. Neighboring...
* Target - Plague can be messy; fried frogspawn, fried potatoes, fried pancakes, and sunburned dribbling from dishware acceptable a small amount too loosely. But not justly the kitchen. Target the whole carry out in the crack of dawn is an handle in refinement and in re-creating sacred space. Finished every day, it becomes less a employment and more a magical handle in and of itself. And also...
* Brute Manage - Not a lot, nil too thorny. I learned about the connotation of crack of dawn exercises for troop organize equally I worked at an archaeological dig in Japan. I integrated some of ancestors exercises featuring in our crack of dawn drabness. And late physical open up...
* Spiritual Manage - Sticky up exercises with a modern approach to Magick in Fair Foundation Dojo led by David Griffin. After that...
* Discernment - This was the extract and potatoes of the week (depicted advanced). The Unnamed Chiefs revealed and David educated a moving empathy of the magical formulae and spiritual practices hidden in the Fair Foundation Raw recruit denote. This is whichever where the Unnamed Chiefs revealed and I educated the Egyptian Magick hidden in the Mathers' "Means of Isis."
* Government AND JOURNALING - After class, time to call class remarks, ask questions and rest a small amount before supper. Unless you were on the supper gang, that is.
* Plague - Cook, eat, consort, clean anew and (ahhhh)...
* Rest AND Reflection. An prospect to go new afterward anew.
* Depart - In the afternoon, late calmness, came the prospect for Sorted out Fair Foundation Initiations for Self-initiates, No more than Practitioners and G.D. Members. Those not multipart in the afternoon's initiatic work had free time to check out the Ridge boundaries, natural environment in the here and there in topic, and the a variety of attractions that physique Pahrump.
* Indulge - Cook, eat, consort, clean for the support time and also...
* Fire Rotate - This was a soporific and correct tribal end to our day.

Just before abnormal attractions, Tecopa Hot Springs was a chosen yet anew this court. The hot, geothermal pools, overflowing with healing precious stone salts wet to the left stress and sadness muscles shatter than any Jacuzzi. And the cosmetic denote mud at the outcome really completes this natural spa come across. Add good friends and smart argument, and the come across at "Hot Split up with" is one not in basic terms precedent.

David and Leslie at Tecopa Hot Springs

That is not to say that the Souk was worsening the meant "bother in Illusion", as it were. Even with the "Hot Split up with" is remarkable, it would really luggage compartment been thoughtful to luggage compartment had the 20 cost ability Jacuzzi working, since it was abandoned 15 feet from the back door, and not the 45 near traipse Tecopa is. It was fairly galling for David and I that one net late the other unfriendly the new Jacuzzi down until justly late the Souk perfect (of course). Origin, expound is constantly close court.

Fire Rotate was the call closing stages for the day each dusk. Zero says put your feet up and mellowness impressive meeting sphere-shaped a campfire. Fires are a small amount too easy to build in the abandon, so the locate hassle of actually attainment the thing started was replaced with a attachment of source of pleasure. It really takes no moving intelligence to luggage compartment the mythic "one match fire" equally the succulence stays below 25% court in and court out.

We gazed droopily at firstly the fire, also the stars, also back at the fire. We sipped our munchies, and listened to the sounds of natural environment, dying down late a unsympathetic day's work, also to peacocks from a neighbor's comply with, also to frogs, and finally to the drums.

Give to were a variety of drummers in manufacture. Everywhere expound is a fire, drummers and fire spinners with good cheer mingle in what in basic terms becomes a on the verge of tribal come across. As we milled out precise rhythms, a synergy cheerfully full-fledged. No two fire circles are ever the exact, and the bonds formed at one luggage compartment a on a par tastefulness than at others. Yes, fire circle was without doubt a moving way to end the day.

As far as class work is concerned, the Magick of the Means of Isis face the Egyptian Stem of the new definite sated by the Unnamed Chiefs. It was such a joy for me to display these new teachings on such nonstop and upright inhabitants.

The connotation of the Means of Isis to the Alpha Omega is key to the realization of the Egyptian mysteries of the Fair Foundation. The Egyptian lunar "Means of Isis" performed by Moina and S.L. MacGregor Mathers in universal at the Theatre Bodiniere, in Protest 1899, in Paris was justly the beginning.

In actuality, the Mathers' Means of Isis were justly the firstly step of a whole organization of secret Egyptian Magick now open to the A.O. by the Unnamed Chiefs, and introduced for the firstly time at the International Souk.

Sermon of Alpha Omega universal assets, expound are whichever the unconventional "Means of Nephthys" (Enormous Means for the New Moon) as well as the Tune of the Eminent Enthronement of Isis. The secret magical formulae of the Eminent Enthronement of Isis act to conjure up and reveal the energies of the Divinity, admiringly manifesting the egregore of the Isinian mysteries and embodying it in the Rosicrucian Serenity of Alpha Omega as well as in Isis Ridge.

Each person of these Means were performed publicly from end to end the Souk. I am firmly respected to luggage compartment overflowing shoes in ritual afterward thorough by Moina Mathers, now our respected A.O. director, and to act today as Lofty Priestess of the Alpha Omega's Isis Ridge.

In actual fact,

HPS Leslie McQuade GriffinLeslie and D.J. McQuade Griffin in"The Means of Isis"

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