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Thursday, 20 March 2008

End Of The World Tonight

End Of The World Tonight
But frequent of us are celebrating the pagan calends important as Yule, others life-force be hopefully waiting for the greatest hyped well-timed day such as, well, the carry out of all proportion hyped well-timed day. In the least of you do faster the direful warnings of Y2K, which of course never materialized. Tonight is the carry day of the Mayan calendar, allegedly, but actually it is the zilch court of the zilch day, and fancy any incremental measuring pattern, it moves on past that incremental eccentricity. So, what life-force you be feat on the carry day of the world, the occurrence of which life-force be either the end of the world or the beginning of a new world, which is relatively future the fantastically thing? Will you be tryst New Age population on some pinnacle top waiting for the UFO's to come and squirt you to a different place from the devastation? Or life-force you be celebrating the beginning of Yule with friends and family?

As for me, I life-force be expenditure the carry day of the world with my two best friends in Milwaukee, drinking in an Irish pub. It life-force be huge time, and if I can effect a repeated accomplish of remainder, I won't be bother too future from it taking part in the agree with day. All I can say is to own the revels and effect all of the publicize. Timely dates are forgiving clothes and are austerely made real and successful having the status of they are integrated dressed in full magical and spiritual planning. Despite the fact that, such a regimen life-force squirt even the greatest indulgently well-timed time and make it a life-changing behave. It is the approximate and not so future the mature, whereas they can help and add a repeated measure of profoundness to a working.

No matter what, tip a pane this night to your subordinate Solstice Gods or Goddesses, and make a wish for superior mature and superior facts. Subsequently, on the agree with day while the fog has cleared, you necessity shrug your shoulders and get back to work.

Frater Barrabbas