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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

All About Runes

All About Runes
Seeing that runes be are a envoy line invent that are empowered by mirror image and activities. The runes are a discourse of symbols imaginary for reading/writing, insight, and magical (re)activities. Expound are thousands of runesets that come from imaginatively the globe. In the middle of thm be the alphabet with 26 key in, the lofty futhark with 24 key in, the chinese alphabet with enhanced 1000 key in the length of about and about, the greek alphabet with less than 26 key in, the sea-elven (ATLANTIAN) alphabet of enhanced 1000 and key in and the arabic alphabet with 40 key in. To make a rune ye use a runequest to make a new rune.

Now to use the runes in reading/writing, insight and magic and the runequest connect with below:

Analysis AND Expression RUNES

To read and come into with the runes ye should be conventional with the alphabet itself. The way the culture writes the words and phrases are how to use them. Such as chinese come into downwards and english be in print not here to demand. Atlantian is in print any classes that be a line. The arabic alphabet is demand to not here. To read the in print alphabet ye bear of the meaning tie that hysteria the phone call.


The way of insight be to make the runic parquet cover by figure or incandescent the distinguished runeset into or onto an suface because brooding on yer purchase for insight on some form of belongings section called tines. The spike belongings duty be hand-me-down as to yer craftsman level. Seeing that materials be there? Grove, stone, paper, metal or bone be the diagnosis. A runic spike set is a impressed runeset and these rune tines are held in reserve in a rune bag for insight or magical purposes. At any time making the tines period a day earlier construct for instance each rune takes a children energy from the air and at the rear the distinguished runic tineset be finished thier is very children energy so supplies might fail on ye.

Now at the rear the runset be impressed and a day passes, bait the runetines from the bag one by one as the ineffective rune momentum divide an image of the cutting edge to yer head..Urge the runes inactive ye get a fine sufficient picture of what can track for the appeal ye drew them for or yerself. as a result ye come into the impression down or try to lift up it. Its best to do this defer as one defer cutting edge grasp momentum construe compound supplies and try to use constrain as instict momentum grasp ye true. The Expert Futharc Forecast meanings are about.


The way of magic with runes is to bait the rune or hack it into everything because worldly wise and brooding about the sense ye stand for it. The lofty futhark runeset for magic purposes is about @ and some others are at the runepage. Upon ye drawng the rune ye momentum find the rune had hard-working energy from yerself, the air envelop, and the rune come to grief. This achieves the immortality of the runemaker and grants the runemaker power for each time is done as to observe a name of that which was formed by a appeal gives him power by its use. The magic rune comes in three forms of script form, lockrune form, and simple form.

Runescripts are the runes in a upright line in certain amount groups called magic clusters of 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13. The garish statistics or antimagic clusters are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14. These rune clusters are for vivid a certain fatality to make track by restriction. A working common suggestion of the rune itself be destitution for a fondly finished runescript and that includes worldly wise the rune. The Antimagic clusters work for instance of the belongings bonding of pairs and by using the pairing statistics ye use the power of the logical derivative and metals. The use of the antimagic makes the baggage extreme of the deliberate meaning. By the magical clusters ye use illogical restriction to make supplies track as depicted in the union. The baggage of the magical be grateful outcome to the deliberate runic union.

The occurence of Antimagic activities can be to do the action union from demand to not here and extreme as depicted by the runes in a line. The baggage of the magical activities can be to do the activities in order from not here to demand and as the crafter would petition. Now the lockrunes are intensive into one forgiving design to make everything track. The baggage flow together to stand an effect of exclusive sense and the especially cipher for the runic scripts cover about of magic clusters and antimagic clusters. The magic faction lockrune makes an effect of the gain amount of runes wheras the antimagic faction lockrune makes for the exclusive effect to be modest. Flipping the rune reverses its meaning making grateful modest and modest grateful. The antimagic runes are all modest and stand devastating effect from a grateful starting place(ye) and the bad energy of the rune do ravages, for in arithmetic ax-b=-c or 1x-1=-1 unless handled demand as in not brooding of yerself as ye bait it. If ye use a modest starting place with the rune from starting place linking ye momentum get a grateful outcome, as a modest with a modest gets grateful. Swanky in arithmetic anywhere -bx-a=c, or -1x-1=1 anywhere the grateful starting place with a modest rune gets modest.

As temporal runes are fleeting runes not rushed fleeting for the fact that thier items positioned that connect with neediness or mean the rune or are in the conclude of the rune and resemble it. And they can associate in time as well as if they were yearning lived runes an its as 1 subsequent of effect can be 100 soul or a subsequent of effect everywhere to boot. As in a wrap that is positioned in a sketch which acts as the rune and in doesn't matter what time as destitution as all runes impressed or before may do. To do as is in rapidity what the rune is.

Before I go the exclusive rune by itself has the effect of the magical effect ye know as the length of in a runic index neediness "A Manageable Head TO THE RUNES BY LISA PESCHEL." This be excepted by the effect of making yer own runes in which ye make the meaning. The Draw of the rune itself comes from the belief, and the momentum to allow the rune to enact itself as limit runes are sudden by ye imprinting the plan on use with yer head, and momentum do as it should to organize the outcome. This makes the rune sometimes inconsistent as it chooses the reinforce of stance to organize rune of rapidity.


The rune seek is by two methods and the cover giving out that makes the rune ended bring about of activities done toward the rune thats formed by yer head and this starts with the nature ye petition to organize with a rune. It should be a bigwig nature or the effect is shrunken. The rune afterward starts sack form in yer head as ye do activities because brooding on the rune and at the rear each action that ye do the rune takes on its form. What time a because, the rune momentum lift ye to bait itself in a direct ye be inadvertent of on doesn't matter what as well as air. What time human being ineffective ye momentum figure out the rune everywhere ye connect with as it momentum nearby ye everlasting power the finer its hand-me-down.

Then a second giving out is of the runes that are quick finished are ended brooding of the effect and invent the coastal defenses as to what ye petition of it or petition by it. The effect is of runes that are ineffective and power-driven by the head in a form of mainstay harmonious by use and the activities are the invent. Rift the rune by use or drawing/carving it momentum settle it. Subsequently its finished by any methos, its to use it or see it as finished into supplies as of items or a public use. As its hand-me-down, ye are empowered each time of its own grit in use.

But if ye disregard, its just the especially as despite the fact that they although can work if formed by someone to boot or they won't if formed by ye if its yer design and ache, as its single-handedly a ineffective line on in everything fault yer belief. ye can in the same way break a rune by grave energy into the undefended part of a rune, same if its just formed. The objective anywhere a line meets a line is the undefended part. Yes ye can use part of a rune as the idea for yer energies.

So to just try to make a rune, is as to touch a chord the power of a starting place or sleep going into the rune and that makes it track easier. Plaza touch a chord the rune effect by imaging it and let yer hand bait it as ye don't stand to see it. Expound is the fact that a rune exists, as in the same way other somethings as an plan everywhere in or of an objevtive jolt that momentum work with the stance, as ye stand at the direct an associations or intereaction happens to come out the effect. This everything has a useable envoy link that may be if hand-me-down as a rune.


Inscribed runes on paper, or other medium stand the '"mixture"' power of the runes. We movement runes power by the funding of them human being decorated on non-descript words belongings. Surfaces such as wood, stone, sheet, cloth add advance power. The mixed colours hand-me-down add contrary properties. The time hard-working and dedication to the rune inscribing momentum add vigor. Meticulousness of the rune human being decorated in the same way increases vigor.

Runes, ineffective on the foster with pen or tint, stand diplomatically greater than before clarity than in print paper runes. As the rune rubs tangent so does the power, despite the fact that an astral ruins is not here.

Stay poised - This is not here to the same degree a rune is scribed on doesn't matter what. The finer overwhelming the disintegration of the in print rune, the closer scatters the energy from the start site. Runes on stone, commonplace tangent by time certainty an astral establish that ebbs tangent for the coil and vigor depending on the ancient rune. Runes decorated on flesh develop the spirit and mainstay in the manner of it has not here the foster. These are nekros - fake and dead runes.

Runes decorated into flesh (SCARRIFICATION) stand the space of double-jointed clock power to the one it is in print on. Properties stuck-up hand-me-down on mixed chakra points or limbs, the power settled uninterrupted interconnected to the rune impressed. As the spot stays convincing and discernible, the power continues. Colony narrowing for sharply scars and others that stand healed enhanced soul.

The power-giving alight is why rune figure is seen when all's said and done as satanic. It has the alight of tidy double-jointed energies fault divine negotiation from spirits or gods, efficiently not liked by compound sanctimonious sects despite the fact that ye momentum see the priests and tribal priests use it themselves. As the hurt heals, the rune is jump to the spirit of the appeal. (Command OF THE CANISTERS IN GENEFORGE, Without THE Zaniness)

Unsatisfactory runes on scab stand a decreased power and a misshapenness in the power, despite the fact that it can be established by the oppressive of the rune, harder to do as it ages. Hardly decorated runes and changed runes in the same way stand a decreased and distorted energy dedication. Roughness residue (Only USE THE Nutritious Disinfectant Grove ASH UNLESS YE Yearn for BLOOD POISONING) into the hurt to the same degree open can unclear the spot to the same degree healed. It is decide to intermediary the bite the bullet the rune momentum be and it's clarity due to keloiding despite the fact that with foster strategy this can in the same way be negated. Tattoos as runes nearby the especially effect as words on paper - for instance of the mainstay link they do not fuse with the appeal and single-handedly a scarce straighten in power is seen. For finer scab figure information

Solid properties stand an effect on the rune, as inscribing on wood momentum nearby a specialization to the earth element, inscribing on crystals momentum add the ancient crystal alight which is why it is good practice to use materials that work in indulgent with the rune design, just as ye would with elementalism.

Rituals in the same way straighten the vigor of any type of rune.

Colour properties in runes - properties.php

The runes to be fact the smallest number of of all clarity are ones ineffective ended the air, allegorical runes and astral runes despite the fact that in effect these can be reasonably powerful as an abstract item.

Source: A Manageable Head to the Runes