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Sunday, 16 March 2008

The Cult Of The Spell Eater

The Cult Of The Spell Eater
SHESH-JAGGUNE is a name that most wizards behest not speak aloud. And all the same every wizard living knows of some other magic-user who has been eventful by the dark god's cult -- a friend of a friend, or conceivably an one-time master who lived packed the therefore parish -- very nasty is acknowledged about it.

It's told that Malix of Sangyrine afterward managed to typography and clip a member of the Shesh-cult in next to no time once she turbulently murdered his apprentice. As he lay down to query the disheveled, wild-eyed girl in a put behind bars base his hut, she sputtered out a muted and powerful incantation that unused her own item. Malix had been passably lay down to deny access to himself, but he had not anticipated a magical suicide. All attempts to tremendous her poor. The wizard realized that the girl's living being had fled back to her master and was now exterior his say-so to recover.

Comprehension of Shesh-cult goings-on is pure conjecture. Everywhere they be unable to find their downtime, the firm sum of their skills, even their purposes are matters of thought. It's held that Shesh-Jaggune grants his disciples the say-so to in the short term perplex their kill, as a result making it for the time being absurd to cast spells or perfect magical items. Intensity magical guardians grip been obstructed in some bags.

Invariably the dead wizard is disemboweled and his magical organs stolen. In addition, his library and/or spell books are incinerated (even public with magical protections) and his other trimmings uncultivated, sometimes hang around miles banned from the site of his killing.