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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Pagans Tonight Cosmology Dec 02 2010

Pagans Tonight Cosmology Dec 02 2010
Religious cosmologies are ways of explaining the history and evolution of the universe based, at least in part, on the acceptance of principles that cannot or need not be justified on the basis of accepted scientific arguments (See also: scientific cosmology). Most frequently, such theories begin by positing the existence of a god (or gods) who created and/or maintain the universe. Pagans Tonight is the World's leading nightly Pagan show bringing you news, information, entertainment and ideas from across the world, physically, virtually, and spiritually. The show is a ensemble show led by Ed Hubbard & Traci Wood, with regulars Don Lewis, Mayann and Zaracon. Guests and Regular listeners call in to comment and share ideas and experiences at 1-347-308-8222. Join us every night @ 9pm CST.

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