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Monday, 20 February 2012

Talk On Parenting

Talk On Parenting
Best required to inform all of you about this imminent revelry.

"Decisive Improve Character: A Conductor for Parents" By: Instructor Dr. Muhammad Al-Mahdi

Date: 7 Display 2004 (this Sunday)

Time: 2.00pm

Venue: Prepare Dining room, Tabung Haji, Jln Tun Razak, KL, Malaysia.

Spaces are fine. Fee is lonely RM 50.00.

Call book early by ability 03-42569822 (Norma /Aisya)

Folowing is a squat introduction by Instructor Dr. Muhammad Al-Mahdi himself:

I down for the count virtually 14 go as a full time bookish pupil in the USA, including three Ph.D. programs, in child, clinical, and experiment psychology. I was an Judge Instructor of Child/Clinical psychology in USA. I worked for the US declare as a electioneer over in low-ranking thinking background, and was a Prevalent Psychologist for Sculpture Variety (a general national early child sort out entertainment guide in the U.S). Furthermore I was expert in nuclear electronics and intended physics at one of the world's top electioneer laboratories.

I now run one of the World's principal Islamic websites, which is visited by means of 1.2 million become old each month by group from about 130 countries. I was Manager of Malaysia: Capacity of Atmosphere Ready (MNOC) for LPPKN in the Ministry of Women and Residential home Tower, was until lately over of parent training for ABIM, lecturer for SABA Islamic media on parenting and "Cryptogram of the Miscarry". I am working with Multimedia Instructor on the performance of an exciting TV series of the Khalifah Partition called, "Jannah: Teenager of Paradise", and am diary and advisor of the Khalifah Partition mock-up school entertainment guide in ADNI Islamic school.

Now, having possibly lonely a few months spent to live to tell the tale due to lump, I am devoting the tolerate days of my life training others in the knowledge and techniques which I control learned here my life - work and studies which may be of some extra to the Ummah. It was my study of intended physics, which discrete me from a non-believer modish a devotee in God and it, was the perfection of the revealed truth of Islam in the Qur'an and Sunnah of our darling Prophetic Muhammad (may the become quiet and blessings of Allah be upon him) that resulted in my becoming a Muslim virtually 25 go ago.

I control been generally visiting Malaysia for about 15 go and control lived at home for all time for by means of four go now. I find Malaysia to be one of the nicest countries in the world and very frequent for a Muslim to live to tell the tale in. I am ordinarily downright convinced about the Malaysian declare and control crave unhurried Dr. Mahathir to be one of the most constructive voices internationally for the Islamic nations and budding world. I stalk the Sunni tradition, never having real union with the Shia so I don't know much about them. I control predominantly correlated with nation living in countries practicing the Shafi Madhab so I am most seal off and frequent with the Shafi Madhab, whilst compliant of the other Madhab.

I keep in and try to live to tell the tale a extravagant, forgiving and fervent form of Islam. I fight off attempts to inflict Islamic belief and/or practice on others by collision or pressure. I try to teach children the importance of love in their hearts and minds for Allah and all that He has allowed as correct for us and a strong hatred for all that Allah has told us is wrong. I try to use powerful psychological techniques of convinced companionable petition to compellingly teach the traditional beliefs and practices of Islam to children, and try to give reasons for aspects of Islamic theology and metaphysics in provision of modern official discoveries and logical, reason pick up to ditch Muslims an 'armour' for their trust against the accuse of Western mundane materialism which threatens to punch their spirituality from them.