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Friday, 17 July 2009

Wiccan Tool Master List

Wiccan Tool Master List Cover

a Pentacle
6 candles; 1 for each direction, 2 for altar
chalice of wine
scrounge of silken cords
small bowl of water
small bowl of salt
3 cords, one red, one white, one blue, 9' long each
white handled knife
individual athames
incense burner and incense
small hand bell
dish of cakes
altar cloth any color
tape recorder and tapes of appropriate music
veil for Great Rite of a Goddess color blue, green,silver or white

For New or Dark Moon Esbat:

(For Samhain Sabbat replace wine with hard apple cider)

extra incense
an apple and a pomegranate
cauldron with a fire in it and/or a bonfire
crystal ball or other scrying tools
white tabard with hood for Priestess

For Winter Solstice (Yule):

cauldron with candle or oak bonfire
wreaths, 1 of holly and 1 of mistletoe
crowns, 1 of oak and 1 of holly
animal skull filled with salt

For Spring Equinox cords as described in preparations

hard boiled eggs
a bonfire ready to ignite or a taper
in the cauldron flowers

For Beltane Sabbat:

For Initiations anointing oil
tub to bath the candidate in
salts, herbs and oils to add to the bath
a blindfold
a shirt or other clothing that can be cut
a length of string to measure the person
two lengths of cord to bind the hands and feet
bonfire for warmth if needed
For Blessings
anointing oil

Free e-books (can be downloaded):

Alfred Thompson - Magic And Mystery A Popular History
Charles Wentworth Upham - Salem Witchcraft And Cotton Mather A Reply
Max Heindel - The Rosicrucian Mysteries

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