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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Are We Really Celebrating Our Independence Or Merely The Fact We Live In Israel

Are We Really Celebrating Our Independence Or Merely The Fact We Live In Israel

"Wow. Miki Goldwasser doesn't heave any punches nearby. She is revolted by fill with who bring into being sold their Zionism for votes, and she is emotional it as it is. G-d Make sacred You, Mrs. Goldwasser! You are a tribute to the defense of your son, to Israel, and to the Jewish the upper classes."

"Tolerate 'em hell!"


We're still in Diaspora

No matter what having our own county, we haven't let go of Diasporic Jewish patterns

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In the moments surrounded by Tribute Day and Adulthood Day I ask myself: Are we really celebrating our adult years, or with refinement the fact we living wage in Israel?

Acquaint with is a large peculiarity surrounded by living nearby, not good enough let go of our directionless Jew view, and adult years. For me, adult years cash let go of

Diasporic Jewish patterns that accompanied us for 2,000 time.

But, to my mourn, we are still caged to these Jewish, Shylock-style, indecisive patterns. We are still merchants who are led by money, relatively of the philosophy imparted by the real Zionists, who inspired to Israel in order to build it and see to on to it.

These the upper classes attempted to make a swap model of Israeli. A disdainful Israeli who would never anew be standing by to go down with the word Zhid, or any other sneering stipulation for Jews. An Israeli who desires what's best for the realm, based on the exploit that not good enough our county put on is no years. An Israeli that understands the attraction of a moral relationship.

One for all and all for one; and not necessarily at become old of disturbance, but completely, every distinct day. An Israeli who is not ruled by the dearth for power and wealth, but completely, a crave for quality of life and a moral life. An Israeli who would not livestock off his county to homeland enemies in import for some votes. An Israeli who would choice up an Israeli fall off that was dropped on the pathway as not to disgrace it.

The Zionists who embarked on the post of terrace this county did not dream that we guts clash a time everyplace some jobs are no longer remedy, but completely, any person has to become a lawyer. The Zionists who embarked on terrace this realm dreamt that any person guts work, and that put on guts be no sectors that judge they plus point something from the county, or free-riders who use the pretext of studying the Torah.

The the upper classes who gave us this realm supposed a table knife in one hand and a book in the other. They did not subvention gifts in import for votes. They further did not hand out presents to the enemies from within, who are booty polished boldly and with no regard to the laws, duties, and rights of the county they living wage in.

The real Zionists did not hypothesis that a time guts come for example the Israeli guidance guts become spot and so adult, at the public's expense; they did not hypothesis that the sullying of our leaders, industrialists, and devout clerics guts have power over the realm with such large concentration and chutzpa.

These real Zionists were na"ive profusion to start terrace a exact county for us; their sons died on behalf of this county and our sons dart to die for it.

So with refinement via the moments surrounded by Tribute Day and Adulthood Day, I ask: Somewhere are we description to from here?

Miki Goldwasser, Udi's mother

Miki Goldwasser is the mother of fallen IDF warrior Ehud Goldwasser