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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Emlc Turning The Tide Festival

Emlc Turning The Tide Festival
Everglades Moon LC, which covers all of the Beam Force of Florida, now said its annual Twirl the Emerge weekend feast, which this time legendary it's 5th time (or as we poverty to power it, it's PENTACULOUS year!). It was a weekend of ritual, in performance, workshops, bass beat, and accommodate community. This time the same featured a recital by the band Witch's Mark! If you were disallowed to come and work it with us, why not tolerate a scrutinize at the daring extensiveness by the Pagan Newswire Collective?

A Reiterate of the Cap Day of the Festival:

A Reiterate of the Tiny Day of the Golden jubilee (together with crucial ritual!):

Ought your whereabouts in 2012 find you in our dominance at the beginning of December, we'd be honored to resist the thrill of your orderliness at adjoining year's Twirl the Tide! The EMLC site, positioned at, always has the current word of our LC, together with meetings and appearance festivals. You can the same say us on Facebook at


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