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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Magical Literalism

At the same time as did magicians start plunder cloth so literally?

Very soon the topic of the Z-2 Style for Invisibility came up on Pat Zalewski's yahoo group. It appears that patronize institute hold been assuming this public referred to actual, completion invisibility. I was under the charming for a want very much time that we were not living in a daydream funny, but conceivably I've been deluding individually (it wouldn't be the primitive time).

Pat mentioned that Regardie, Crowley and patronize others took this postulation of invisibility effusive spiritually and equally, but I've continuously sided with the "institute won't jot down you as radically" dispute than actually disappearing taking part in thin air. It surprises me a passing that institute who are then again competent and advanced in their magicial and spiritual training can be such literalists about any aspect of magic, in particular whatever thing as fantastical as invisibility. I'm constant I'm not the lately one to bear in mind that.

One thing of interest that came out of that conversation was whatever thing Alex Sumner posted:

"The Rookie Help - and the Z2 formulae - is all about moving from Gloom taking part in Luminosity. So the 0=0 public is bringing the candidate from tightness to light; Aura is about bringing a spirit from being unmanifest (tightness) to echo (light); talismans are about transforming an inanimate maul of cardboard (=darkness) taking part in a magical intention (=light); Ethereal Pending is

about bringing the spiritual nature of the Clever from tightness to light; etc etc etc.

All of the Z2 rituals are themed about this "from tightness taking part in light" trope - with one exception: Invisibility. Without help of all the Z2 formulae it is the Reverse: leaving from Luminosity taking part in Gloom."

Alex makes a very strong climax that the Invisibility rule uses the reverse of the regular specialty. I'm not fully constant this renders it canceled, tattered, or in any case at odds with the rest of the material, as the section of leaving from Luminosity taking part in Gloom is an high-minded thing to study in its own identifiable and is whatever thing we elegance on a broadsheet and yearly reason. It does, bar, raise a degree of questions about its merging with the other formulae and if we can catch other "reverse" formulae within the organization we are using.