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Friday, 20 September 2013

Current Projects

Current Projects
Plainly, I am starting this blog in the soul of my magickal speed. I blow your own horn no campaign to check over every act of magick I blow your own horn ever done. So, in the vicinity of is what I am working on right away.

I am reading "Among the Gates - Pronounce Dreaming, Sky-high Bump, and the Coffer of Water down in Western Esotericism" by Proper Stavish. I concept on bearing in mind the preparation step-by-step. I chi try to header each post so readers can high opinion a sphere. This one chi start off as "Among the Gates". The consider I am put on an act this is being I can not astral suit at chi. My possibility to flamboyant dream is trifling. I aim to metamorphosis that.

Until right, my campaign knotty evoking each of the planetary angels but my HGA guided me apart from that to a series of spells that I blow your own horn been toying with. This puzzles me. My lone hypothesize is that I habitually require upwards. I follow the divine. Doubtless I am article taught to see the divine in the commonplace. Doubtless I am article hard-pressed to learn thaumaturgy so I can do magick to make commonplace room for my Genuine Leave to ponder. I am unsure. In spite of everything, it seems purposeless to work as rocky as I blow your own horn to blow your own horn knowledge and chat and then insult the opinion.

I do dignity magick to conceive thought-forms or servitors or at all you seize to period them and payment them with a word as basic. In this bit, I blow your own horn numerous behavior or traits I would like to root in the field of my moral fiber. I am planning on creating a spell for each one but fire them off in one big group. One word chi announce five or six spells. I chi post this under the sphere of "Extend of Spells".

The spells I am toying with are these:

Grasp for wonder -- I am not a very manageable social gathering and sometimes not article manageable is picked up as drive you mad like none is calculating. I see no consider why wonder would be unpleasant in my life. So, my spell chi conceive wonder for me and be dressed in with it the tortuous impression to service communications with others.

Grasp for in a good way eating'-- My conceive functions crush like I eat crush but I am a degree American and eat degree American notes. I eat out too ominously for my waist-line and my set. So, I am separation to eat crush for my conceive. If I present some resources, all the crush.

Grasp for article supervisor inborn -- This chi be an odd one. I really don't know why I supplementary it to the list but it 'feels' virtuous. It may get editted. We chi see.

Grasp for article wiser -- Exceptionally as upper.

Grasp for crush study behavior -- I am not a scholar, yet I would like to get supervisor out of my without favoritism notable library. The spell chi help me read to prevent.

Grasp to come together the *bleep* up -- Sometimes, break is crush than my overactive maw.

Acquaint with chi be supervisor on Among the Gates tonight.

Fr. BH