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Saturday, 13 April 2013

A Sickness That Eats The Mind

A Sickness That Eats The Mind
13-years-ago a 15-year-old girl named Tina Anderson was nervous to stand in precursor of her church and say sorry for becoming having a baby. An good follower of the church named Ernest Willis supposedly raped her. She was his babysitter. After her town public disgrace, she was vigorous not in to Colorado, someplace she lived with poles apart cleric until she gave her mollycoddle up for adoption. If you insist surplus release that religion is a illness that eats the concern, thoroughgoing no get better than this tab.

"He prepared me sit down and invent a dispatch of vindication to the rapists partner for gossip her amalgamate by seducing her companion. I nearly wrote what they told me to invent," she whispered. "I doubt its non-negotiable repellent. Its hollow."

Tina Anderson was supposedly raped by a follower of her church, consequently mind-raped by her church and her cleric. She was rich from make conform and distant from her live in and friends. And towards the end, she was mind-raped all first-class over by her Christian large number live in. All in the name of Jesus.

High priest Do well Phelps claims victimhood in this rasp. He claims that he reported the transgression to the make conform, but the make conform did vacuum. It's not his mistake, no, the make conform screwed everything up. His one call out acquaintance washes not in all allegation. Of course, He not here out the part someplace a conspiracy of caginess hid the balk from make conform and held his friend, the thought rapist.

"I never as soon as got a acquaintance from the Calm make conform.... They simply didnt do what. This is unconscionable, whats stylish to the Cathedral put on and to my make a recording,

I take on one originate for you Do well Phelps. Why did you publically degrade a rape victim? Anyplace does it say to do that in your bible? Is town public disgrace for rape fatalities central to Baptist theology? Allowing a child to situate psychological statement in some half-assed have a go at restoring her and repairing the make a recording of the rapist is merciless. You are ailing.

I'm absolute this mettle come as no surprise to public who read my blog, Do well Phelps is a Baptist. The main church complicated was Trinity Baptist Cathedral in Calm. Phelps now works as the Top-quality High priest for Colonial Hills Baptist Cathedral in Indianapolis. Technorati Tags: Rape,Baptists,Hypocrisy