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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Dion Fortune - Demon Lover

Dion Fortune - Demon Lover Image
When young Veronica Mainwaring is hired by JustinLlucas as his
secretary, she has no idea that she will soon find herself being used as
his own personal trance medium. With an invisible collar keeping her bound to Lucas, her every attempt at escape is foiled by a yank on the unseen chain. Veronica soon finds herself trapped in Lucas` quest for power and knowledge beyond earthly plane as a story of past lives,
hidden evils, and a twisted love affair come to life in this occult thriller.

Dian Fortune (1890-1946) was among a generation of occult horror
writers who formed popular culture`s obsession ith secret societies, vampires, demons, ritual magick, and dark powers lurking in the shadows.
What sets Fortune apart from her contemporaries is her deep knowledge of the inner workings of magical orders, rites, and practices, and her own freethinking on occult subjects. She is the founder of "The Society of th Inner Light" and also wrote the novels: "Moon Magic, The Sea Priestess, The Goat Foot God," and "The Winged Bull." She also wrote ground baking works of nonfiction, including "The Mystical Qabalah" and "Psychic Self-Defense."

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