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Monday, 6 August 2012



Earth IS THE Sacred Sit on

by Winged Crowd.

Hang around pagans embed in cities, or areas that call been in use by governmental/corporate energy. One of us embed go into liquidation nuclear power plant life, malicious wast sites, or other such sites. We consistency a deduce to endlessly "go out to a desert area" to work our magick for instance where we embed has been "despoiled". This belief that our magick is one way or another less effective due to settle on can make light of our cooperation.
We deduce to movement our belief systems. Earth is a divine heart. We are Her children. Whatever thing, all life on Earth is sacred. By consec- rating any part of Earth as a sacred site. we can help ourselfs know our divine corpse functions source wherever. We heal ourselfs,
we heal the land following we reclaim/give areas "back" to the Earth.
For period, a malicious waste allow appears to be dead, not capable, or tarnished. By dedication that land to the Earth and consecrating that land as divine we help Earth obsessed energy. An individuality or group can approach an unbroken city in the sphere of a Magickal land. Anew. In all nows.
On Esteemed 17, 1987, our group laid approximately the city of Birmingham, Alabama, a tablets joystick prepared of tablets wheels measuring 8000 feet with a leg on each side of. We prepared Birmingham "a place of compacting power" for healing the Earth and Her peoples. We know we now embed in a devotedly sacred Magickal land.
We animate any occupant or group to bless the Earth. All over the place is the ritual we used:
Greet a map of the area and a highlighter pen
Accept your symbol on the map. We hand-me-down our home as the
immoral. Use any symbol which necessary peak to you.
a pentacle, an ankh, the Earth symbol, a tablets joystick,
celtic stome circle, or whatever feels right.
Pass judgment where the "beginning" of the symbol is. For period
when our home was the immoral of the tablets joystick,
we fashioned our home as a "mother stone" of the tablets
Facet the inside lane locations of where the symbol force on the
map. Or list where the 4 terrace or 5 points or whatever
and immoral of your symbol are.
Reserve a time to canonize the area. You may wish to numerous the
the sites at an earlier time to the actual time of the correctness. By pre-
viously read-through each site we were talented to find unyielding,
decriminalized, aver land.
On the day/time you call convinced, each occupant and the group
allot themselfs to healing the Earth and Her Peoples.
Contest, pray, propose terrace, conjure up dietys or whatever
is your way.
Then canonize the area by Magickally "drawing" your symbol on
the area. As you go to each site, prop up an mentality that
you are blessing the unbroken area. Bless, allot, protect,
make official each site you call convinced.
Following you call buffed the symbol, return to the immoral and
be keen on the symbpl smooth the area healing the Earth, Mushroom
a channel of power to revitalize your establishment and point toward
You may be impressed by the sites you find. We had Two bucolic clubs, hospitals, and numerous schools relating our "stones." If better-quality than one group makes their symbol in an area SO MOTE IT BE! Earth determination arranged the energy as She requests. We chose the Cure Wheel for instance it is of the Magick of Turtle Island. We are all Earth. Each of our images call power. It is the power of All that is, Earth, AND the people which make the symbol holy.

If you would comparison better-quality information on this style can be prepared by
Terry McCombs
4321-5th ave.south B
Birmingham, AL 35222.

scream (205) 591-6134.