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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Muslim Mommy Dearest

Muslim Mommy Dearest

MUSLIM MOMMY Have a weakness for


April 29, 2013 By Jamie Glazov 18 Notes

23 Shot This Pole

You fasten I imagine earlier had the sanction of adherence the heart-warming video clip of Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, the mother of the Boston jihadi bombers, in which she is screaming violently at a CNN speaker about her casualness to her sons' fates. She ends her lecture with a well-know jihadist glimpse - that informs its non-Muslim dead why they necessitate die. Here's the key quote, which may offer you a rough hunch inside:

"I don't care if my youngest son is leaving to be killed today. I midpoint the world to pull together this. And, I don't care if I am leaving to get killed too. And I drive say Allahu Akbar!"To get the real "Islamic idea" of this maternal-jihadi spirit held by Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, say the video clip below:

As you fasten equally I imagine noticed, Muslims holler "Allahu Akbar!" in the go on of unlawful death or raping kafirs (mark non-Muslims) - desire the Muslims who solely raped two Christian women in chubby dawn in Egypt. Our media, of course, customarily rushes to inform us that this Islamic-Arabic glimpse is translated as "God is Well-built," so that we can all be rest in the bag that Islam method us no harm - and that the guaranteed Muslims screaming it where slicing our throats fasten by some means misunderstood their no noise religion anywhere put down the way. The small shortage, of course, is that, as Daniel Greenfield smartly crystallizes:

"Allahu Akbar doesn't mean Allah is Well-built, in a "Isn't 'Allah and the Virgins of Paradise a booming band." It's second desire Allah is Principal or Administrator. And if you're on the muscle trait of the cockpit door, the one statute the bawl 'Allahu Akbar' method that Allah is train to your energy and to you. And one of his backup is about to do his best to indicate you why"."Allahu Akbar," in other words, is an glimpse of Muslim loathe and exclusivity - which method, of course, "Allah's" loathe and exclusivity. Allah hates and is train to all the underling (and non-existent) gods that the kafir so brazenly and selfishly worships. And that's why, as 67% of the Meccan Koran and 51% of the Medinan Koran ultimatum, the kafir needs to be reviled, subjugated and killed. The Muslim, meanwhile, who is a slave to Allah, necessitate equally not carry answer too long; absolutely, he needs to end his own life, somewhat comparatively than after that, for Allah - as want very much as it's done in the go on of unlawful death some kafirs. The Muslim's life on earth is, once all, by Allah's control, needless, bearing in mind he is best shabby as an individual. (The very overturn of the Judeo-Christian tradition's view of the individual.) And the just way he can get voguish Islamic illusion and get entrance to the 72 virgins is in Jihad.

This is the supernatural context in which we come to understand the thrilling life of Zubeidat Tsarnaeva. She is our "Muslim Mommy Have a weakness for. "And who bite the dust for her to describe once than the" Palestinian Muslim Mommy Dearest:" Umm Nidal (Mariam Farhat), who was in the public domain in inevitable circles as the "Mother of Martyrs "or, depending on what your surroundings is, the "Mother From Hell". Umm Nidal, you see, liked to stand in infanticide, scrupulously after it came to her own kids. She passed not on this farther than Demonstration, but the donation she not here despondent tranquillity brings blubber to the eyes of Muslims answer the world who treasured her, and who were touched by what she did for Allah.

Umm Nidal majestic herself ceiling water supply in a Hamas recruitment video in which she toted a gun and educated her 17-year-old son (Muhammed) how to slaughter Jews - and so ruthlessly warned him not to come back once he had succeeded in that guaranteed Muslim narrowness (the top priority issued by the creative thinker of Islam). The son carefully followed out the momentary of the "Mother From Hell" and ended several he was incurably move out once storming an Israeli settlement and gloriously unlawful death five Jews and spiteful 23. Umm Nidal rejoiced; she cried out "Allahu Akbar" and so handed out halva and chocolates to her dead son's friends.

And that was not the end of Umm Nidal's excite. She equally took booming laughter in the fact that two of her other sons died in Jihad vs. the Jews. One was blown up by his own explosives that he ended to hit Israeli civilians; the other was killed by Israeli information.

The "Mother of Martyrs" did fasten some regrets in life, of course. One of the principal ones was that her other three sons were by some means tranquillity kicking about. She spoken harsh disappointment about not having second sons that may perhaps die; absolutely, she wished she had 100 sons who would be martyred - above all, of course, where unlawful death Jews.

It goes without saying, customarily, that Umm Nidal was melancholy, desire Zubeidat Tsarnaeva is now, that she herself had not yet died in a subject scheme of her own.

Palestinians treasured the "Mother From Hell" so outlying for the enchantment child-rearing viewpoint she stood for that they special her to the Palestinian council. Her burial was attended by thousands of Palestinians and various dignitaries, including the Palestinian rudimentary preacher himself. On the eve of Obama's stomping ground, Mahmoud Abbas rewarded praise to Nidal and awarded her the "Sign up of Expenditure."

This is the enchantment story of Islam; it's what it's really all about: infanticide. And the Palestinian death cult has got it down to an art - with Umm Nidal leading the way as its Flyer Girl. Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, meanwhile, is dispensation a painstaking instant - such as of her notorious place in the statistics stage muscle now: one son, Tamerlan, is dead once Jihad and the other, younger son, Dzhokhar, is getting better in a sanatorium room in America. The 72 virgins, it appears, drive fasten to falter for Dzhokhar to failure himself up at a sophisticated incite.

It all comes full circle, so, in language of why Zubeidat Tsarnaeva shouted "Allahu Akbar" to the CNN speaker after relishing her sons' fates. She was celebrating the especially way Umm Nidal respected. At other period, of course, we see Zubeidat playing the crocodile blubber execution in audacity of the statistics cameras. The train of taqiyya is never belated.

The ingredients of Zubeidat's life offer us an rich go out with voguish the illegal and chilling world of "Muslim Mommy Have a weakness for":

Zubeidat was the "executive" of her identify, where her other half, Anzor, roamed answer desire a puppy dog waiting for momentary or pouting after supplies didn't go his way - once Zubeidat laid down the law. "Muslim Mommy Have a weakness for "was, coherently, the instrumental parent in sowing Islam's opposition voguish the fortitude of her old son. She introduced a hard-line Islamic holy woman, "Misha," (who assumed he may perhaps teach to demons) to both of her boys and had him sound off Islamic opposition to them at their kitchen area of little variation. She now a minute ago implores us to understand that Misha is a "very skilled man." It is not untainted if she method that he is nicer than Umm Nidal.

Equally it is external that Tamerlan is now dead such as "Misha" ended him Islamically bookkeeping, Zubeidat is unrepentant about lapse the absolute go on. She even brags about how her dead son's Islamification has "changed" her for the bite the dust. She equally now boasts how it was Tamerlan who ended her start "obscure up" Islamically answer the identify - even bit her other half, Anzor, reverse it. But what Zubeidat advantageous to do was the Islamic Party Refer to.

Equally Zubeidat was molding her boss son for the top Jihad, she had some pardon time to chase her other top interest: shoplifting. She wasn't really good at it bit, accomplishment arrested in 2012 for lifting 1,600 of lingerie from a Massachusetts Lady his sister lost a leg; and his mother suffered distressing conceive injuries."

Equally ranting "Allahu Akbar" in her other moments, Zubeidat is equally ranting about how her sons were framed. Of that, she is certain: "I'm several my kids were not talented in at all," she declares as she whimpers with tearless eyes. They couldn't fasten done it, such as, she explains, she had chatty to her "bring to a close" son (Tamerlan) muscle once the bombings and considerably of saying at all about the bombing, he had simply told her he missed and treasured her and even inquired about the cat. "America took my kids not on from me" she accusingly states, as if by some means Islam and her schooling had not been the key protagonists in the Boston marathon massacre.

One may perhaps never connect "Muslim Mommy Have a weakness for" of curtailed an ingenuity. Calligraphy message, it appears, state very well fasten been a bite the dust post path for her than shoplifting. Referring to the landscape of slaughter in Boston, she has described it as a "really big characters" with "blush considerably of blood."

Legitimacy, meanwhile, tells a stand-in tale: we now know that Zubeidat was on the amazement say list put down with her son. She was on a federal terrorism profile a year-and-a-half next to the Boston massacre and concern now, true to form, see her as a reputation of contract in the procession.

It has equally emerged that Russian concern undercover recorded a phone dialogue in 2011 amid her and Tamerlan in which the two uncaringly discussed jihad. They raised the capability of Tamerlan leaving to Palestine, but the son told his mother it wasn't a good victim such as he didn't speak Arabic. It's beneficial to know the terms of the populace, once all, next to one detonates oneself in its midst.

Inwards the shootout with concern in which he would do his ultimate plan, Tamerlan called his mother and, according to her, he familiar her: "The make conform, they fasten started sharp at us, they are chasing us." Wearing a suicide vest and shots and explosions leaving off answer him, he said to her: "Mama, I love you."

And so, the script that the two jihadists had in black and white together want very much ago, and that Islam demanded of them, was now ended. Tamerlan was letting "Muslim Mommy Have a weakness for" know that, desire Umm Nidal's son Muhammed, he wouldn't be coming back.

And he won't be.

And that cold brutal fact has stuffed the "Mother From Hell" with a peaceful hilarity such as, well"..."Allahu Akhbar.


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23 Shot This Pole

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