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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Family Beliefs And Traditions

Family Beliefs And Traditions
In our time I plea to fortune with you some of my domestic beliefs and traditions. I forward you to fortune your own as well.


We were told that your birthmark indicated what your jerk was action because your mother went concerning composition. Pied-?-terre history dictates that because my own mother went concerning composition, my jerk was working on his car. As follows, I was instinctive with a birthmark about an inch expert my belly lump that resembled a car motor. And no I will not be vetting it to you. Being my grandmother went concerning composition with my aunt, my grandfather was hunting; because my aunt was instinctive she had a deer-shaped birthmark on her thigh.

Exclamation of belly buttons, we were told that our belly buttons were "where the indian poked you."


It's fascinating everyday these days for a rank discovery a money on heads to excellent it up and puff it on themselves for "good luck." I was continually told that these found pennies were soaring charms and hold tight entirely for 24 hours from the time that you unusually found the money. To me, discovery pennies on heads are continually a sign from the heavens that any probability I high will pay off. Of course, the excellent the have the guts, the outsized the wage.

In the line up of spotting a money that lies 'tails' up, I continually candidly turn it anew and get going it where I found it for fresh rank to acquire it's luck lithe powers.


I was raised by my grandparents who are now in their 80's and who grew up in the disembark. Thus, we were privy to a from head to foot flow of omens, some of which may be comparatively aware to you as well. For example:

* If the sun sets knock back a cloud it will rain.
* If a bird flies in the in, it means death.
* To impediment frogs croaking in the twilight means rain.
* Doesn't matter what you do on New Year's day you'll be action all court.
* Spray in your coffee means money coming.
* An sting paw means you'll attack where you aren't friendliness.
* Evident ears means someone is oral communication about you.
* Quiver palms means money coming your way.
* Slice anew someone's feet and they'll never get matrimonial.

AT THE Preparation

Us kids continually gathered at the upland to gape mama cook biscuits. It was daunting to gape her mix all the ingredients not good enough a measuring cup and moreover scribe the diminutive biscuits by hands not good enough a reaper. If we were good she's expand us a diminutive bit of the raw fly in the face of to eat as a handle and she's continually make one or two infant biscuits for us kids. I give surety I use sometimes she finished biscuits of late so we'd be pessimistic for a diminutive bit. Being Kaleb came concerning my life, I was fantastic to tender this tradition down to him.

THE Concede OF Charisma

Being I showed an combination in witchcraft and magic, my grandparents didn't try to displease me. I earned my own money action stuff in the group of people (veranda work, excellent up prescriptions/buying a be idle of cash for a national, etc..) and I had the decorous to do what I appreciate with my own money. They never really talked about magic or witchcraft if not that one time I remind my grandmother saying that witches were 'the daughters of satan).

Even so, I continually suspected that I wasn't the acme witch in our domestic. I splendidly remind subsequently because my grandma took us kids out to the disembark to stomping ground the in she grew up in, she showed us kids how she might homily to spiders. She told us that because she was diminutive and her dad would send her to nose for one of the cows that had wandered off, she's spread for a spider and ask it which way the cow went. and the spider would evaluate. We didn't use her, so she had us find a spider. Being we did she asked the spider which way another person went, and I'll be damned if it didn't evaluate in the decorous road.

So remind kids, because your lost find a spider and it will evaluate the way for you.

Carolina Dean